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  1. icemanfrosty

    Turntable help

    Hi Everyone, I was after some advice please. I am currently going through therapy and taken the first steps to get help Music is a huge part of me and a great healer and have always wanted to get into vinyls, only problem is I do not know where to start. I have a limited budget and would...
  2. F

    Moving back to Hi Fi system and any use for old amps

    Some 6 years plus ago when very busy I sold my Rega deck, quad amp & Cd system and bought a Sonos speakers for two small room and felt resonably happy. Recently however I moved house and inherited a 30+ year old Hi Fi system with NAD series 20 amp, marantz CD-40 and kef speakers. Out of...
  3. T34J0K3R

    New Build + Nooby

    Hi All, I'm relatively new to this so please forgive me if I'm being dumb with this post and forgive my lack of knowledge. I'm currently in the process of building a separated HiFi system. I'm not going to be spending a huge amount. I just want something that works and will work for the...
  4. C

    Finally got my Hi Fi

    After some good advice from the good folks here i went for a Marantz PM7000N Integrated Stereo Amplifier with Monitor Audio Silver 200 Floor Standing Speaker. Brilliant sound i heard it can get better if you run in Speakers, they sound fabulous to me right now. The Marantz is great i get my...
  5. S


    Hi everyone! :) I need some advice when choosing an amplifier, speakers and CD player. I'd like to ask you for suggestions for specific sets that you think will work well together. I would describe the sound that would like to achieve as: warm, but rather dynamic, full, with a pleasant, not...
  6. S

    In need of speakers

    Hi, New to the world of Hi-Fi set-ups and just after a bit of advice! I have recently bought the Sony STR-DH190 and the Sony PSHX500 Turntable and am looking for a decent quality speaker that will work with this. It will only be used for home listening and will be listening to various genres...
  7. Wulbert

    BK XLS 200 good enough for Hi Fi music?

    Sorry to ask this as there are so many similar threads, but my question is quite specific. Would the BK XLS 200 sub woofer be enough to give me a good Hi-Fi, stereo sound for music? I know that the XXLS 400 provides more grunt and "room pressurising" and "window rattling" etc but what I am...
  8. Crazymerio

    Question Receiver and Speaker Setup Advice

    Hello all, I haven’t posted on the forums yet so I hope I’m not doing anything wrong with my thread. And my questions definitely pertain to multiple forum locations but I thought it made sense to just do one thread. To quickly summarize my issues I’m getting into Vinyl and figured I should...
  9. JMC56

    Digital Bluetooth reception

    I have a perfectly good but non bluetooth NAIM DAC. I'd like to bluetooth stream digitally from my phone to any of its inputs - that is without using whatever does the Bluetooth receiving as a DAC. Is this possible? I can't see why not, but can't see any products on the market that dont take a...
  10. M

    AV Amp to Hi Fi Amp Connections

    Hi Guys, I want to update my nearly 20 year old AV/Hi Fi set up. I am currently running a Sony STRDB940 5 .1 doing the surround sound duties. I use the “pre outs” from this amp to the dedicated processor input to run the left and right channels on my Arcam Alpha 10/10p combo. Using the...
  11. AJW1100

    Mini Hi Fi with shuffle USB facility ?

    My brother is in a care home with dementia, he cannot move, so is mostly trapped in his room, speak or do anything for himself. The staff are doing a great job but cannot devote too much time as they are understandably under a lot of pressure at present. He used to love listening to organ, brass...
  12. D

    hi fi novice seeks advice

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a decent cd player and amp for bedroom. Don't need speakers as will be using headphones only. My budget for cd and amp is about £1000-1200 for each. I've looked at the Cambridge 851C cd player/851A amp combo which has alot of great reviews. I only use cds so no...
  13. Phil09

    Advice greatly appreciated !

    Hi all Looking to get a system for my son who's developing a bit of a vinyl habit He's 16 so this will be his "intro" system, something he can develop his knowledge and preferences from. It' needs to be versatile for family use also, CDs not a deal breaker, but would like DAB and Bluetooth. Top...
  14. S

    Technics Separates Help!

    Hi guys, I'm planning to make a Technics separates HI-FI system, something I wanted for a long time ago. The build I'm going to is: Technics Amp SE-A909S Technics Pre-Amp SU-C909U Technics CD Player SL-PS620A. Now, I'm not that hi-fi qualified guy. It's my first one, but I read a bit about...
  15. RS87

    Education For Novice Enthusiasts In Separates/RS87's Blog

    Summary of this thread (to avoid having to read my detailed dribble below): For novices and enthusiasts to be able to build knowledge and experts to give advice and guidance on setups and how separates work and can best be combined to achieve a high level of musical fidelity on a 'reasonable'...
  16. BaroqueLobster

    Question Pioneer A300R - Basic Headphones Sound Terrible

    Hi Folks, I use a Pioneer A300R amplifier (the Tom Evans "Precision" variant) that I recieved as a hand-me-down from my dad a few years ago. He purchased this amp back in 1989 (before I was born!) but it is still working very well. Since inheriting this amplifier, it's always worked well and to...
  17. N

    Small room hi fi

    Look good. But perhaps too much for my 12'x10' room? Marten£275,000Coltrane Momento 2 £275,000
  18. D

    Speaker newbie

    I'm a bit new to the Hifi separate thing. I'm wondering what to look for when it comes to getting some nice warm, a good sound stage and good base levels in speakers. Is there a frequency, speaker diameter etc to look out for. Don't want to be spending stupid amounts of money either.
  19. N

    Why does my car stereo sound so much better than my home?

    I’ve spent at least 15k on a component system in our movie room, bought different components, everything... and It doesn’t compare to my car! It is technically a home theater set up but it’s tuned for 2 channel and usually used for music. At home I have def tech 9060 power towers, Marantz...
  20. OptimusPrime9

    Question buying a hi fi rack options

    anyone know of some hi fi rack options i could like? i want dimenisions to be around 650mm height 600mm to 650mm width 400mm depth max be 450mm want 3 shelves i not like how 4 shelves there not equal space between the shelves one shelf may have a e.g 165mmgap, another more at 200mm price...
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