headphone amp

A headphone amplifier is a low-powered audio amplifier designed particularly to drive headphones instead of loudspeakers. Most commonly they are found embedded in electronic devices that have a headphone jack, such as integrated amplifiers, portable music players (e.g., iPods), and televisions, but standalone units are used, especially in music studios and in audiophile markets. Headphone amplifiers are available in consumer grade models and professional audio models, which are used in recording studios.

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  1. A

    For Sale Matrix Audio Mini-i 3 Streaming DAC/Preamp/Headphone Amp

    Having replaced the desktop streaming DAC/pre-amp/headphone amp in my home office, up for sale is my Matrix Audio Mini-i 3. I bought it from an authorised MA dealer in the UK in 2021. It's a fantastic piece of kit - Roon ready, BT, Wi-Fi, network connection, multiple digital inputs plus RCA...
  2. acgingersnaps

    Headphone amp power and the AKG 712 Pro

    When I use the headphones above at home I use a Schiit Magni Heresy. However, I want to be able to take them away with me for the odd evening on holiday when the wife wants to go bed before me. I've been looking at either the iFi Hip DAC 2 or iFi Blu Go as affordable, portable options. Do they...
  3. R

    Blu-ray player to connect direct to topping a30 pro

    hi, I have a ruck of cds that have the blu-ray extras, recent marillion blu-ray/cd combos for example. I currently use a topping a30 pro headphone amp (see below) with my headphones connected directly in and fed from my marantz CD player. Looking at the inputs to the topping do i need a blu-ray...
  4. Misguided

    Anyone using an Astro A40 TR to a headphone amp / stand alone mic with Xbox Series X?

    I'm thinking of a way to use my Hifiman Sundara headphones with my Xbox. I currently use Arctis Steelseries One Wireless Xbox Version which are pretty good. I was wondering about buying an Astro A40 TR Mixamp then using a splitter to run wires to a standalone mic and my Topping NX4 DSD then...
  5. systemsdead

    Budget headphone amp for TV

    Dog broke my headphone socket on my LG CX would headphone amp be cheapest solution if so any recommends on USB or Hdmi, its a wired set of headphones I'm using so no bluetooth option.
  6. MaryWhitehouse

    Headphone amp experiences & recommendations

    Afternoon all, Having found out what's good about headphones with new IEM's (Empire Ears Bravado) I've well and truly fallen down the rabbit hole! I was thinking of getting some very nice brand new but in the end have gone for a couple of older pairs for contrast. There's a pair of Sennheisser...
  7. D

    Upgrade Options - PC or Seperates

    I currently have two setups one while working at my laptop and the other a hifi separate's, tend to spen 4-6 hours a day listening on laptop and couple evenings on the separates. Worth pointing out that separates is in a large conservatory (I know) so i do near field listening - no option on...
  8. camcroft

    Schiit Magni 2 Headphone amp

    I am thinking of selling one but not sure how much to ask for. Any ideas. Thanks
  9. Maninblack64

    Headphone amp or no headphone amp?

    OK- I'll try to be specific. I've been moving stuff around in the house and I've ended up with my Yamaha RN-602 amp/streamer spare and unused. It is hard to sell because it's bulky and difficult to post (not got the box). So I had an idea- I'm thinking of getting some high-quality headphones and...
  10. Loomah

    Question Headphone amp with or without a DAC

    Hi I bought an iFi Zen CAN late last year on the basis that it was one of very few headphone amps in my price range that didn't incorporate a DAC. The reason for that is that some time ago I was discussing it in an AV store with a view to connecting to my AK70 mkii. I was advised that because...
  11. E

    Yamaha R-N602 - two Qs (Line out/headphone amp, wired speaker A/B volume)

    First question: I'm thinking about adding a headphone amp to the setup and am confused about how I would connect it. There's no dedicated passthrough as far as I can see but Lines 2 and 3 have both input and output. Are the outputs on these constantly live/outputting, regardless of the input...
  12. raymondkerr

    Question Marantz NR1509 AV Receiver - using a headphone amp ?

    I am having issues with the built in headphone socket on my NR1509 Receiver, I want to be able to connect an external headphone amp. Where on the back to I connect this ? I have pre-amp RCA sockets marked subwoofer which I don't use.
  13. A

    Question Headphone amp - how to set up ? help needed

    Hi there I am new to the forum so maybe allowed one stupid question? I have a rega elax amp and it is connected to a decent record player - a Funk Gett. The amp has no headphone output, so I just bought a Schiit Vali 2 figuring it cannot be hard to set up !! The record player is of course...
  14. pixelandsoda

    Preamp output vs TAPE Record output socket

    Hi guys, I have my Graham Slee Novo headphone amplifier connected to the TAPE Record output socket in my Musical Fidelity x-80 amp. I'm wondering what is the difference between this socket and the PRE-amplifier OUTput socket in X-80? Would it be possible to connect the headphone amp to the...
  15. DJ Dave

    Question Connecting Headphone Amp to Cambridge Audiio CX A60

    Bought the above amp today. I have a Lehmann Linear headphone amp. Can only see a Pre Out on the Cambridge Audio, so I presume this is suitable to connect the Lehmann? I’ve noticed that the Cambridge Audio needs to be cranked up past 12o clock and even then I’m having to turn the Lehmann up...
  16. creepyg

    Question Sennheiser HD599, do I need a headphone amp?

    Evening all, Picked up a set of these from the Sennheiser outlet store. Although I've read they don't desperately need it, I'm curious as to whether they'd benefit from a headphone amp? Been using them with the headphone output on my Yamaha receiver and it seems to do a pretty good job. Though...
  17. Derek S-H

    Question Headphone amp connection advice needed.

    I've just bought a Questyle CMA800R Golden headphone amp to partner my Sennheiser HD 800S headphones. This will be the first time using an external headphone amp and I'd appreciate some advice please: 1. The headphone amp will be connected to my Arcam FMJ A32 integrated amp. Looking at the...
  18. RimBlock

    Looking for next upgrade.

    Hi all, I have an Emotiva TA100 amp / cad hooked up to my PC linking to my JBL 306p studio monitors and Emotiva 8" sub. I like the setup but cant help thinking the amp part for the TA100 is going to waste, plus it could be better used in the bedroom. I am therefore looking for some...
  19. pixelandsoda

    Question Cracking sound coming out the headphones after switching off the amp.

    Hi there, I've recently upgraded my system with Graham Slee novo headphone amp of which input has been connected to the Tape Rec output of my Musical Fidelity X-80 amp. I have noticed a cracking sound/noises coming out of my headphones after switching off the power of the MF amplifier, but...
  20. Shez10001

    Headphone amp to drive Final D8000

    I have a Sugden Bijou headmaster, will it drive my Final D8000 headphones 60 ohm impedance and set at 98db?
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