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  1. balance19

    Question QAcoustics 3050 vs AM Bronze 5/6 vs KEF Q150

    Hello! I want to buy a stereo amp and speakers combo for my living room. I'm based in the UK and the room size is 4.30m x 4.10m. I will be listening to music (lossless digital source) and watch films. My budget is around £500. Space is not an issue. I'm choosing the speakers first. I have...
  2. Zevulos

    Question Looking to buy my first projector

    Hi all, Im wanting to get a projector to go into my first house but dont have the funds to shell out 5k on a high end projector, i have found a TW7300 locally that is on its second bulb and 2.3k hours into it. The downside is that its 3 years old and has no warrenty. Apparently the original bulb...
  3. Gunnerzz

    Extension Home Cinema Review

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first-time poster. I am about to put the bucket in the ground for my new extension, it's a multi-purpose room bolted onto the back of my house. Now I have had my budget reigned in (a lot) I have a reasonably final purchase list. I would like for some internet...
  4. SaintPriva

    Noob asks Questions? $5,000 4k Short throw Projector.

    Hi everyone I am new to hometheater and want to join in! These are a few questions I have and any answers are greatly appreciated. PROJECTOR: LG HU85LA ULTRA SHORT THROW - I have full control over lighting where it will be used Do all projectors have the ability for 3D? (the LG HU85LA in...
  5. A

    New TV- 55” or Higher LG C9

    Hi, I’m new to the forum, thank you for having me. I’m looking to upgrade my main TV from an LG 3D set. I’ve seen the LG C9 but can’t for the life of me find stock anywhere. Is this set being replaced? I’ve seen the B9 but wanted something with a fast as possible processor. I have a budget of...
  6. firstbloodb

    Both 65´ 1 from 2019 other from 2020 Whats the best buy ? both same price. is the 2020 a no brain choice? i dont know nothing about TVS
  7. JackStillAlive

    Question Samsung UE50TU8502 or Philips 50PUS7304/The One?

    Hey guys! I am looking at replacing my Samsung 40" NU7122 and after a day of searching, I ended up with two finalists, both are 50" and cost the same: Samsung TU8502 Philips PUS7304, also referred to as "The One" I barely found anything about them and on other forums I got recommendations for...
  8. Raj007

    Question HELP!! Subwoofer Decision.

    I am on a strict budget for a subwoofer for under £100. Any idea?? This is what I have found: JAMO Sub 200. KEF 2500. Q ACOUSTICS 2070SI MS 409
  9. Sukosd

    JBL - L82 / 4307 - Noob Setup.

    Hello, I am new to HiFi and I would like to setup a small bedroom in my house. I know a couple items I want but just don't know what else I need. I'm not extremely picky and I am on a average Joe budget (4k to 5k). I would like to purchase a pair of JBL - L82 Bookshelf Speakers. As far as an...
  10. H

    Insurance Replacing TV with 3 these models - Which would you choose?

    LG - TV had blue LED's and the Panel was written off after the insurance company sent the wrong LED array for the model. We have been given 3 replacement TV options. Panasonic - TX49GX550B Sony - KD49XG7003BU Samsung QLED - QE55Q60RA Do any of these have native Plex options? Or am I going to...
  11. Paalan

    Question Xbox One X unauthorized turn off?

    After the update this week, my xbox has turned itself off randomly during the idle mode, i can't put down my controller for long as it turns off after seam to be just 10 to 20 minutes. Yes, my settings was set to 6 hours before shutting down, i messed around with the settings but nothing, it...
  12. Rylanlewisuk

    Upgrading my LG42lb65ov need advice on what to purchase based on budget and needs

    I'm currently in the market for a new television for my bedroom and I'm completely overwhelmed by the various versions from each brands and differing terminology so need some guidance on which to purchase based on my needs and budget of £400 - £600. Thank you in advance for any advice its...
  13. N

    Question Fisher CD Remote Amplifier Wire

    Need the 4 pin ribbon cable that goes from Fisher AD 870 CD player to Fisher CA 861 Amplifier. It is 4 pin ribbon wire ( 5 pin is used for tuner to amp) that allows to CD remote function to work. I also do not know whether it would be twisted for reverse pin layout or looped to keep pins...
  14. D

    help - upgrade from Plasma to OLED

    Hello there, I am considering doing an upgrade from my old Panasonic TX-P50G30E plasma to something new. I have 2 favorites already : * Panasonic TX-55GZ950E (here I am scared because of lower brightness and "dumb" os, as reviews says, but panasonic menu controls suit me well) * Philips...
  15. Gabrielsdaddy

    Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!! Help

    So I landed an LG 5.1 surround sound speakers and went for the LG HT 353 dvd player to connect them to the amp so I connected everything up and I noticed it only has L/R component in and component video out or scary my tv is an LG43uk6400plf so it has the component in and outs will these suffice...
  16. Raj007


    I have an AETHER CONE and trying to connect to my phone. One small problem. The bluetooth askes for passcode, Tried 0000 and 1234 but incorrect.:thumbsdow
  17. H

    Question HELP: Attempting to connect HDMI to AV1

    I have this old CRT TV with an AV1 port. I have a "Mini" AV2HDMI adaptor (the white ones) and a DVD player. I connect everything and put the TV on AV, and nothing, black screen. I will post photos of my setup.
  18. E

    Please Judge my setup

    Hello all! I've spent the last few weeks putting together this set up for the movie room of my Dorm. The plan is to get a new receiver, speaker system, and 4k projector for under $2,100 total. The equipment I have selected is: BenQ TK800 4k Projector Pioneer VSX-LX303 9.2 Channel 4k Polk 5.1...
  19. Gavo

    Smart thermostat question

    Hi all, I have just moved in my new flat and I would like to do some smart home improvements. I have 2 Danfoss TP5000 Si installed: 1 is controlling the master bedroom and 1 is controlling the rest of the flat. I would like to install a smart thermostat which can control, as the old ones, the...
  20. S

    New 65" Purchase! Help

    Hello AV Forums. I am looking for some assistance by you folks. I am looking into purchasing a new 65" television for my living room (main TV room). I have recently purchased an XBOX ONE X and would like to take advantage of the 4k capabilities, as well as, will be upgrading the cable box for...
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