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  1. sh1zzle

    No AV control while using PS3 Slim to play music CD's

    Dear avforums users, After moving house, i started setting up my hifi setup. I use a Pioneer VSX 322 k with a stereo (2.0) setup and a PS3 slim as a cd player. All connected by HDMI. When i watch a Bluray i can still switch my AV from using STEREO to, for example, STEREO ALC or DIRECT and i...
  2. JonnyTester

    Recommend a DisplayPort 1.4(a?) to hdmi cable or adapter

    I need a DisplayPort to hdmi adapter (preferably) or cable. It needs to be hdcp 2.2, 4k 60hz and hdr compatible. I've been looking at a few on Amazon but the details are sketchy (to say the least) and half the time the questions/reviews appear to be for totally different products to the one on...
  3. S

    HDMI Cable for PS5 - >5m

    Hi All Apologies if this has been covered but I couldn’t find anything definitive, I have had a search / google and if anything I’m more confused. I’m trying to pin down what I need to be looking at cable-wise for connecting a PS5 to an Epson EH-TW9400 (via an AVR). The actual length of the run...
  4. Z

    Question Epson tw 9400 connection with ps5

    Hello everyone, I have an Epson TW 9400 and cannot set it to the highest resolution on PlayStation 5. Either I have 2160p without HDR, or if I have HDR on it automatically downgrades the image to 1080p. The devices are connected through the Wireless Connection from Epson, since the distance...
  5. pdd3638

    Question Help - HDMI Over Optical Cable

    Hi All, I'm hoping the knowledge of this group can help me with confirming the setup will work before I purchase the equipment. I have a home theater setup that I want to upgrade the sound system on but also future proof it. So I'm going to put the details below. If you are familiar with this...
  6. DaddyR

    Question Is this a Ruipro 8k HDMI cable?

    Based on the brand recommendations here I bought this from Amazon to run alongside an Amazon Basics 4k cable through conduit for when I get 8k sources. I was expecting slightly posher packaging. Should I be suspicious that this isn't a Ruipro cable? Obviously I can't test its capability as I...
  7. Music Video

    Question Sky Pink & Black HDMI cable with UHD Blu-Ray Player

    Has anyone tried using the Sky HDMI cable with the pink & black plugs with a UHD Blu-Ray player? I've read they're supplied with Skys 4K boxes so could they also handle 4K Blu-Ray?
  8. B

    Question How long is the included HDMI cable with the series x?

    Awaiting delivery so prepping its space, anyone give me an idea of cable length? Cheers J
  9. JL12W7

    Question HDMI cable with HDPC V2.2 Compliance

    Hello I purchased some HDMI cable of this seller on e bay now I did not want to spend a fortune on HDMI cable so I read some reviews and this cable gets a favourable review from everyone just wondering anyone know if this cable is HDPC V2.2 compliant reading the description it looks as if it is...
  10. J

    HDMI cable recommendation

    Hi - any recommendations for an HDMI cable to connect my AV amp to my projector - the old one seems to have worn out. It needs to be 12.5 metres, and ideally available on Amazon, Cheers John
  11. etgling

    PC to new LG OLED 55B9PLA TV via HDMI cable won't work as monitor

    My new LG OLED has 4 HDMI connectors and all work if connected to my DVD. However if connected to computer as a monitor it won't work. I have tried HEMI on the LG UHD TV model 49UJ67 as monitor and it works fine. The same cable when plugged into new OLED TV, it detected HDMI input and when...
  12. etgling

    New LG oled 55B9PLA connected through HDMI cable to computer as monitor won't work

    My new LG OLED has 4 HDMI connectors and all work if connected to my DVD. However if connected to computer as a monitor it won't work. I have tried HEMI on the LG UHD TV model 49UJ67 and it works fine, the same cable when plugged into new OLED TV, it detected HDMI port and when chosen, it said...
  13. S

    Question FIXED - Panasonic SU HTB550 Home Theatre no longer has sound with Sony via HDMI cable

    After some years of use, I can no longer get sound from my Panasonic SU HTB550 Home Theatre System soundbar. It's connected to my Sony KDL 46HX883 via HDMI cable. The cable runs from HDMI1 (ARC) AVOUT on the TV to HDMI2 AUX1 AVIN on the Panasonic. I assume that the difference between HDMI1 and...
  14. madfiddler

    Question Slim HDMI cable for ARC/eARC audio only

    Hi all, I thought you knowledgeable people could help me prepare for new integrated amp inbound intially was thinking of running optical,cable from my TV to it (already have that cable) but then the amp manual has all sorts of warnings about only accepting stereo PCM otherwise it could damage...
  15. Richyp147

    Best long HDMi cable

    I need a long hdmi lead from projector to amp, rough distance across ceiling is 5m plus drop either end, so 10m should do it - anyone have any suggestions please?
  16. E

    Audioquest Pearl Vs Amazon Basic HDMI cable

    So I had an Audioquest Pearl lying around the house. It came free with my Denon amp. Anyway I was planning to sell it however I was bored and I thought I would just use it. I always swore by the Amazon Basic cable and was under the belief that HDMI 2.0 cables are all the same...oh boy I was...
  17. E

    Fibre Optic HDMI Cable

    So I’ve invested in the Fibre HDMI cable with directional ends Source and Display. My set up is an Onkey AV amp, Sony Bravia & Sky so I wired it up the s way....... The TV has Display and AV amp has source on the ARC connection sky has source and the display is connect to the sat nav port...
  18. S

    Question LG oled 55 pla

    Just bought a new tv but still have my old DA2400ES Sony do I upgrade to DA1800 but do I need to upgrade my hdmi connecting cable or will the receiver do the work . The hdmi cable was install in the wall in 2013 ? As stipulated I am a novice on these matter . Thanks for kind pro active advice
  19. mhweb

    What's the right HDMI cable to connect this TV and receiver?

    I have a Sony X950G, and I'll soon be getting a Yamaha RX-V685 receiver, and I remember reading somewhere having the HDMI cable makes a difference to connect the equipements, so my question is, which is the recommended HDMI cables should I look at to prevent surprises when I'm setting this up...
  20. M

    HDMI cable upscaler ?

    Hi all I bought some HDMI cables in 2007 which were cemented into the grout lines of my wall for my home Cimema setup. A year ago I bought an LG Oled and Xbox one X but the cable couldn't output 4K from the Xbox to the TV. The Xbox HDMI cable worked perfectly so I had to have a cable dangling...
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