1. L

    For Sale Razer Kraken Pro V2 Gaming Headset

    I am selling this headset as I don't ever use them. They have only had very little usage since buying them, so they are in very good condition, I don't have the original box. £35 inc delivery Thanks
  2. kingolympics

    Series X Bluetooth Headset

    I’m trying to find a good Bluetooth headset for my Xbox One that I can also use for my Series X. The problem is that every one I read about seems to have a lot of flaws. My budget is max £100. I’ve got a £30 Turtle Beach one which is fine buthurts the top of my head!
  3. J

    For Sale Acer WMR VR Headset

    Acer AH101 WMR Virtual Reality headset and controllers for sale. Boxed and in fully working order. Looking for £150 delivered
  4. T

    Question VR headset and camera advice for newbie

    I'm trying to start a business around VR while being new to VR and am seeking advice on headsets and 360/VR cameras. This will only involve showing real locations, no animation. For headsets I need them to be able to show a pre-loaded video and not be connected to another device, so stand alone...
  5. rustybin

    For Sale Video Doorbell / Wireless Hair & Beard Clipper Set / Bluetooth Headset

    A few bits I've acquired over lockdown which either didn't get used at all or were used briefly. Video Doorbell (Ring Style) - Brand new and sealed £40 Yamay Bluetooth Headset - Brand new and unused - £30 Amazon Echo Flex - used for about 4 months in the garage but decided I needed a Dot...
  6. gizmo750

    Wanted PS4 Playstation Gold wireless headset

    Anyone selling? Must be in VGC with all the supplied accessories, not fussed about the original box if not available.
  7. deans6571

    Turtle Beach 600 Stealth Headset - best settings?

    So I recently purchased the above headset for my Xbox One X but unsure whether to be using Windows Sonic for headphones or one of the other available sound apps - DTS or Dolbly Atmos? Is there much difference between the 3 technologies? I have tried all 3 (both DTS and Dolby Atmos have free...
  8. kosch

    For Sale Clear Out, some items BNIB

    Time for a bit of a clear out! Draytek Vigor 2862AC £165 inc BNIB HyperX Cloud II 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Gaming Headset with Advanced USB Audio Control Box - Red £56 inc del Sky+ HD Boxes DRX895WL (2TB) £35 inc DRX895 (1TB) £25 inc DRX890W (500GB) £20 inc G. Skill Trident X 16GB...
  9. G

    Which VR Headset - Your Thoughts

    Which VR Headset- your thoughts. Here are some facts. I am a Senior Citizen. I have never experienced VR/3D (except the DisneyLand experiences). I would like to purchase a headset – maximum price £600. So thinking Quest, Rift S or HP Reverb G2. Usage would mostly be for flightsim, car...
  10. O

    Can't find a VR headset that fits

    Hi all, So with this pandemic and all, I thought maybe I could get a VR headset and take some virtual trips instead of a real one. Here's the problem: I can't seem to find one that doesn't smash the headset down onto my nose. I have an iPhone 8+ - not the lightest cell phone, I know. Still...
  11. Joseph Gappy

    Question My PS4 controller acts weird then disconnects after plugging in headset

    Hi, i have just bought a new ps4 controller it works fine but when i plug in the headset the sound is not as efficient as the original ds4 and when its plugged in sometimes the controller acts in its own and i cant control it anymore then stops working and i have to turn it on again i have tried...
  12. drinkturps

    Question Looking for a wireless headset and mic with an easy access mute button (meetings, music, gaming)

    The title says it really. I'm looking for a set of wireless headphones (bluetooth or dongle does not matter) that has a microphone with easy access to a mute button. If the mic has an LED on the end to see if you're on mute or not would be a bonus or indeed an audible beep to indicate you are on...
  13. Eltee

    Question Wireless Headset Recommendations?

    HELP! Want to get a wireless / Bluetooth headset but after doing some research it looks like its a connectivity minefield out there! In game chat looks like it’s a right faff! Ideally I want to buy one that I can only use on my Switch, I’d like one that I can use for phone/iPad etc. What are you...
  14. JabbaNut

    Cinera Edge 5K OLED HMD cinema headset with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound

    I am not sold on the idea myself. https://www.geeky-gadgets.com/cinema-headset-04-07-2020/
  15. silvercue

    Replacement USB Adaptor/Dongle for Sony PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0

    I have lost the USB adaptor for these headphones (dog must have stolen it!). I have done some searching and see a number of forums say you can use a standard bluetooth USB but they all seem to suggest this is for the GOLD version of these headphones, which I think are different. Anyone know...
  16. S

    PS5 VR General

    Jim Ryan has said PSVR(1) will be compatible with the PS5, and the camera will not be included as standard. So presumably that also means the current camera is compatible too. Also it is kinda interesting how the PSVR headset black+white design fits with the PS5: "On the camera, am I...
  17. trsh

    Is my VR headset faulty?

    Hello! Its my first exp. with VR headset. I bought Lenovo Explorer and have no games currently so checking out windows mixed reality portal. When I adjust the headset just right so the picture is crisp I see those Things especially on white stuff. Is it normal? I tried to make a PIC with my...
  18. P

    Question Bluetooth headset for Skype on PC

    Hi, can anyone recommend a reasonably priced Bluetooth headset that will work in Skype for Business on the PC with Windows 10. I have tried a couple of devices that work for sound and voice if I answer a call by touching the PC, but I cannot find one that can start and finish calls from the...
  19. T187uk

    Connecting headset to X Rocker chair on PS4

    HI I purchased a X-rocker Legend chair recently. I have connected it to my PS4 via the usb socket to adapter, have got the sound and vibration coming though the chair too. I am trying to connect a wired headset to enable voice chat on the PS4. I want the sound and vibration to still come...
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