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  1. P

    Help! Panasonic TX-40GX800B dark spot

    I have a recently new TV (2 years, old this Jan) and it has developed a dark patch just off centre to the left. I have attached a photo, which I hope can be seen. I've played with settings and it appears to not be stuck pixels. I'm curious if it's to do with my wife using a surface wipe to clean...
  2. A

    PS4 VR advice

    Hi, my son has a PS4 that he’s had for about 2/3 years. He wants a VR and I’ve been looking at second hand ones as no where seems to be selling them new anymore. Somebody mentioned that people have brought VR and they have not worked because of downloads and soft ware etc. And now I’m out off...
  3. L

    Help - VPL-VW570ES

    I am a true amateur so this is probably very obvious, but all I get when I turn on my projector is the HDMI 1 source in the top left and nothing else. Everything else is working fine as I’ve checked by plugging in a tv off the amp. I can’t find an obvious fix anywhere else, so all help welcome!
  4. A

    Bose acoustimass 15 speaker system, bass module replacement help please

    Before anyone says anything about Bose speakers!! - YES I know they are not liked and there is a lot of hater out there :) The bass module of my old Acoustimass 15 died completely so I threw it away, keeping all the twin cube speakers and cables. I am looking for a replacement bass module...
  5. TripleEYE

    Are these 2 power cables the same?

    Hey there kind helper, I have recently purchased an Instant Pot from the UK. It comes with 2 options of power cables: UK (3-prong) & EU (2-Prong+inwards grounding prong. see details below). I am in Israel, trying to figure out if the 3-Prong Israeli cable I have is the same (or perhaps better...
  6. N

    Help!!! Recognise this watch brand?

    Can someone help me to recognise the brand of this watch? Thank you.
  7. FrankLepore

    Help Setting Up Center Speaker with Fireplace

    Hey, guys! We're moving this weekend and the attached image is of the new living room we'll have. I currently have the following Klipsch setup and I'm struggling to figure out a way to set the center channel up (Klipsch RP-450C): Denon AVR-X3700H 9.2-Channel 8K 2x Klipsch RP-280FA Klipsch...
  8. boyflea

    Help me AVForum - you are my only hope - Film title query: 90s film drama set in a post-cold-war mental-health hospital.

    Looking for help to find a really obscure film (apparently)... and am looking for an active film forum community that knows its stuff! Have been looking for YEARS. It was the 90s and being in the UK Channel 4 would show these great late-night movies. One movie I loved but cannot find...
  9. E

    DALI 104 crossover .... help!

    Is there a kind soul out there who can help me with figuring out the crossover for a pair of DALI 104's? I recently obtained a pair of speakers which were completely disassembled. The previous owner took them apart to renovate the enclosures, but the project was put on the back-burner and...
  10. HelloThereUK

    Question Help with my projector PLS

    Hi guys I was wondering if anyone knows what the problem with my projector is and how to fix it. So slowly over time I have noticed this almost light reflection on the image. If there is anything light in a dark scene I can always see it reflected somewhere else on the screen. It never used to...
  11. S

    I need some advice doing my first purchase ever audio related

    Hi all! This post has been on a few forums already and it was always stated that my questions where off-topic. I hope this is (finally) the right place for my questions. This christmas I ordered myself a Fiio m6 DAP. I'm completely now to "Better than smartphone audio" things, and I'm looking...
  12. M

    Vonets 11N-300 and Innuos Zenith

    I appear to have an intractable problem. No Ethernet in the living room and not practical, but, good wi-fi. Acquired an Innuos Zenith and to get up and running I was recommended the above device. Instructions are useless as is the video. Several things I’m not clear about. Video says you can...
  13. H

    Tv stuck on reset menu

    Hi all, my tv was stuck with no sound so I reset it to “shipping”. I have no physical remote and was using an app to control, but after the reset the app doesn’t work. I need help getting it off the country select menu with no remote. I’ve tried all the side buttons but nothing will shift it...
  14. Nofontnl

    I've been looking for this TV cartoon, but can't find its name

    Hi all, here goes nothing. About 10 (?) years ago I watched a TV cartoon. I found it amazing back then, but didn't write down it name. The most memorable aspect of the show was that there were multiple paths for the protagonist(s ?) to take. If I remember correctly, every time they had to make...
  15. S

    360degree photo and video viewer (desktop application NOT STEAM!)

    Morning all. Reaching out for some help please! I work for a company where we utilise the offline version of Steam (we have to use it). I have a requirement to view 360 photographs and videos taken from various cameras and GoPros in either our HTC Vive or Oculus headsets. I'm looking for a...
  16. E

    R55B7120UK - does this TV have Automatic Content Recognition?

    Hi All, I recently bought the R55B7120UK from Argos as it was on sale. I wanted to see what the fuss was about 4k as I'd been on an old 37" samsung for 10 years or so. Seems like a decent upgrade for the price bar the lack of real HDR or any high end features like VRR/120fps etc, but as it's a...
  17. O

    PlayStation 4 and Onkyo TX-SR605

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping to understand what the problem I have is. I have a PlayStation 4 without the optical digital out so it is connected to my receiver by hdmi only. On the front of the receiver it has a logo for Dolby True HD. I have a Dolby digital 5.1 set up. I put in a blu Ray of The...
  18. LucasCampbell

    ALBA AELKDVD2288S has forced HDMI input into 1080p which isn’t compatible with the display.

    Hello, I use my TV as a display for my computer. I forced the display into 1920 x 1080 resolution to get a game into the correct resolution on my system, when I did this, it changed the HDMI resolution on my TV to 1080p when I believe it was lower before. It’s resolution before was 1440 x 900...
  19. G


    I’ve had my 49SM8500 for a week and a half now, I am struggling with the picture quality. Watching football games is terrible, in sport mode the ball keeps wanting to disappear When the ball is hit hard, I’ve turned off trumotion which fixes the Problem but then the quality reduces, I have the...
  20. Bunman

    X-Arcade tankstick not responding

    As of last night, my X-Arcade tankstick has decided not to respond to any stick or button presses. The red light comes on when I plug it in, but there is no response at all from any input at all. Ive tried opening Notepad to see if anything happened in there when i pressed buttons and...
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