1. rnet9

    Marantz SR5009 Setup- speaker height

    I know there is a lot of discussion about speaker height and crossover. I'm still confused. If the Frequency Response of the speaker determines if the speaker height should be Large or Small, is there a rule of thumb to determine the best setting? For example my left and right Channels are...
  2. H

    Need help deciding atmos/auro3D height speakers

    Hi there. I'm in the process of upgrading my 5.1 Mission speakers setup, with 4 addicional height front/rear speakers for atmos/auro3D. It's an 8' (2,4meters) high ceiling and there is no possibility of in ceiling speakers. Room is 20' x 13,8' (6,3 x 4,2 meters) dedicated HT. Receiver: Marantz...
  3. Y

    Height Speakers and 'Dolby Atmos Enabled' speakers - What's the difference?

    Hi, Surround sound newbie here, so apologies for basic questions. I have a Pioneer VSX 933 AV receiver that decodes Atmos as a 5.1.2 set up. The two height channel speakers that I need to get will be mounted high up above by front left and right, pointing down. Now should I be purchasing some...
  4. O

    Has anyone used the ATC HTS7 as a rear ceiling speaker.....

    Has anyone used the ATC HTS7 as a rear ceiling speaker..... for the height channels in a 9.1 system. https://atc.audio/hi-fi/loudspeakers/hts-on-wall/hts7/ Its spec says it has +/- 110° dispersion "horizontally" but just +/- 10° "vertically" My main speakers are ATC SCM 19s - I want to add...
  5. A

    Bowers and Wilkins M1 as Height/Atmos speakers?

    Hello. Im currently running a 7.2.2 Bowers and Wilkins system with Kef Q50a as my front height speakers. I'm going to add rear heights and I cannot do in-ceiling. I would like to keep with the Bowers and Wilkins brand but outside of in-ceiling they only have the M1 speakers that are mountable...
  6. C

    Cambridge Audio Minx Min 22's as front height speakers

    Hi everyone, My first post here. Am so glad to have found this forum and find myself regularly browsing and absorbing all the knowledge here in my spare time! I am thinking of getting Min 22's as front height speakers and will be fixing them to the wall, facing the MLP. Currently have Onkyo...
  7. T

    Focal Sib Evo 5.1.2 mounting height

    Just purchased the Focal sib evo 5.1.2 package. Was wondering if anyone knows the proper height to mount the 2 front speakers that also have the atmos drivers on top. My ceiling is 8’ and they will be wall mounted
  8. JustinT350

    5.1.2 to 5.1.4 worth the effort/expense?

    Morning all, I am currently running a 5.1.2 set up. I noticed a really good change when I added the front height atmos speakers, and I'm now looking towards the next tweak/upgrade I can do.. (we all do this don't we!) I don't really have the room for a second subwoofer, but quite like the...
  9. imightbewrong

    Ceiling- or top-of-wall mounted height speakers

    It's probably a tale as old as time but I'm speccing up a dedicated cinema room in the garden - planning on a 7.2.4 setup. What are the thoughts on mounting angled height speakers on the walls vs in-ceiling speakers? I am focussing on sound-proofing so not wild in cutting four large holes in...
  10. Ronski

    Height of a 3090FE

    Anybody know the height of a 3090FE from the surface of the motherboard to the top of the cooler? Appreciate the cables come out the top, but not worried about that. All I can find on the internet is that its 140mm, but I'm not clear if that is just the cooler, or includes the PCIe connector.
  11. Skyrider

    Which Height Speakers for Dolby Atmos?

    Hi, Like many here, I'm looking to add my first pair of height speakers to enable Dolby Atmos, possibly followed by a second pair in due course. Usual limitations on space, mounting positions, etc! Looking for something which sounds good (great!), but discrete cosmetically. Have so far...
  12. daraghm

    Onkyo AVR not seeing front height speakers

    I've ugraded my speakers to the Klipsch 5.0.2 bundle from Costco. The speakers are the R-625FA Tower Speakers and my AVR is an Onkyo HT-R693 which is described as a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos AVR. Problem I have is, the AVR doesn't recognize the height speakers - wiring was checked - I did use the new...
  13. Syphon

    Will the wall mount height need to change for a bigger TV?

    Hi all, Currently got a 50" plasma mounted with the centre of the TV at eye level. At some point later this year (hopefully!) we will be upgrading to a bigger size, min "65, but hopefully 75". I did a silly GIF for another thread to show what I'm after :) This may be a silly question and...
  14. mazdaman

    sound bar height for CX/BX range

    Hi Wonder if any one can help please considering buying either a 55 inch CX or BX I currently have a Samsung HW-800T sound bar with a height of 60mm. Given how low the CX tv sits where is the remote sensor located on this TV as I would need to consider if the sound bar will block the signal. I...
  15. William R

    Question Is Atmos height effect worth it in a living room setup?

    Sorry for ridiculously subjective question, but I am looking to replace my old 7.2 Yamaha RXV777 amplifier (bought 2014, obsolete January 2019 on purchase of a TV with Dolby Vision) and wondering whether 7.2.2 is worth the extra money. Has anyone gone that route and been either thrilled or...
  16. Q

    Denon 3600 no sound rear height speakers

    I have a Denon 3600H. I'm trying to set it up 7.1.4. I have 3 Definitive Technology UIW RCS III for front LCR and 4 Polk rc80i in ceiling for front and rear height speakers and one subwoofer. I don't have any surround sound speakers. When I run audyssey I get tones from all the speakers. I...
  17. BertoM3

    Height Speakers for ATMOS

    To install some height speakers on ceiling... which do you prefer ? - Cambridge Audio MINX 22 or - Polk Audio OW M3
  18. T

    Gloss black atmos height speakers

    Currently got the onkyo upfiring atmos speakers but looking for height speakers to match my monitor audio silver gloss speakers. Are there any? If not what's a decent set of plain black ones
  19. Debojyoty

    Question 5.1 speaker advice for 14’ length x 13’ breadth x 9’ height living room

    I am trying to put my first home theatre for my living room with dimension 14’ length x 13’ breadth x 9’ height. Usage will be mostly for movies. I was thinking about the following setup. Will this be an overkill? Is the speaker and receiver combination compatible? Do you recommend any...
  20. Jester1066

    Question TV Height When Wall Mounting

    Hi all, this has probably been asked before, but I couldn't find a definitive answer either on here or online in general - so apologies in advance. I have a Samsung Q95T 55inch which I plan to wall mount using a Samsung No Gap Bracket... When looking online for the recommended height to mount...
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