1. M

    Issue with external HDD

    Hi everyone, I own a Series X and recently bought a couple of SATA drives for extra storage, one via a Ugreen USB C to A caddy and the other via a SATA to USB 3.0 adapter, the issue I have is that after powering off the series X when I turn it back on I have to unplug and plug in the drives to...
  2. Elwood Blues

    Wanted 4TB or bigger HDD

    Anyone have anything for sale. Need fir movie storage so doesn't need to be the fastest in the world.
  3. canada16

    How to auto back up to Ext HDD on new Qnap GUI?

    Hey all. I am not that familiar with the new Qnap GUI so I cannot figure out how to back up my NAS media folders to my external HDD at a certain time. On my old qnap it had a back up station that just allwed you to set up a time to back up, but it seems this function has been removed on the...
  4. cabbie19

    For Sale Asus Strix GTX 980ti 6Gb, 4 x 2.5" HDD's

    Few bits for sale as below.... Asus Strix GTX 980ti 6Gb, in original box, bought from CEX 29th March 20 and has balance of 2 year warranty. Works great but one of the little white power indicator led's is not working, doesn't effect operation in any way. There is a small scratch on the...
  5. awink1

    For Sale Mac mini A1347 Late 2012 i5 2.5GHz with 8GB RAM + 256GB SSD + 500GB HDD

    2012 Mac Mini in great condition with light scratches on the plastic bottom plate (see photos) and brand new 8GB Ram and 256GB SSD + 500GB HDD. Still lightning fast!! and, best of all, virtually silent. No original box, but it will come safely packaged, with power cable and a fresh install of...

    Panasonic dmr-ex773 no sound from DVD or HDD recordings

    I have a Panasonic dmr-ex773 which is a number of years old. This evening whilst watching a per-recorded DVD I paused it and when I started it again there was no sound. Also there is no sound on recordings stored on the HDD. When watching live TV there is sound, which means that the connection...
  7. W

    New Acer Aspire 875 with HDD and 16gb optane... HDD is hidden from Bios

    Hi, Just setting up a new Aspire 875 with Win 10 Home. It has a 1tb Hdd and intel i5 with 16Gb of optane memory. Having set it up from scratch and installed my user programs I wanted to take my first backup to fall back on as time progresses. I normally use a clone image program which has...
  8. K

    Options for HDD to Zappiti connection

    hi all, i just purchased a LG BU40N blu ray drive and im looking at copying some of my blu rays to a external HDD. i haven't got the ext hdd. yet, just the blu ray dive in an external enclosure. i'd like to know what is most cost effective option to use here for copying the blu rays then...
  9. T

    Wanted WD Red or Seagate Ironwolf NAS HDD

    I have just built my first NAS from an old computer but need a second disk to get started If anyone has a 4/6/8 TB WD Red (CMR version) or Seagate Ironwolf NAS HDD that they want to get rid of then please let me know. Should not be very old or having any bad sectors please. Many thanks
  10. MysteryMan

    Question Help Needed with Popcorn Hour A-410 and HDD

    I have just acquired a PH A-410 as I fancied having the internal HDD, rather than use a NAS, and think I may have made a mistake with HDD. This is a new one (to me, at least) and I first connected it up to my PC and copied all my video files to it then installed in the A-410. This has worked...
  11. M

    Wanted xbox 360 s slim hdd

    looking for a 360 s hard drive internal. Ideally 120gb or above was originally looking on ebay but postage is looking like two weeks and I would like it a lot sooner if possible anyone got anything that could be posted next day or 1-2 days postage? ideally looking to spend 15-20 but depends on...
  12. D

    Samsung network HDD extra folder issues

    I bought a new Samsung Qled QE65Q75TATXXU I have always had a HDD connected to my router for media always worked and is still working. However when ever I put new media onto the HDD it’s started adding a extra folder???? If I unplug HDD and connect to pc or Mac I only have 3 folders Films...
  13. Cupidstunt1975

    For Sale Microsoft Surface Go 8GB RAM, 128GB HDD. Smart cover, mouse.

    As per my Alienware post, I no longer travel with work so my Surface Go is also for sale. Fully boxed. Smart cover keyboard Surface Arc Mouse Cost approx £600 new. Would deliver from Newcastle to Leeds.
  14. MrMister111

    Selling PS4, anything to do apart from reset the HDD?

    If selling a PS4 is there anything else to do apart from format the HDD? I’ve done that, but still see it as a primary console in id.sonyentertainment website. The only option I can see is to deactivate all devices, which I don’t want to do, just the PS4? Is it safe to just reformat the HDD...
  15. D

    LG Smart TV USB HDD / Flashdrive compability for recording

    Hi Got an LG Smart TV : model: 27MS73V-PZQ. Quite a few years old. Every memory stick / HDD I've got and tried doesn't work for recording. TV sees the devices and can probably open files on the stick if there were any (I can drill into the drive and folders) I've tried Sandisk Extreme...
  16. K

    Question Hdd installation

    Please can anyone in this forum educate me on how to Install another hdd into my Sony RDR-hxd 1065 recorder and make it work? It keeps displaying hdd error. I need to resolve it. Thanks
  17. LordHaveMercy

    External HDD for Xbox Series X

    Does anybody know if you can connect any external HDD to the Xbox Series X or does it have to be a specific model? What is everyone using for storage?
  18. Wildkarrde

    Remove EFI partition from portable HDD

    Hi all, I have received my portable HDD back from Seagate where they have recovered all my data, which is great. However, when i plug it into my media player the HDD is not recognised and only come up with EFI and no files to play? When i plug the HDD into my laptop i can see and play all the...
  19. sep8001

    Question Caddy for 3.5" HDD with Firewire

    Hi I have a iomega drive which is very similar to this one: I have a 2tb drive which is working fine, but when I swap the drive to a 4tb one I can only see 2tb so looks like the firmware in the iomega drive is restricted to 2tb (it is old). I have also tested the drive in a unitek sata HDD...
  20. XL5

    Question Attaching Exfat HDD to BT smart hub2 and using KODI?

    Has anyone succeeded and if so any tips or step by step tutorials for mapping to HDD etc.
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