Headset may refer to:
Headset (audio), audio headphone(s), particularly with an attached microphone
Headset (bicycle part), a bicycle part that connects the fork to the frame
Head-mounted display, a video display mounted on a head strap or helmet
Virtual reality headset, a head-mounted display used for virtual reality
Headset (American band), an American alternative rock band
Headset (band), an electronica / hip-hop group

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  1. ocelot20

    For Sale Meta/Oculus Quest 2 128GB VR Headset

    For sale, Meta/Oculus Quest 2 128GB VR headset. Recently traded my old phone to a friend for this last month. Only used it a few times works well. I already have a Rift S for pc so I don't really need this. It's in good condition. The strap is a bit dirty and one of the controllers has a few...
  2. alextheg

    For Sale RAZER Barracuda X Mercury Edition Wireless Headset.

    Opened but not used Razer Barracuda Gaming Headset. Like new condition. All accessories included. Original packaging. £45 delivered.
  3. allanb1985

    For Sale Official Microsoft Wireless Headset

    Hardly been used, in excellent condition from a smoke and pet free home. Comes boxed.
  4. S

    For Sale Starfield controller and headset bundle

    Looking to shift these as a pair Pad is brand new however unsealed Headset in excellent condition, do still have the box, just need to grab it from storage. Also have a copy of sonic superstars with unused DLC for £22 Looking to clear £140 for both after postage, although willing to listen to...
  5. P

    VR headset that allows siting and controls the view in a 1st person environement ?

    Hi, I dont know anything about VR headsets I am looking for something that would control the mouse(head/camera view point) as I sit in front of the pc instead of using the mouse I'd use the camera, and I 'd use the keyboard for everything else I dont want to stand up , just sit at my desk is...
  6. G

    Open back gaming headset for Xbox series x?

    Hello everyone!!! I am looking to get a open back gaming headset that has a mic since you can’t use a usb standalone mic on Xbox, any suggestions
  7. GadgetGuru

    Pulse Elite Headset

    Anyone pre-ordered these yet? I haven’t any headset at the moment - just use the audio via the TV, although I’m after a better, crisper audio experience, so I’m tempted by these……..
  8. Pooon

    Microsoft wireless Headset

    Does anyone have one of these? Xbox Wireless Headset for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 Devices https://amzn.eu/d/c7ffX7M Are they any good or is there a better alternative for similar money which are wireless I currently have a Steelseries 9x that ive had for about 4 years which...
  9. Darko

    Question Headset recommendation

    My sons birthday is coming up and he has asked me for a wireless headset for his PC, He really likes my steelseries headset but this is his main present so I dont mind spending a bit more for the right headset. Any recommendations ? Thank you Darko
  10. S

    Wireless headset recommendation

    Looking to get a wireless headset for the Nintendo Switch for my 8-yr old - any recommendations for a device which is reliable? We have a Switch WIreless Pro controller in case that's an issue. thanks
  11. J

    Question Meta Quest 2 controller blinking when headset is off

    I wonder if anybody can help with an issue that I can’t find any advice on anywhere else. The left controller of my meta quest 2 blinks three times with a pause, and then another three times. This continues constantly until I remove the battery. The key issue here is that the headset is off and...
  12. S

    Gaming Headset for Kids

    Hi folks, I'm looking for a headset for my son (10 years old). I have only two criteria, but it's proving very hard to find: 1. Must have volume limiting to protect his hearing 2. Must be compatible with Switch, specifically Fortnite on switch. It seems many kids headsets are not...
  13. Rhyiann

    Need Advice about Vr Headset

    Hello I am new here. I need some advice on which product should I purchase. What I need is primarily A VR Headset in order to be able to play games on Pc and watch videos on youtube and other sites. I have seen some products but considering I have no previous experience of the product, I have no...
  14. winka45

    Headset not working

    So never been on my PSVR2 for months bit just tried to play it and the headset powers on, I see the ps logo then I just get a black screen with a moving white line and stays like that. It worked fine before and the usb cable has never even been unplugged its always in since I first got it...
  15. Pizzalover1

    Question headset advice

    What's the best headset to block background noise? I'm currently using steelseries arctis 7p+? my team mates can hear everything like the kids and misses 🤣
  16. A

    Bluetooth Headset Connection to Bluetooth Dongle Receiver

    I have a Sennheiser BT450 headset and I wish to connect them to a BT dongle (not USB but has 3.5mm audio socket output). The one I have will not connect. I suspect this is not possible with this type of device. I wish to use it to transmit speech from my headset to a bluetooth receiver and...
  17. P

    remote desktop with Headset with android

    hello! I would like, although it sounds preposterous, to read a pdf with my headset of the kind with an android phone atached. Perhaps some remote desktop from the Laptop (with Linux)? Thank you!
  18. Doctor Smith

    Best bang for buck gaming headset?

    What's considered the best headphones, price wise for gaming? Not interested in a mic. Gaming laptop, ps5 and possibly steam deck. Is it correct that Bluetooth earbuds have slight sound delay? Thanks
  19. S

    Question LG C2 bluetooth headset

    I have an LG C2. I purchased a Bluetooth headset to use but when I connect it within 5 seconds it reverts back to the sonos beam. If I disable hdmi-cec it works but then I have to turn it back on to revert Is this the only solution? Thanks
  20. kenshingintoki

    Sneaky Oculus pricing

    Just to give everyone a heads up, the Quest 3 is a fantastic headset but make sure not to make your total price of entry creep up. For a top tier wireless experience, you'll be needing a Wifi 6 router. VD reccomend a 6E router. These are £140-£200. So, the typical Q3 owner might end up doing...
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