1. bag head

    Questions about Freeview

    Is Freeview true HD via just a TV aerial? After 20 years of cable we've just switched to the aerial and it looks awful by comparison - almost like upscaled SD. The signal and strength are perfect.
  2. B

    Question New PVR needed but NOT another Humax

    Hi all, a very long time member here. Things ain't what they used to be, are they? 😏 I am now looking for my 3rd or 4th PVR in nearly 20 years. However, I do not think I will be able to find one as good, or at least be able to do what either of the two TVonics DTR-Z500HD Freeview HD Recorders I...
  3. R

    Question LGoled553G. Screen Haze Affects

    Hi I have just purchased a LGoled55G3. Tv. I am having problems with picture quality. This occurs particularly when watching Sky Stream tv in standard definition or HD . The picture is always bright to the point where a haze affects the picture clarity. I have set the Pixel Peak Brightness to...
  4. J

    50" TV max Budget £400

    As per title really, used for normal TV viewing (HD), netflix/disney+, and PS4 PRO gaming. £400 is a hard limit, prefer a new set rather S/H (the warranty will be useful). Cheers Joust
  5. L

    Films/Series that have been remastered in HD/4K, that made you go "wow"

    I will start. For me it has to be The Professionals on Blu Ray. The DVD and tv repeat showings on ITV4 are so poor in quality. The Blu Ray looks like it was filmed recently.
  6. 1

    Tv tuner spec!

    If the spec of a tv states… HD Digital Terrestrial Receiver(DVB-T2) HD Satellite Receiver (DVB-S2) can I be sure that I will be able to view HD sattalite channels (andnot only SD channels)
  7. Basinguy

    Channel 4 HD Pixellated

    I'm having an issue with Channel 4 HD on satellite, whereby the picture is often pixellated and audio stutters intermittantly. It happens regularly, but sometimes it will be fine for hours and sometimes its almost continually. I only really watch HD Channels: BBC1 BBC2 ITV CH4 CH5 & Quest...
  8. R

    Dune HD Prime - endless cycles on boot

    So, after many years of service, my ancient Dune BD Prime 3.0 has developed a quirk. On startup, it displays: DUNE LOADING -- 1 -- -- 2 -- -- 3 -- READY Then immediately goes back to DUNE LOADING etc. ad infinitum I've tried putting a .dff file in a USB drive but seems to take no notice of...
  9. nwgarratt

    Portable HD Audio Recommendations.

    I may be looking at getting something portable to play up to 24 Bit music via Bluetooth HD/wired to Technics F50 Headphones. I have no idea what players are any good. My budget is about £150.
  10. cineman

    Can I reset my Sky Q box, back from UHD settings to HD, without it being connected to a UHD TV?

    Hi everyone. My Panny UHD TV has had to go back to the shop to have a new panel fitted (hopefully solving the 'pink' issue on the left side of the screen). However, muggins here forgot to reset the Sky Q box back to HD only settings to use with my old Sony TV! As I am now getting a "This content...

    Dune HD Real Vision 4K Duo New

    The Dune wont win any Design Awards but the HD Real Vision 4K Duo is a media player powered by the Realtek RTD1619DR chipset which offers two 3.5″/2.5″ HDD racks. In addition, Real Vision 4K Duo streaming media player with NAS supports Dolby Vision and HDR10+. This home theater media player is...
  12. deewee

    FoxSat-HDR SD channels to HD

    BBC South automatically upgraded overnight to BBC South HD! I had Silent witness previously set to series record on BBC South SD (101 for me) tonight, but for some reason the recording schedule vanished! Luckily I had switched to watch it live, but otherwise may have missed it. Suggest people...
  13. rkrebs11

    How many of you have a miniDSP 2x4 HD and also plan on getting Dirac?

    Or, how many bought the Audyssey MultEQ 32 Calibration suite and still plan to get Dirac? I just got my X3800H and wonder whether I should pay the $200 USD for the Audyssey app or go with miniDSP with mike for around $400, or wait for Dirac for who knows (maybe $800)? Is one of these more...
  14. NGD Boy

    LG 65NANO966PA 65 Inch NanoCell 8K Ultra HD Smart TV

    These are currently on offer Can anyone who’s got one or knows about them can tell me what the PQ is like Thanks
  15. A

    Odd Black Level Glitch -- Dune HD SmartBox 4K Plus II

    Hi there. My first post! In an attempt to replace an aging fleet of WD TV Live players for my family, I purchased a Dune HD Smartbox 4K Plus II to run it through some tests. It uses an AMlogic chip, as opposed to the Realteks found in the more expensive Dunes / Zidoos, ec. This budget box is...
  16. YPBPR

    Smallest HD CRT TV

    The smallest HD CRT TV that I know of is the Slimfit TX-T279H, and it's 4:3. Who knows of 16:9 HD CRTs below 30"?
  17. C

    Sony 49 inch for freeview HD best picture ?

    I’m not a gamer and not interested in Oled as my south facing lounge is bright just want a Sony LCD or LED 49 inch tv any age to watch Freeview HD channels and with my amazon Fire stick YouTube bbc iPlayer etc which Sony has the best picture and had the best reviews ? Thankyou for your help
  18. K

    Anyone in Tunbridge Wells area? No HD channels

    I've got a TCL 43RP620K which I got for my daughters room. Cheap and cheerful. Thing is, I've only just realised that it doesn't scan in the HD freeview channels. SD channels all fine, but no HD ones (ie 101 BBC etc). We use the same feed for multiple TVs in the house and my LG, and 3 different...
  19. tvdavid

    Using my Pioneer Kuro PDP-508XD VS Panasonic VIERA TX-P50G30B 50-inch HD Ready 600Hz Plasma TVs

    Which TV do you think is best? The Panasonic does have Freeview HD channels though hear are the 2 Panasonic ones going as well
  20. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Sharp launches 4K FN and HD FI Android TV LED series & comments

    The former comes in 43 to 65-inch variants, and the latter in 32 and 40-inch sizes, with pricing for these Aquos models coming very much at the ‘affordable’ end of the spectrum. Read the news.
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