1. R

    Replacement for MI TV 4 55"

    Dear Friends, I have been using MI TV 4 55" for the past 3 years and suddenly stopped working, something went wrong with the panel. Mi India I was completely satisfied with HDR colours and brightness, Now I am looking for a new TV set which has features of the same colour, I had a Demo of the...
  2. P

    Samsung TV not switching to HDR10+ for blu rays?

    Hi Everybody, I was having a problem with my Samsung TV (RU8000) that I found a solution to. I couldn't find the problem being discussed online, which made finding a solution difficult. Since I now know how to solve the problem, I thought I'd share both the issue I was dealing with and the...
  3. J

    HZ980 or LG CX? DTS annoyance.

    Hello. I hope you're all keeping safe and well. So I'm in a bit of a first world dilemma right now. I can get the LG 55CX for £999 from Richer sounds, or I can get the Panasonic TX-55HZ980B for £950 from John Lewis (and they will throw in a £100 gift card). I'm quite frustrated that there is...
  4. Coltrane23

    HDR10+ replacement needed

    My Panasonic TX58ax802b has suffered the mainboard death problem and consequently I need some new TV advice. I would like: 55"+ Under £1000 I view in a dim/dark room Not a gamer Mainstream manufacturer At least one HDMI 2.1 eARC HGL, Dolby Vision HDR10/HDR10+? Would welcome any suggestions
  5. F

    First Time Owner Philips Television

    Hi all, Just wanted to share my findings regarding the first Philips television I've owned. Previously I was a Panasonic purchaser, however, with the shift in the way we consume content from Digital Cable and/or DVD, I thought that I needed something that would allow me installation of apps on...
  6. Ironseed

    Google Play HDR10+ Panasonic TV

    Hi Has anyone had any movies display in hdr10+ on the chromecast ultra? I have the FZ802B and just tried V for Vendetta on the ultra but only get PQ dd on the screen, no hdr10+ logo.
  7. Dodgexander

    My best value TVs, 2020-2021 Edition

    My best value TVs, 2020-2021 Edition Please read this post before posting and asking for advice. Include all the information we need to recommend you the right TV! Before choosing an LCD TV you must understand which panel type you want from a TV, all have their pros and cons here. If you...
  8. Hixxy1

    HDR10+ annoying and noticeable?

    Hi Relatively new to the world of 4K, hdr etc. Recently purchased a 75” Sammy Q85 and use the apps direct on the tv for most viewing. I think it is only Amazon prime that shows HDR10+ - I may be wrong on this though? I also use Disney +, Apple +, Netflix and a Sky q 4k box. What I’ve noticed...
  9. eliotcole

    Question Best Foot Forward - Which Way Is Currently The Best Value AND Quality?

    Pretty simple question, inspired by not really knowing the current project market, and being curious about the whole thing. There was an old thread (or two) about prices and/or why prices haven't fallen, and I thought about bumping it, but this was more interesting to me ... that said ... if the...
  10. Bidge

    Device Compatibility between different video/audio formats

    Hey all Not really sure if this is the correct thread to ask these questions in and if it is not, hopefully someone can move it to the right place. Looking for some advice. My tech knowledge and how each system talks to each other is no longer up to date. In fact, it's not even close to being...
  11. Dodgexander

    All about HDR (High Dynamic Range)

    One of the major decisions to make when purchase a TV, especially an LCD TV is based on HDR. So what is HDR, how will you use it and do you need it on your TV? Major points to understand HDR HDR (High Dynamic Range) in the TV tech world is a means to add data to a video source which contains...
  12. amtsk92

    TCL P8S or TCL C6US?

    Hi guys. I don't have many options when it comes to budget TVs here in Singapore. For my budget, these two happen to be the best I found. Could someone help me to asses these two TVs? My usage is mainly gaming on PS4 and watching movies...
  13. Clem_Dye

    Question LG TVs -- no HDR10+ support. How much of an issue in reality?

    My apologies in advance if this topic has been discussed before! I'm toying with the idea of grabbing a new LG 49SM8500PLA or 49SM8600PLA TV, to replace the Panasonic GX800B TV that I recently purchased -- I'm just not happy with it. Anyway, the LG TVs have a number of benefits over the...
  14. Daskew78

    Question HDMI Matrix/Switch help with HDR10+

    Hi, I am looking for a HDMI switch box that supports as much as possible. I need to split the video and audio to send them to their respective devices as ARC doesn't support Dolby Atmos. The list I comprised that it needs to support is: 4x HDMI Inputs / 2HDMImi Outputs (minimum) 4K 18Gbps...
  15. Olmeister

    I need HDR

    I posted about wanting HDR several months ago and quickly found out it wasn't as simple (or cheap) to just buy a TV you like the look of advertising HDR capability. Besides being a good TV this would ideally be for gaming what with games already giving HDR capabilities and the new generation of...
  16. Daskew78

    Answered Q9FN and ISF Calibration for HDR10+

    Hi, I have the 75" Q9FN and have already had someone come out and ISF calibrate the TV with 2 profiles. One for normal viewing and one that automatically switches on when watching HDR content. My question is (and I didn't think to ask this at the time), do I need another profile for watching...
  17. lebellium

    HDR10+ TVs Thread

    This thread aims at listing all current and coming HDR10+ TVs and discuss and compare their respective implementation. HDR10+ already supported: 2017 Panasonic EX750 (fw ≥ 3.231) 2017 Panasonic EZ950 (fw ≥ 3.231) 2017 Panasonic EZ1000 (fw ≥ 3.231) 2018 Panasonic FX700 (fw ≥ 3.061 - Certified...
  18. lebellium

    HDR10+ AV receivers Thread

    This thread aims at listing all current and coming AV receivers able to pass through HDR10+ signals over HDMI and discuss their respective implementation. HDR10+ already supported: 2020 Arcam AVR10 / AVR20 / AVR30 (HDR10+ AV receivers Thread) 2020 Denon AVR-X2700H / AVC-X3700H / AVC-X4700H /...
  19. lebellium

    HDR10+ 4K UHD blu-ray players Thread

    This thread aims at listing all current and coming HDR10+ blu-ray players and discuss and compare their respective implementation. HDR10+ already supported: 2017 Cambridge Audio CXUHD (fw ≥ 66-0614) 2016 Oppo UDP-203 (fw ≥ 64-1221B) 2017 Oppo UDP-205 (fw ≥ 64-1221B) 2018 Panasonic...
  20. Dodgexander

    2020-2021 OLED Comparison

    A comparison of OLEDs First thing to remember when shopping for an OLED is that unlike LCD TVs, all OLED TVs are remarkably similar. This is because they use the same panel made by LG, and thus have similar picture quality traits. Even an OLED sold today will compare in picture quality to an...
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