1. Aston

    For Sale HP Mindframe Prime Headset & Logitech G602

    I have decided to sell my HP Mindframe Prime Headset. It was purchased on 30/11/2019 from OverclockersUK. It's in perfect working order, sound quality is excellent for games/movies and gets very loud. Mic quality is excellent as well. Reason for selling is because I've moved to a wireless...
  2. JabbaNut

    Cinera Edge 5K OLED HMD cinema headset with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound

    I am not sold on the idea myself. https://www.geeky-gadgets.com/cinema-headset-04-07-2020/
  3. C

    For Sale Logitech Zone headset, Fujitsu ScanSnap ix1500 scanner, Raspberry Pi 4 bundle, Keychron K2 mechanical keyboard, Durgon K320 mechanical keyboard

    Hi, folks! Got a few bits and pieces from the home office for sale: Logitech Brio 4K USB (Windows Hello compatible) USB-C webcam - RRP £180, selling for £115 [sold] Approximately 3 months old, full working order Supplied with USB-C cable Selling as I've moved to a laptop, so no longer...
  4. damo09

    For Sale Astro a50 headset plus base station..

    hi all bought these last year. And since getting a decent soundbar ans rears.i haven't really needed fo use. I think i have the reciept too. Best headset I've ever used £200
  5. TsaraBomba

    For Sale Turtle Beach Stealth 700 wireless headset £65.00

    As above, –– ADVERTISEMENT –– Turtle Beach Stealth 700 wireless headset. Was brand new until I opened the box to try them out. Has had less than 1hr of use and boxed back up again. Looking for £65.00 for the headset ONO Will be posted RMSD
  6. K

    Wanted Astro A50 Gaming Wireless Headset

    hi has anyone got one for sale
  7. silvercue

    Replacement USB Adaptor/Dongle for Sony PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0

    I have lost the USB adaptor for these headphones (dog must have stolen it!). I have done some searching and see a number of forums say you can use a standard bluetooth USB but they all seem to suggest this is for the GOLD version of these headphones, which I think are different. Anyone know...
  8. Beetlejuice

    For Sale Steelseries Arctis 9x Wireless Headset

    I am selling my Steelseries Arctis 9x Wireless Headset due to non-use. I purchased these for quiet gaming sessions due to the arrival of our first child - unfortunately having the time to game was very wishful thinking on my part! These have been used for a maximum of 2 hours and are therefore...
  9. C

    For Sale Corsair HS60 Surround headset, carbon/white, as new, boxed complete

    Corsair HS60 Stereo gaming headset with 7.1 surround sound (PC only), Carbon/white colour Bought new in August 2019 - balance of 2 year warranty which I’m happy to help out with, though not sure how practical or what would be involved exactly Boxed with all accessories inc detachable mic...
  10. S

    PS5 VR General

    Jim Ryan has said PSVR(1) will be compatible with the PS5, and the camera will not be included as standard. So presumably that also means the current camera is compatible too. Also it is kinda interesting how the PSVR headset black+white design fits with the PS5: "On the camera, am I...
  11. paulyoung666

    Wanted Sony PlayStation Headset (wireless)

    Not bothered which model , would consider any , although genuine would be ideal , thanks :thumbsup:
  12. trsh

    Is my VR headset faulty?

    Hello! Its my first exp. with VR headset. I bought Lenovo Explorer and have no games currently so checking out windows mixed reality portal. When I adjust the headset just right so the picture is crisp I see those Things especially on white stuff. Is it normal? I tried to make a PIC with my...
  13. P

    Question Bluetooth headset for Skype on PC

    Hi, can anyone recommend a reasonably priced Bluetooth headset that will work in Skype for Business on the PC with Windows 10. I have tried a couple of devices that work for sound and voice if I answer a call by touching the PC, but I cannot find one that can start and finish calls from the...
  14. T187uk

    Connecting headset to X Rocker chair on PS4

    HI I purchased a X-rocker Legend chair recently. I have connected it to my PS4 via the usb socket to adapter, have got the sound and vibration coming though the chair too. I am trying to connect a wired headset to enable voice chat on the PS4. I want the sound and vibration to still come...
  15. rory660

    I've made a tool that you guys might find helpful!

    Hi guys, I'm a CS student from Scotland and I've made a VR headset comparison site! You can use it to view the specs of any headset and make comparisons between headsets. I'd really appreciate if you guys could give it a go and tell me what you think, it's called VRcompare. Thanks :) VRcompare -...
  16. M

    Two Headset Mics in Parallel

    Hello, I want to connect two (stereo)headsets at te same time to one laptop. They both have to function fully, so phone and mic. They each have a phone 3.5 jack and mic 3.5 jack. I make a junction box to make it possible. In view of the 32 Ohm impedance of the phone, it should be no problem to...
  17. Hellraiser1287

    Question OEM Battery for Platinum Edition Headset

    Greetings fellow gamers, I am in desperate need of either the company that supply the OEM battery for the PlayStation Platinum Edition Headset or somewhere i can buy it from, I am on the forums because i have tried eBay, and all battery shops listed on google, I have also tried to use a 2000mAh...
  18. T

    Headset recommendations

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to get some ideas/thoughts off people regarding gaming headset. I have a PS4 that I want them to work with. I want to see what people's thought on the pros and cons for wired and wireless?? To be honest I'm not fussed either way as long as it give a good quality sound...
  19. Singhisking

    Question Any wireless gaming headset that works with xbox and ps4?

    Hi everyone basically I started playing cod on my xbox instead of ps4. I used a steelseries 840 headset on ps4 without any problems on xbox its a faff as I have to use the xbox app to communicate. Is their any headsets that will work with both? Or can anyone recommend a good wireless headset for...
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