1. D

    Help: How do I connect to my old sennheiser wireless headphones to my new telly.

    Hello all. Looking for help on how to connect my sennheiser wireless headphones to my new telly. Moved from Panasonic plasma to a new Sony bravo 4k. Can't see how I can use my headphones as the connections on new telly are totally alien to me. I've attached a couple of photos. One is the...
  2. jayls6

    For Sale Nuraphone headphone

    Nuraphone headphone good condition working comes with six ear bud sizes and USB c cable no box
  3. J

    LG 2019 4K HDR 49UM7400

    Hi does this set have a Headphone socket or only wireless thanks
  4. Misguided

    Analog out to USB in - For IFI Hip DAC

    Hi I previously posted about some headphones and have since decided to buy some Hifiman Sundaras. I am looking at a DAC / Headphone Amp and the best appears to be the IFI Hip Dac. My issue is I want to use the headphones and DAC for movies which means I either need to plug it into my TV an LG...
  5. J

    For Sale Shanling UP Portable Lossless Headphone Amplifier & USB DAC

    Shanling UP Portable Lossless Headphone Amplifier & USB DAC Fantastic portable DAC Amp which retailed at £149 in UK on Hifi Headphones so great bargain at £50 Being sold in very good used condition with all cables (connects to pretty much anything) and manual etc. See (stock) photos below. In...
  6. Misguided

    headphone amps and monolith m1060 or other headphone suggestions

    Hi I'm thinking about spending some cash on some headphones, up to about £300. The headphones will be used at home for music and tv, I have a Yamaha AS500 amp for music and a Denon AVR-X 2200W for home cinema. I do quite like the look of the Monolith M1060 but will I need a separate headphone...
  7. C

    Bluetooth headphones for Smart TV without lag?

    I've heard that when connecting wireless bluetooth headphones to a smart TV there is a lag/delay unless the TV's bluetooth has aptx low latency. My question is, does the bluetooth that is built-in to smart TV's such as Samsung smart TV's (the 32" range) have the aptx low latency or would this...
  8. Z

    Toshiba 50U2963DB headphone issue

    Hi guys, I've had the above TV for a while and am really happy with it. However whenever I plugged my head phones the sound output I receive is terrible! I think I've checked all the settings on the TV with no joy, not all the sound channels are coming through (any music overpowers the speech)...
  9. D

    Headphone amp recommendations

    Hi all. I don't think I need am amp or DAC using my headphones but going forward I can see myself getting higher impedance headphones. At the moment I'm using hd599 with a Sony NWA 105 and a hiby r3. The impedance is 50 ohm of my headphones. I don't really mind if the amp is desktop or...
  10. Menoetius

    Advice on quality headphone and dac/amp for laptop

    Hi, I'm looking for a quality headphone and dac/amp combo to use with my Lenovo Legion laptop. At the moment, I'm just using the headphone out to my Sennheiser 560S. Headphone wise, I'm looking at, possibly, the Focal Clear Mg. I'd need a suitable dac/amp to match, too. Any advice on a divine...
  11. Spiritwalker27

    Naim nait 5i headphone amp connection

    All, I can find a good few guides via Google but none that quite seem to answer the question in a non-mind bending way ! If my naim's tape out is rca, not din, am I correct in thinking I can connect a headphone amp using normal rca cables from tape out on the naim to source in on the headphone...
  12. Y

    Harmon Kardon - can't switch speakers off for headphone use!

    Long time reader / first time poster! Hi gang! I have a Harmon Kardon AVR 70, which was used with my Audio/Visual set up previously. I now want to use it as a stereo amp on my music setup, as it has a nice rich, powerful sound that is perfectly good enough for me. One issue though is that when...
  13. K

    Sony TA-FB940R headphone output

    Hello all, done some Googling but to no avail. I have a Sony TA-FB940R which is in decent condition, however the headphone output has given up the ghost. I’ve given it a clean with some contact cleaner but I’ve had no luck. If I pull the jack out slightly I can her a buzz. Has anyone got any...
  14. Viking65

    Headphone cable

    Hi, need to order a headphone cable, my question is it needs to be 3m minimum would I notice the difference if it was 3.5 m, its a mogami lead if that helps.
  15. highlanders

    Headphone Jack and header help.

    I've just upgraded my PC case and the HD Audio cable (Phanteks P600) is 9 hole and the MB audio in header is 11 pins, I can only insert the cable the one way because of the blank pin on the cable and on the MB basically it will leave two bare pins to the right of the MB header?
  16. Viking65

    Headphone Cable

    Hi. Wondered if someone can answer this, I have a mogami headphone cable but it's only 1.5m in length so I need to use an extension lead to reach a sitting position I sometimes use, is this ok or should I just get a 5m mogami cable without any extension. Thanks
  17. kcabhead

    No Bluetooth headphone sound output?

    Need help folks! Bluetooth headphones (Beats studio’s and Sony XM4) do not get any sound with switching av to a BT box! Very perplexing as fine with TV/PS5/AppleTV, tried two different Bt boxes and still no sound over Bluetooth, tried switching HDMI sockets and checked all settings and nothing...
  18. J

    Cordless Headphones

    I am looking for cordless over-ear headphones to listen to my large music library stored on my PC. I won't be using them for gaming, I also don't need a mic, I just need them to have reasonably good sound quality (I listen to jazz/classical/rock/rap) My absolute maximum budget is £200, can I...
  19. R

    AVR-X3500H BT headphone connection

    Hi all, I have been trying to connect my Sennheiser HD4.40BT headphones to my Denon AVR-X3500H but to no avail, they connect to my phone & Panasonic TV ok . I've switched the tv/phone off whilst trying to pair them with the receiver but they still won't pair. So does anybody know if it's...
  20. M

    Cambridge Audio CXNv2/CXA81 - best way to connect a headphone amp

    Hi, I am wondering if there are any owners of this setup who could offer advice on the best way to attach a headphone amp to the system? My only source is the CXNv2. I currently have a Bottlehead Crack valve headphone amp connected to the line outs of the CXN but don't know if this is the...
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