High-Definition Multimedia Interface
  1. P

    TV with HDMI 2.1 and Pioneer Receiver with HDMI 1.0.... issues?

    Hi all, Haven't posted here in eons, BUT... I am considering an LG C9 that has HDMI 2.1 connections, but my decades old Pioneer VXS-82TXS receiver has (presumably) HDMI 1.0 connections. Will I be stranding my Pioneer if I get the LG? I don't want to replace my Pioneer unless I have no...
  2. Harkon321

    Can you use the HDMI output from one AVR as the input to another??

    So for example: Virgin V6 box/PS4/Blu-ray etc as inputs on Denon 4400. Dual zone output to projector and then second output to a Denon 2400. Could the Denon 2400 then use this signal and output full 5.1? Trying to see if this could be a way of using the same source equipment in adjoining...
  3. CaMiX

    CES 2020 Still No HDMI 2.1???

    Looks like CES 2020 has come and gone and there are still no HDMI 2.1 receivers? Lots of TVs coming with 2.1 where are the receivers?
  4. madfiddler

    Question Slim HDMI cable for ARC/eARC audio only

    Hi all, I thought you knowledgeable people could help me prepare for new integrated amp inbound intially was thinking of running optical,cable from my TV to it (already have that cable) but then the amp manual has all sorts of warnings about only accepting stereo PCM otherwise it could damage...
  5. J

    Is my setup compromised?

    Due to the thickness of the HDMI plug on the end of the cable I was unable to fish it down the dot and dab wall that my TV is mounted on. The only way I was able to get a cable down was by using an HDMI (into the TV) to MiniHDMI cable and then putting an HDMI adapter on the end to go into the...
  6. Faust

    What do I need to convert BNC to HDMI?

    As per title. I have a CCTV system on our property which currently connects to our TV using a BNC lead to the V Y yellow/green connector on the TV. However, the TV has been changed and the new modern tv only has HDMI ports. What device/lead will I require to convert what we have now to HDMI...
  7. B

    Tablets with HDMI output

    Hi, The only android tablets I can find with HDMI output are the Bush and Alba tablets at Argos. Does anyone know of any others? I definitely need HDMI because I want a wired connection to the telly.
  8. gunner84

    hdmi deep colour setting and ARC

    I have all my devices connected directly to my LG B6 and have hdmi 2 (ARC) connected back to my Yamaha YSP2700 soundbar arc port. I have hdmi deep colour setting enabled on all the ports on my TV, I'm just curious if it needs to be enabled on the hdmi 2 arc port if its only passing sound and...
  9. gargoyle67

    For Sale HDMI USB 37MP 1080P 60FPS TF Video Recorder 100X Video Electronic Digital Repair Microscope Camera

    Used Microscope camera, only used a couple of times, good for inspecting/recording electronics or other small items coins e.c.t Stand plus led light, Has UK AC adaptor, Can be attached to a trinocular stereoscopic microscope with the correct mounting. Specification: Image sensor: Panasonic...
  10. S

    HDMI Handshake

    Hi everyone, Apologies firstly if this is the wrong forum for this question but couldn't see one specifically for advice. So, I have a Hitachi 42 inch TV which is having issues with the HDMI. It's very strange.. So one day both HDMI ports stopped working. They worked with my PS4 bit...
  11. mavmbuk

    Win10 sound sample rate not saving when using AMD graphics card Sound output via HDMI

    Hi All :censored: My problem is that my HTPC that is running windows 10 is not permanently saving the sound sample rate to 24Bit 96000Hz (Studio Quality) (which it does support) The HTPC has an old AMD Radeon HD 5700 series card that is hooked up to my Yamaha AVR RX-671 via HDMI. The sound is...
  12. B

    Anyone have a tablet/Chromebook with HDMI output and could try something please?

    Hi, does anyone have a tablet with a HDMI output and could be kind enough to try the following for me? I'm looking to download shows on iPlayer, Netflix and All 4 and watch them on a small telly in a caravan in a place with no WiFi. Is anyone able to try it with their tablet and let me know if...
  13. H

    onkyo 676e, no sound on tv throu HDMI

    Hi everyone :) Are the happy owner of a onkyo 676e, but have some sound problems. every thing works great, and are getting sound out of the onkyo, but when i play on my xbox one x i dont get sound throu to my tv, but only the onkyo speakers, bit anoing when you want to play quiet, but hasent...
  14. C

    Denon 2600 HDMI startup default

    Hi. I have a Denon 2600 tv, Virgin TiVo and LG55C9. I am struggling to get my Denon to choose the cablSat TiVo as the default HDMI on startup. It continually goes to my DVD or tv audio when I turn it on. Any advice? I hope this makes sense. Thanks
  15. A

    Problems with Lemorele FIB OP hdmi?

    Hey all, long time reader first time poster. I was wondering if anyone has ever had trouble installing longer lengths of fibre optic cabling in wall and having them not work after completion? this is what i had to deal with finishing my basement. On pre test the cables worked but not great. one...
  16. S

    Choosing a HDMI 4 way splitter

    We split the signal using a Techole 2 way splitter. but now need a 30r 4 way splitter. Unfortunately I am no tech expert in audio and lates TV technology. At present the Sky+HD HDMI and Firestick connect into a Techole 3 way input 1 output combiner. From there it goes into a two way HDMI...
  17. pure_geordie

    ARC question on HDMI ports

    Hi, Just a quick one I hope. ARC is on most relatively up to date TV's I guess and also AV receivers HDMI port, Do you have to connect ARC to ARC from the TV to your Amp or ARC from your Amp into any HDMI on your TV. In my case I have an eARC port on my Amp and I have connected it to an ARC...
  18. M

    4K HDMI switch

    Not sure if this is the right place but.... I’ve decided I’m going to sell my speaker setting up in the living room and just purchased at Samsung 58” ru7100. (Currently having no signal issues - but that’s something else) Everything at the minute runs through my onkyo to-sr508 receiver. As I’m...
  19. pure_geordie

    Humax HDR1100 HDMI resetting on amp

    Hi, Anybody have problems with your PVR? I've got an humax HDR1100 and it doesn't seem to like an amp connected to it, Looks like a handshake problem or something and the TV signal from the HDMI port from the Humax just keeps tripping and going off. The amp works fine with my Xbox One X and...
  20. P

    Question Sudden loss of LFE

    Hello. I have a PS4 (years old), connected to a SONY A/V receiver via HDMI - PS4 output is PCM. For years everything was working 100% fine. Yesterday I'm playing GTAV and realise my sub isn't adding its usual lovely bass to the game. I check the receiver and it says it's receiving the LFE...
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