1. Coheed

    For Sale 2x Massdrop (Drop) Sennheiser HD58X Jubilee Open Back Headphones + Focusrite Interfaces

    Selling off two pairs of Massdrop (Drop) Sennheiser HD58X Jubilee Open Back Headphones. I've had both sets of headphones for just over two years now. One pair was purchased directly from Massdrop, the other was purchased on eBay (brand new). As you can see from the photos, they both feature...
  2. J

    Lose of audio in headphones in CX Minijack 3 5 mm port? Cable does not connect properly to the back port images attached

    Does anyone loses audio in the headphones or the minijack cable disconects a little in the back port of the CX? When I connect the cable moves, and I have to press so I can hear the sound in the headphones... Its like it does not connect properly... Does this happen in CX? (edit)
  3. S

    Sony Bravia xh90 unable to use speakers/ headphones independently

    Hi All I’m hard of hearing and have just discovered that my new tv does not allow me to put headphones in while others can listen to tv at normal volume. I’m so disappointed by this as I love the tv, does anyone know if there is any work around this. My last tv was a Panasonic and I just...
  4. chyllyphylly

    Recommendations for headphones for Apple Music Lossless please

    I’m looking to replace my old Sony Bluetooth ones…. I think they might be the v1 of the wh1000s. I’ll be using Apple Music on my iPhone…. Would prefer over ear closed backs, due to hating in ears and these would be my only headphones…. So used for commute/home/work etc. if it helps, my...
  5. andrewilley

    Are there any Bluetooth earbuds / headphones that don't have a faint low-level hiss?

    I've tried a few basic Bluetooth semi-in-ear earbuds (e.g. Tronsmart Onyx Ace, and Anker) but even without noise-cancelling features they have a faint low-level background hiss (white noise) when they are operating, even when there is no music coming from the source. Turn them off, or disconnect...
  6. Bioshock174

    For Sale Sony Pulse 3d Headphones 1 used and 1 New

    I have two Sony Pulse 3d headphones I would like to sell 1 x BNID Sony Pulse Headphones £72 posted 1 x Used Sony Pulse Headphones £65 posted (head phones have been used but also well looked after. I will upload photos of the headphones) Reason for sale is I bought a few pairs for myself...
  7. camcroft


    Hi. I was just wondering now that I am using the desktop setup with the iFi Zen Dac V2 and trying different ear / headphones would it be worth looking at other full size headphones the DT 770'S are good but was wondering without wasting money for the sake of it if there are any other newer...
  8. Zigourney

    For Sale LG HBS-FN4 true wireless headphones - Brand new and sealed

    Brand new and sealed. Full specs are below: https://www.lg.com/uk/headphones/lg-hbs-fn4 rrp £69.99 want £35 delivered.
  9. mo.dilwar

    For Sale BNIB Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II

    I won these at a work event last week. I already have a pair for over-ear headphones and have no need for these right now. They were shipped directly from Bose and should have full warranty (I believe it's 2 years). Still sealed/unopened £110 delivered via RMSD £100 collection
  10. I

    For Sale Beyerdynamic T1 headphones

    Selling my 1st gen Beyerdynamic T1 headphones. They're in good condition, come boxed with everything I received when I bought them new, they have not been modded but I have replaced the headband cushion. These sound amazing but need an amplifier as they are 600ohms. If you want more pictures...
  11. P-P-S-S

    Which noise cancelling wireless headphones should I get for home use with TV?

    I am quite often on calls whilst the kids are watching TV and you can imagine the havoc that that causes. So I'm thinking of getting a pair of noise cancelling wireless headphones for the kids to use at home with the TV whilst i am on calls. That should keep everyone happy (assuming that i can...
  12. S

    Any workaround for getting unofficial USB headphones to work?

    Found out the hard way after spending £50 on some gaming headphones that M$ in their infinite wisdom charge companies licencing fees to make use of USB audio. NEVER had problems getting them working on phone, PC and PlayStation 4/Pro. Is there anything I can do? Headphones using the 3.5mm jack...
  13. dmov

    How to use speakers and 2.4 GHz headphones at the same time with Yamaha RX-V4A/RX-V6A and CEC enabled

    I have 2.4GHz wireless Sennheiser headphones which I connect using a pair of RCAs or 3.5mm jack. My TV has Audio Out RCA port plus 3.5mm Headphones jack. I recently bought Yamaha RX-V4A and I connect it to my Panasonic Viera Plasma TV using HDMI like this: [Laptop] <--HDMI--> [Yamaha RX-V4A]...
  14. Doctor Smith

    Ps5 headphones

    Which headphone do I need to get tempest 3D audio? Can I use normal earbuds, as I don't really want to spend 90 pounds on the official ones? Thanks
  15. Z

    Constant Buzz/Hum on Yamaha RX-V483 while using headphones

    Good afternoon, I'm trying to listen to some records on my Yamaha RX-V843 with my headphones. I am getting a constant buzz/hum in the headphones the second I plug them into the headphone jack, regardless of input (radio, audio 1, 2, 3, etc.). The buzz/hum fluctuates with volume and occurs...
  16. Sayeduzzaman Rayan

    Question Necessity of high(er) end earphones [Campfire Audio IO]

    Hi, I'm currently the owner of a sony wh-1000xm3, a bose soundsport wireless, an audio-Technica ath-m50x and a Sennheiser hd559. An earphone recently caught my eye, the Campfire Audio IO. But I'm not sure if it's really worth it to get it. I don't have any way of hearing the buds without buying...
  17. Omits

    BT Headphones with no delay.

    I play the piano and would prefer BT headphones BUT the device I use (I think the BT version is 4.x something) causes a delay so no use for practicing. So I need an adapter and headphones with no delay (i am assuming the delay is not in the piano itself as it is the audio output jack). Advise...
  18. F

    Bargain B&O H95 headphones £579 at Peter Tyson

  19. mr starface

    Wired Headphones for TV up to £100

    Can anyone recommend a half decent pair - they are for my father who is slightly hard of hearing. Going for wired as he cant get on with wireless and any buttons! Searched on Amazon but nothing stood out. Thanks!
  20. Jenz

    Recommend me Planar and Closed Back Headphones @£500?

    I have an incoming Drop THX 789 Headphone Amplifier and it's matching Balanced Grace Dac, upgrading from a JDS Labs Atom + JDS OL USB Dac. I would like some recommendations on Closed Balanced Headphones to purchase and I would like to also try a Planar Headphone. Budget would be £500 each. I...
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