1. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Bang & Olufsen 88-inch Beovision Harmony 8K OLED TV launched

    Reaching the absolute pinnacle of current TV technology, Bang & Olufsen’s 88-inch Beovision Harmony features the world’s largest OLED TV screen and 8K resolution. Read the news.
  2. W

    Question Harmony Elite>Sony TV>Yamaha Amp>Fire TV Woes

    This may be a long one... if anyone can solve this issue I will be so grateful to the point of ppg-ing some mulah :'( I am having a nightmare with my set up and since using the Harmony remote it has gotten worse. So I am willing to unplug everything and take the advice of AVF Equipment: TV...
  3. Love1542

    Control4 or Harmony System

    Hi i'm getting all the bits ready for a cinema room. Im looking for a a set up that can turn all things on and control every thing from phone app. I have sky q marantz av8802a receiver, ps4, blue ray player, Phillips hue lighting. the control4 system is this something i can setup myself or is it...
  4. J

    Question Harmony remote - compatability with Louvolite blinds?

    Thinking of buying a Harmony Elite remote to replace the existing remotes. I've got 2 questions I'd like help with. I have Louvolite blinds which are compatible with Alexa and google Home. (Or whatever it's called these days.) So the question is if I buy Alexa or Google Home and I programme...
  5. chenks

    Question harmony elite - default to number pad?

    harmony elite activity for watching live tv, all works fine except it wants to default to showing the favourites list when the activity is activated, and i'd rather it default to the number pad. is this possible?
  6. JohnWB

    Harmony Elite with Apple TV 4K button assignments

    I am using my Harmony Elite with Apple TV 4K which works very well I was wondering if there is a chart or table anywhere which shows the beta software button assignments as I would like to add some commands but i don't know if they are already there What i would like to do is to be able to...
  7. O

    Can't configure Sony CDP-CX235 CD Changer with Harmony Touch

    Hi all, I've recently bought a used Sony CD Changer (with working RC) and have added it to Harmony but Touch RC just won't work with it. Didn't work with standard codes initially added by MyHarmony app. It says they may be different hardware configurations for RC (which I've therefore...
  8. R

    (Solved) Harmony Elite loses Bluetooth pairing with Firestick

    I've successfully paired my Elite with the Firestick and all commands work well. However, if I switch off or to another activity and then back again, the Elite has lost its pairing. I have to go through the re-pair malarkey to get things working again. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
  9. Phil.LFC

    Harmony Elite Activities setting up question

    Hi all, having finally found some time, after about 6 months I've decided to try and set up my Elite properly, but after spending the last 6 hours trying I'm ready to chuck it in the bin! I managed to get most stuff set up using a mixture of the App and on the Mac, but I can't for the life of...
  10. A

    Harmony Elite and favorites

    I have set up my Elite with favorites on Sky Q. When I first select watch Sky everything turns on and works fine and harmony screen has my favorites on show. If I want to select another channel not in my favorites by selecting Sky from devices and manually entering channel number, I cannot find...
  11. panman40

    Question Harmony 665, can I program it with Win7 ?

    My elderly dad has spilled water into his harmony 650 and it’s totalled. I was going to buy the 665 direct from harmony but I see it says windows 8 and above, surely I can just log in and swap it out with my current win7 laptop ?.
  12. mtenga

    Harmony Elite Disabled

    Completely out the blue my bedroom Harmony just decided to disable itself. I contacted Customer Support via email and they unlocked it within an hour, credit to them. But they never gave me a credible explanation, or any explanation really, as to why something like this should happen suddenly. I...
  13. K

    harmony hub question

    switching from one activity to another, switches tv input hdmi1 to 2 home theatre amp no action switch on one device switch off another device very rough description of...
  14. M

    Question Harmony elite screen not working

    My touchscreen will not allow me to select anything. The screen itself does come on when you touch it but I cannot select any of the activities I have on it. So far I’ve done the hard reset, disconnected the battery for a few hours, deleted all my activities via the app then re input them. When...
  15. Roohster

    Fire Stick / Harmony Elite setup and lipsync

    Hi all, I've got a Fire Stick 4k on its way and thought I'd set up my remote in advance using the phone app... but when I tried, it said "can't add to infra red remote". Do I need to wait 'til it arrives and pair it or is there another way to set it up beforehand? (edit to add...) I Googled...
  16. Harkon321

    Can I get Tv and AVR turn on together? Other options beyond Harmony Remote?

    Not bought the TV yet but it'll be hooked up to a Denon 2400 and a variety of sources. Trying to simplify use. –– ADVERTISEMENT –– I've got a Harmony Remote which I know could be used to control both but looking at other options as it's not very wife/children friendly. Can I use...
  17. AlanX

    Question Adding TOSlink 2x1 switch to Harmony hub devices

    I am successfully using my Harmony hub to control my home cinema stuff. I now want to add a LiNKFOR SPDIF Toslink Switcher 2x1 Digital Optical Audio Switch, to route two audio signals (not simultaneously) to Sennheiser cordless phones. I can switch the S/PDIF inputs using the Linkfor's IR remote...
  18. Getinthehole!

    Harmony Elite software and sync

    Good morning all so this morning my Harmony elite remote decided not to work. I have then reset the remote and lost all settings without remembering the software was on an old windows computer which is long gone and we are now fully integrated into Apple. Will my old settings still be...
  19. MartinH32

    Harmony Elite sync issues

    Hi, I've been using my Harmony remote for several years but recently although it says sync is successful, the changes I've made using my harmony aren't being transferred to the actual remote. Some are, some aren't. I've one particular activity where I've added sequences to the touch screen which...
  20. M

    Harmony issues

    Hi guys, so I have the harmony elite with the hub. I have set everything up and it’s great but I have one niggling issue. lets say someone uses a different remote to turn things on, or the harmony sends the OFF commands but someone didn’t point at the TV. Now the remote thinks everything is...
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