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  1. E

    LG G1 HDMI ARC with Windows 11 2 channel audio only

    I have seen others with this issue but not seen a fix. I am passing my audio via eARC to my audio-video receiver, but since LG ARC only transmits PCM via 2-channel audio, I cannot get surround sound. Is there any fix for this? Can I force Windows 11 to output something other then PCM? I have an...
  2. S

    HDMI ARC (Amp)

    Hi all, Hopefully just a quick one. Currently using a Bluesound Node 2 as a preamp which includes an HDMI eARC input. I have found this to be a most excellent addition as I can control the volume of the hifi via the TV remote, removing the need to have several remotes in use. I am thinking...
  3. P

    One Connect connections issue with AV receiver

    I am at a loss... I have a Samsung Frame 2021 with a One Connect box. I have a second video output, an Epson TW3600 projector. The AV receiver is the Sony STR-DN 1080. Video inputs are: game console bluray player VHS player What would be the best cable setup in order to either use the...
  4. antakar

    NAD T758 v3 - HDMI ARC port - can i use A/V Preset for it?

    Hello, I have my PC connected to my LG TV -> HDMI 1 IN ->HDMI 2 ARC OUT -> NAD HDMI ARC IN port. Can I use HDMI port with Preset generated by DIRAC to apply to the sound coming from the PC?
  5. J

    Issue with HDMI Arc - Anthem AVM60 - Solved

    Hi All, I can't get (anymore) the audio from the TV whilst streaming through into the Anthem processor via HDMI Arc. It did work, the Anthem has just been back for repair and I'm wondering if there is a setting incorrect that I've missed. Virgin box to AVM60 = works correctly, audio output to...
  6. S

    RXV6A not picking up Atmos from TV apps

    Hi Hope you're all well. I'm aware tv apps such as Disney and Netflix can only play Atmos via DD+ pass through, however, when playing content from Disney through my TV alone (LG Nano90 2021), both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos logos appear in the top right corner of my TV. The TV is atmos, but...
  7. Kyudos

    Samsung UA55ES6200 to Soundbar - no HDMI ARC?

    I have a feeling I know the answer, but thought I'd double check with the tech bods here. I don't think my TV supports HDMI ARC (can anyone confirm yea or nay?) - but it does recognise my soundbar (a JBL 9.1) through AnyNet / CEC and I can control the bar volume with the TV remote, I just don't...
  8. Leebrown2222

    5.1 help!!!

    Hi guys, I'm really after some help here as I am losing the will to live. I've recently picked up the Sony HT RT4 surround system and I'm having a nightmare! I have set everything up And I'm running everything into my TV and then to my receiver via HDMI ARC. Everything seems to be working spot...
  9. J

    Philips hdmi sync box connection issues

    Hello, i was hoping someone with a Philips hue setup could help me. I have a Philips hue play hdmi sync box and a gradient strip hooked up to my LG CX tv. The lights sync fine with my Xbox connected to it if I play sound through the tv speakers but if I switch the sound output to HDMI ARC to...
  10. Benhutch

    Can I connect powered speakers to my TV

    Hi, my current setup is a Samsung TV with B&O 6000 powered/active speakers connected via a 3.5mm headphone jack. I realise I lose some audio quality but the convenience to control sound from the TV remote and have no additional kit to power up or additional remotes is for me a willing...
  11. N

    Question Can I pass the sound of a 4k blu ray player through an hdmi arc output(!) of a HTiB receiver?

    Greetings experts, years ago I felt like being stupid so I bought the prebuilt Sony BDv E6100 5.1. system from sony which has served me adequately so far. However i want to upgrade to 4k and plan to buy the LG UBK90 blu ray player for that. Here´s my plan: Either: the LG player has seperate...
  12. Exalted Mando

    Question Help with getting a soundbar to turn on when my TV does please.

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum, I've joined hoping someone can help with an issue I have. My setup is a Samsung Series 8 43" Smart TV (UE43TU8507U) and I have a Sony HT-SF200 sounder connected via HDMi ARC. After following the set up guide, my TV smart remote will control the volume on the...
  13. naturallyintelligent1

    Question Arcam AVR-550, Sony Bravia, LG hu80ka 4k projector - HDMI ARC connection

    Hi, I have Arcam AVR-550. So far it has been working well with Sony Bravia on ARC HDMI. I just bought an LG hu80ka 4k projector which also has HDMI ARC. Wondering how to connect both the TV AND the projector to Arcam AVR and use ARC capabilities? AVR 550 has two Output HDMI points, but only one...
  14. Digger

    Question Audio Extractor for HDMI ARC to Analogue RCA/3.5mm 2 Channel Only

    I have a Panny TX-40CS520B & just purchased a pair of PreSonus Eris 3.5 Active monitor speaker, these are great budget monitors by the way! I was fed up with the terrible sound from the built-in tv speakers hence the purchase of the monitors. Sources are very simple. TV's onboard Freeview & a...
  15. S

    Question LG 55NANO906NA Hdmi Arc Issues

    Hi, Been using my new LG 55nano906na for a few weeks now and I'm having major issues with trying to use the hdmi arc feature, which was was working fine with my previous LG (a 2015 model 49uf850v 3d tv paired with a Yamaha rx-v681) . Now I'm sure it was working at one point with the new nano90...
  16. M

    Question Lost Audi on HDMI Arc & HDMI port 2 (Sky Q box both times)

    Model-(LG TV 55UH625V-ZA) Is it possible for connected equipment to break the HDMI port? In March my Sky Q box lost sound, connected via LG Soundbar via Optical cable. The optical cable seemed to have a loose connection so i binned that. However still no sound via HDMI port. I changed the port...
  17. EricinHongKong

    Question Audio issues between Samsung Q70 TV and Denon AVR (both HDMI ARC and optical)

    I connected my Samsung Q70 TV to my Denon 1713 AVR to play audio over my loudspeaker system and have been experiencing random sound output issues for a while now: often it works great, and sometimes it just doesn't (typically after switching on the components). Initially, I tried an HDMI ARC...
  18. Webbserver

    LG B8OLED and Marantz/Denon AVR HDMI ARC Setup - Solved

    After much experimentation and lots of frustration, I have now established a faultless setup which never fails to work for me, so I thought I’d share it: I have an LG B865OLED TV and a Marantz SR7011 AVR plus numerous sources, listed in my signature if it helps. Despite owning a range of...
  19. B

    2018 43UK6300PLB no sound from HDMI ARC on recorded programme

    recorded a programme onto 250g SSD using USB 1 port but on playback no audio from HDMI ARC only internal .speakers . is this normal or ami missing something, this is first attempt at recording so all help appreciated
  20. jatgang

    Question Samsung Q90R HDMI ARC Issues

    I recently got the soundbarQ90r for $1400 and boy I am so disappointed. connected using HDMI ARC to VIZIO TV and plugged in my XBOX and Apple tv to HDMI of the soundbar. Tried playing a video on HULU on my xbox and video/kept of pausing in between so many times!! -Tried with replacing all HDMI...
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