1. A

    Wanted Pulse 3D headset

    As above. Must be in mint condition.
  2. neil1979

    For Sale PS5 Camera (£30) Boxed

    Update - headset sold elsewhere HI all, I have for sale my PS5 Camera and 3d Pulse Headset. These come both boxes and just over a year old. Not been used hardly at all as I have a set of Arctis and I have just built my own PC so using that for streaming so I don't need the PS5 camera. Both...
  3. Sreeves2983

    For Sale Xbox series X and official wireless headset

    Selling my series X as I managed to get an rtx 3070ti. This was purchased from symths in September and I can provide the email receipt for the remaining 10 months warranty. £570 delivered (delivery will cost a bit)
  4. K

    Which VR headset for use with PS5?

    Hi, Sorry if this is a basic, daft question, but can I ask which VR headsets the PS5 is able to use please? Is it only Playstation's own VR headset, or is there some way I can use a Reverb G2 (or possibly other) VR headset? Thanks, Kevin
  5. R

    Questions. About pulse 3d headset for ps5

    Iam very confused to buy pulse 3d or no I didn't try any 3d headset before. I always using TV sound I never used any headset with game before . My question is .1- Is pulse 3d headset good and worth to buy? 2- is this headset make you feel. you in the game? 3- is this headset more...
  6. Lensman5d

    Chat headset Xbox s

    I have just bought an S to go in my home cinema. I have a banging 11 channel system so the audio is rather better than headphones. But what I do want is the ability to chat and do it wirelessly! I have googled but keep getting pointed to headsets. can I use any old Bluetooth ear piece? thanks 👍
  7. B

    Xbox series s vr headset

    Hi, Looking to get a VR headset compatible with Xbox series s! Any thoughts as to what the best ones are? Many thanks
  8. kenshingintoki

    best vr headset ever??? VARJO AERO

    So I was all set if this hit £2k and it has. Sadly I've decided to build my own home gym and I think I'm going to have to use my Varjo budget for this lol... as I'm already £3k down. Will see if I can find funds for a christmas present. thoughts guys??
  9. Droogie 2001

    PSVR v2 headset. Back foam padding perishing?

    Hi, I have a v2 headset which has had fairly light use, is about 3.5 years old and is used 2-3 times a month. The other night I noticed that the rubber padding at the back on the headset strap is perishing with both the top and bottom showing signs of wear. This results in little black specs...
  10. D

    What Webcam sand headset

    I have to do some online courses, I have never had a webcam before any suggestions on a good budget set? Cheers
  11. Chrispick1977

    Vr headset help please

    Hi all, my daughter plays roblox and really wants a VR headset to play it on, I know nothing about VR headsets. I'd really appreciate it if someone could guide me as to which headset would be OK for her and if she could run it with her cloudbook and if not what would she need? Any help is...
  12. weavesno1

    Gaming/Movie Headset

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a headset that is mainly for gaming (70%) and movies (30%). I've just returned some Fnatic React's and Astro A50's. I need a really good mic also. Its for the Xbox Series X. A friend of mine recommended BeyerDynamic MMX 330 (I think) but hard to find apart from used...
  13. Phil Hinton

    Oculus Quest 2 VR headset + Rotel A14 MkII Amp Reviews & Best of the Month (28th July 2021)

    This week Steve gives us a review of the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset he has been using for the last few weeks and Ed reviews the Rotel A14 MkII Integrated Amplifier. Plus Tom joins us to discuss the best of the month for music, movies and TV. Presented by Phil Hinton with Ed Selley, Tom Davies...
  14. G

    The best PC Gaming Headset set up?

    I've got a Logitech G935 and a Sennheiser Game One with the SoundBlaster G6 and both are decent, but looking for an appreciable step up in quality for both audio and the microphone. What do people recommend please?
  15. Torf

    Help wanted : Headset audio / mix mixing advice

    I currently play Gloomhaven digital on my mac in Co-op mode. I usually Zoom call a friend via my ipad. The audio for the mac is currently sent to a pair of desktop speakers, and the Zoom call will often be connected to my airpods. He can pick up my desktop audio at times, so i'm looking for a...
  16. H

    Arctis Pro Wireless Headset EQ suggestions

    I have recently bought a arctis pro wireless headset and have found the stock eq very lacking in slider range. so i started using the nahimic from steelseries and was wondering if anyone know where i can fine some eq settings i can check out to see what works best from me as im not well versed...
  17. TipsyFiddler

    Advice on choosing a VR headset for disabled person with only use of her thumb

    I would like to get a VR headset for my mother, who is dying from ALS. The disease is degenerative, and she is now fully bedridden. She can still control her thumb to type out messages on her iPhone. She can’t turn her head, so I am hoping to get a VR headset and a controller so that, within a...
  18. rona94

    Gaming headset for PS5 and Series S

    Hi, as title says I'm looking for a gaming headset to use with Ps5 (mainly) and XboxSeriesS (for solo gaming). I don't care if it's wired or wireless, I just would like an headset that supports ps5 3d-audio, and can be used on Xbox too. I'm currently using an old HyperX Cloud Stinger, and i like...
  19. S

    Strange headset issue

    Hi, my son’s new Xbox series S arrived 2 days ago. When we connect his wired headset to the controller he is able to hear other friends and they can hear him. However he cannot hear the game through his headset. No game music or sounds coming through. I’ve checked the settings and they seem ok...
  20. P

    VR headset sound processing. What's the best out there?

    Hello. I'm looking to get a headest of some sort, specifically for 3D films and occasional 2D stuff. I'm leaning toward the older technology of the Sony HMZ headsets, especially as these work with Blu Ray players out of the box, no need to dump a disc 1:1 to a NAS and play back over Plex, for...
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