High-Definition Multimedia Interface
  1. U

    HDMI Distribution Problem - Edison vs Labgear

    I have an EDISION HDMI MODULATOR (single DVB-T) Full HD Distribution over Coax to distribute an HDMI signal to a Labgear LDU608G 8 Way Distribution Unit. The Labgear unit has a UHF rooftop aerial connected to it for general digital reception. Previously I had a cheap 4 way distribution box and...
  2. Sab

    Connecting PS5 to LG C1 OLED via HDMI 2.1 using Arcam 550

    Hi. I am trying to connect my PS5 to my LG C1 tv via HDMI 2.1 input on the TV but my Arcam 550 reciever only does HDMI 2.0. I know that the LG C1 can do eARC and my Arcam 500 can do ARC. There is one HDMI cable going from my Arcam to the LG TV's eARC enabled HDMI input. When I connnect my PS5...
  3. RichieHH

    Marantz nr1711 Auto switching back to hdmi 1 input

    I've a Deutsche Telekom magenta box on the cbl/sat input. A ps4 on the DVD input. The game input we plug a PC into occasionally. Everything's working kind of fine. I had to increase the source signal on the cbl input by 2db though. The issue I have is that with both ps4 and telekom box on, the...
  4. O

    Clicking/Cracking noise from HDMI port (OLED65CX6LA) - Audio included

    Hi all I bought a OLED65CX6LA mid last year (2021) and recently I noticed that from one of the HDMI ports (input to my cable TV) there is a clicking noise that begins and can be heard pretty loudly. It doesnt seem to happen with the other ports which are used dby PS5/Switch and starts a short...
  5. G

    Good HDMI splitter to scart that works.

    I got a hdmi splitter a while back that worked briefly but now the scart part no longer outputs anything and it gets hot. Can anyone recommend a hdmi to scart splitter that works?
  6. metalpaul1000

    4k HDMI splitter

    Hi I have too many devices for my tv Does anyone have any recommendations for a HDMI splitter for my ps5 and series x. I also want to attach my uhd player and Apple TV. So 4:1 would prob be what I’m after. My TV is the 55” Sony xh9505 I don’t want to lose any quality so just wondering if...
  7. Waarez

    Sony X900e / XE9005 audio delay with ATV 4k over HDMI

    Since the end of December I have acquired the Sonos Arc, Sub Gen 3 and 2 one SLs. Very happy with the sound quality overall! Sounds just a bit boomier (bass on -3 and sound sub a bit lower) than my previous separate Jamo speakers, Klipsch 100sw sub and Yamaha receiver. But what an incredibly...
  8. Waynej

    HDMI 2.1 cables - is there recommended cables here that most of you use?

    I know that’s a broad question that could apply to other parts of the forum too, but given the LG supports all the 2.1 features, I figure this would be the best place to ask such a question. I know on older cables the consensus was it either works or it doesn’t, and the preference was to go...
  9. BeatleBen

    Can a Hdmi splitter seperate sound for 4K TV and 1080P soundbar for 4K console?

    Hi I have a Panasonic 4K TV which I have a 4K games console connected to. I also have a Yamaha YSP-2200 with 1080P HDMI ports. I currently have the console directly connected to the 4K TV via HDMI and the soundbar delivers the sound from the console via the TV's HDMI Arc. Unfortunately the...
  10. 3Hz

    Gold vs. Silver Certified HDMI Cables

    Good evening, I am in the process of replacing my system to join team 4K and Atmos, so plan to upgrade my old cables as well. I am experienced enough in this hobby to not buy into "snake oil" advertising, but after upgrading my PC monitor a few months ago and running into weird issues with...
  11. DannyTucker001

    For Sale Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0

    Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0 For sale is my Lytmi Neo Kit. It is in immaculate condition, all parts and fully boxed with no more than a few hours usage. You will need your own adhesive pads as the ones from the kit are used. This kit works exactly as the Philips Hue Sync...
  12. tdm

    Denon DHT-S716H troubelshhoting no HDMI output

    Hello, I have a Denon DHT-S716H soundbar that used to be connected to a Philips Ambilight LED TV. A few days ago the TV was stolen but the soundbar was left in place. I've since tried to reconnect another small Sanyo LCD TV I still had in the basement, but I cannot get an image on the TV. The TV...
  13. M

    For Sale 18gbps HDMI 4K over Lan cat 6 extender 50m HEC60SV3

    18gbps HDMI 4K over Lan cat 6 extender 50m HEC60SV3 As per title, have one of these spare (bought 2 originally with one still in use for my summerhouse) Unused but no longer in original box HEC60SV3 4K 60Hz HDMI 2.0 over CAT6 Extender Kit-50m-HDR-IR-POC-Loop Out Originally bought from climax...
  14. C

    A good HDMI 10m for PC-TV and 5m for PS4 Pro-TV

    Hi, 1) I am looking for an HDMI cable ~10 meters that can cope with 4K 60Hz and HDR around £40. I've tested a few cables but they sometimes lose the signal for 1-2 sec (image & sound). I've read it can be hard to find something at that price that covers the HDR, so maybe something without it...
  15. T

    A good HDMI Brand

    I am looking for some HDMI cables between 1 - 5 meters that can cope up to 4k. What are good decent brands for either length?
  16. oaklandraiders

    For Sale Lyngdorf MP50 with upgraded HDMI

    Lyngdorf MP50 with factory upgraded HDMI Here we have my lovely and minty looking Lyngdorf MP50, which has had the upgrade to HDMI boards. Room Perfect is very easy to run and does produce a great sound Comes complete with Tripod, remote, manual, microphone and cable, rack mount kit, no...
  17. sprout

    Wanted LG 65” OLED HDMI 2.1 Postal code area TA6 Bridgwater (can travel within reason)

    As Title Must have: Transferrable warranty HDMI 2.1 Zero panel issues Non 🚬 🏡 Location TA6 postal area. 10 mins from junction 23/24 of the M5 Thanks
  18. C

    HDMI 2.0 > 1.3a compatibility with 1080P SDR output

    Hi everyone, I’m having a HDMI related technical question, and I figured some of the experts here could help. My current A/V receiver is the Yamaha RX-V1800, which is HDMI 1.3a. I still works perfectly, and I want to update my blu-ray player. But all the current decent players feature a HDMI...
  19. jambomakaveli

    4k blu ray player hdmi cable question

    Sons bought a new 4k tv and just bought a Sony ubp-x700 4k blu ray player. It didn’t come with an hdmi cable and him being a teenager needed one right this minute. I quickly went to argos before they closed, but am now not sure I bought the right thing. I’m confused, as it’s a 4k hdmi...
  20. B

    HDMI Cable for LG BP240 DVD/Blu-ray player

    A really straightforward question - I hope. I've been given an LG BP240 DVD/Blu-Ray player - but without it's HDMI cable to connect to the TV. All I can establish is it needs to be Type A 19 pin. But am bamboozled by the variety on offer online and don't want to get the wrong one. Can anyone...
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