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  1. Lollipopman

    Humax FVP5000T-1TB Smart Freeview Play HD TV Recorder

    Hi all, I'm thinking of buying the Humax FVP 500T - 2TB Smart Freeview play Recorder, can anyone recommend this or is it a "stay well clear" job. My main reason for this is the wife chirping in my earhole about wanting to record more than 2 programs at once, though the number of programs...
  2. F

    32" HD TV that works with 1080p signal

    Hi all, new to the forum and need some advice please. I have a Sky Q box connected to a 4 way 4k HDMI splitter which runs to two 4k TV's and a Full HD 32" TV. I want to set the the Sky resolution to 4K and when I do this both my 4K TV's work fine but my 32" HD TV receives no signal. The output...
  3. AndrewYeh

    Xbox Series X HD TV Upgrade Help. Stuck

    Hi I'd appreciate some help, I've looked so much I've gone round in circles and going mad. I have LG HD 43" led that needs upgrading. Don’t fancy risking screen burn with an OLED. It's a touch out of my comfort zone with that risk, at my budget. I'd like to unlock as much of the Xbox as...
  4. G

    Upgrading from 40" HD tv

    I've been looking to upgrade my 7 year old tv for the last couple of months and after looking at numerous reviews and reading various posts on here I've become so confused that I'm starting again! I'm looking for a 49/50" tv that is viewed pretty much straight on so VA panel. I watch freeview...
  5. J

    Sony kdl 32v2000 hd tv

    Hi,have the above tv from 2006.am looking at purchasing another sony but cannot go bigger than 43" .recommendations appreciated.
  6. C

    Interesting differences in HD TV pictures from different sources

    Hi everyone I did post this in the LG TV forum, but i don't think it's the TV. I'm 100% sure it's not a Tru-Motion issue before anyone posts! My LG nano TV is fed signals from freeview directly, Sky Q and Apple TV. If i watch BBc1 via preview HD, footage i expect to look 'studio' (i think the...
  7. C

    Hisense 75A7100FTUK 75" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV

    Hi all...anyone had any experience with the above TV? Costco are doing are good price, but I can't find any reviews on it. Thanks, Clive
  8. DJT75

    39”/40” basic HD TV for a pensioner.

    Need to buy a new TV for the mother-in-law. She had a basic 22” HD years ago, currently a 32” but the controls are knackered. Was hoping to upgrade her to something slightly bigger but it seems there’s nothing inbetween, so it looks like 39-40”, which will fit fine where it needs to go. Want to...
  9. M

    Question Samsung Q70T Sync issue on HD TV Channels only.

    Apologies if there is already a thread on this that I haven't found yet. I have a Samsung Q70T soundbar connected to a Samsung QE43Q60RAT model TV via a HDMI 2.1 4K cable. The only issue with it, which is livable if it can't be sorted, is a slight half sync issue in sound on HD channels only on...
  10. C

    Vertical line displaying on 32" Samsung HD TV

    I have a 32" Samsung HD TV that I've had since 2007. The TV still works okay, but it has a single vertical blue line on the screen. The line appears on the screen no matter what the input source is so its obviously a fault with the TV, not the input source. The line used to disappear after the...
  11. mooreted

    Question New HD TV: No 5.1 Sound

    I bought a TCL 55R625 TV. I have a Pioneer VSX-530k receiver. I hooked a high-speed HDMI cable from the HDMI/ARC port on the TV to the HDMI/ARC Out port on the receiver. I can't get OSD to show up and I can't get 5.1 surround sound. No idea how to fix this.
  12. M

    Best way to get Hi8 into PC and edited together for HD tv ?

    Hi, I have lost my Hi8 digitised recrodings and need to redo them, but the previous PC had firewire, this one has usb. Video card GTX970 has no video input. filmed on a sony CCD V700 which died, I had bought a Sony GV-D200 which played the Hi8 and outputted via S-Video or i-Link and red white...
  13. G

    32" HD TV with Airplay

    Hi, I am looking for a 32" smart HD TV with Airplay built in. Apple appear to have published a theoretical list by series, but this appears to bear little resemblance to UK availability right now. I can't actually find anything that fits the bill. If not a 32" then maybe a 40" might fit...
  14. SnowMan007

    LG Ultra HD TV - USB recordings on HDD are 'jumpy'

    Hi, I have a 2TB Seagate HDD connected to my TV for recording live programmes. This works well for most programmes but football in HD skips and jumps on playback when the image has lots of movement (typically approaching a shot on goal!). The live footage is perfect - it's just the recording...
  15. S

    Question Weird issue with HD TV channels and Denon AVR-X3400H

    I recently purchased a Denon AVR-X3400H connected via ARC HDMI to my Sony 55xe9305. The external aerial is plugged into the TV, no aerial plugged into the TV. Watching normal TV with the AVR on TV works fine. However, when I put on an HD channel, e.g. BBC 101, the picture appears for about 2...
  16. O

    N64 on LED HD TV

    Hi guys I just picked up a N64 Charcoal Grey console (NUS-001 (EUR)). I've heard that it is difficult to get a good picture on the newer HD TVs. I know you can get a good picture through an s-video cable but on the back of my TV I have the following options... 20180829 232451 1 HDMI RGB VGA...
  17. mattressback

    Question Which 40inch HDTV for pensioner

    hi, I’ve been tasked with finding my folks a new tv. Max 40 (37 To 40) inches. They don’t have internet at home so no point in it been overly smart and no point in it been 4K either as they have no access to 4K content Key points would be reasonably simple interface and simple remote Tiny...
  18. S

    HD TV Without A subscription

    Hey Guys & Gals If this is in the wrong forum please move it to the appropriate one. I have a Sony LED tv with freeview. I'm in Gravesend and currently can't access any HD channels. I'm mostly interested in Channel 1-4 HD more would be an obvious bonus. I'm wondering if there is a device or...
  19. K

    HD TV Channels gone? at this time? Really?

    So, its freeview that look after the transmitters/channel use etc these days? Once every 4 years there is possibly something actually worth tolerating terrestrial TV for and some idiot thought it was a great idea to use this period to mess around with the allocation of DTV channels...
  20. P

    Logik L32SHE17 Blurry Picture Quality Help

    I just got this Logik 32" LED Smart HD TV set up yesterday and the first thing I noticed, after getting past the general setup, was that the picture was moderately blurry whenever anything moves on the screen. :( Turning off the Noise Reduction helped but, it isn't entirely gone. It's still...
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