1. J

    Denon receiver, Spotify Connect and Harmony Elite volume control woes

    I have a Denon avr-x2500h receiver which I often use to play content directly via Spotify Connect from my phone. Unfortunately the Spotify app on my phone will only adjust the volume on the receiver by increments of 6, which is far too great. I use a Harmony Elite remote and app which normally...
  2. U

    Help! Virgin V6 box and Harmony Remote

    Does anyone know how to add a V6 box to a Harmony 900 remote? I found something online from 2011 suggesting that you add it a virgin media PVR by adding the device as a Cable Box, choosing Cisco as the manufacturer and then entering a model number CT8685 but this didn't work... it wouldn't allow...
  3. compmike19

    Question Logitech Harmony and Yamaha DSP-1

    Can anyone help me set up this device with my Logitech Harmony 1100? Using the Remote Software I add the device and the commands are wrong. It thinks it's a AV receiver, only giving me 0-9, Vol +/-, and input buttons. I do not have the original remote to have it learn the IR commands. The...
  4. Sloppy Bob

    Issues with Harmony Elite/Hub repeating commands from the navigation button.

    Hope someone can help with this. I have the Harmony Elite and Hub, it generally works fine, had the odd thing but it's one of these devices that once you've set it up it "just works" In the last week, the navigation button and only that button has started repeating commands, to the extreme. I...
  5. Rezillo

    Harmony Hub and Elite psu issues

    Has anyone had a problem with their Harmony Hub and Elite charger PSUs falling apart? My remote started playing up and when I investigated, on trying to pull out the Hub PSU from its gang socket, it came cleanly apart, leaving the prongs in the gang socket with completely exposed live and...
  6. okbrown

    Question Which harmony remote works well with the Yamaha DSP-AX763

    Hi guys hope everyone is keeping well and safe. I recently picked up a Yamaha DSP-AX763 2nd hand but it didn't come with a remote. So I was wondering if any of the Harmony remotes worked with this model. I visited the Logitech website and it suggested it works with the iPod dock, which I...
  7. fredsie

    Replacing failing Harmony ultimate handset?

    My 4 year old Ultimate handset touchscreen is failing (maybe because of the battery, not sure). Anyway, I'd like to replace the handset but not the whole system. Which of the recent handsets will work with my existing hub? Cheers Fred
  8. Sampson

    Question Lounge mode via hue switch? IFTTT with harmony perhaps?

    I’m currently awaiting delivery of my first proper Ambilight TV, the 65OLED805. I’m installing in my finances home rather than my own so am working on moving over 9 speakers and lots of hue lights to make her cry. Anyway, anyone found a way to get the “lounge mode” feature of the TVs to turn on...
  9. jmueller0823

    Alexa has wrong Harmony Hub fav channel numbers

    Hey Everyone. Just successfully setup the non-Alexa functionality (activities, favorite tv channels, etc) -- now, I'm working on Alexa. 1) This works > "Alexa, tell Harmony to change to channel 200" 2) This does not work > "Alexa, tell Harmony to change to CNN" On the #2 action, Alexa does...
  10. zantarous

    harmony Elite and Nvidia Shield

    I recently upgraded to a Shield 2019 and noticed there is a button the Shield remote that doesn't appear on the Elite, it is the one in top right the one with the 3 horizontal lines next to the Power toggle. –– ADVERTISEMENT –– This button slides out the side menu even during watching a...
  11. oaklandraiders

    Question Harmony companion hub iphone control

    Hi Can't find an answer anywhere.. Thinking of buying and want to know about using iPhone/iPad as the controller. Can i download to iPhone the similar layout to normal remote. So can I Have Sky remote on Iphone, layout the same ? Same with others, Roku and AV amp. Can I mimic the layout on...
  12. RobTi

    Question Harmony elite can i set up with different hdmi option

    Hi so I would like to set an activity that has hdmi control on but have it off for all other activities, I watch tv using inbuilt speakers but would like to use my av receiver when watching onboard apps and am lost as how to set this up, any ideas ? Thanks
  13. JohnWB

    Rearranging Harmony Elite Activities on the Touch Screen

    I have been trying to move some of the activities on my Elite remote touch screen. All the comments and help i can find say " Press the Menu icon, then Edit." but when i press the menu icon the edit button is not on the list. All the other buttons are there ie Help Fix it Myself and settings...
  14. G

    Help requested: Remote simultaneously controlling multiple boxes

    I don't know what to do about this. My father is elderly and gets incredibly confused with controlling the TV (from as simple as turning it on!), so the problem I'm about to describe is quite a bit more problematic than it might sound. He has a Humax Freesat box (it's quite an old one - not sure...
  15. D

    Question Wii Pointer - Harmony Elite Touchpad, anyone get it working?

    Hi folks, I just wondered if anyone with the Harmony Elite that still uses a Wii has ever tested using the Touchpad on the remote as the Pointer? I tried a few times today and could sporadically get the hand to appear but never really control it (All the buttons and On/Off etc work fine).
  16. W

    Harmony/Comcast X1 hack

    We just moved from DirecTV to Comcast. We've had the TV service since Friday and have concluded that the Comcast X1 DVR, and their satellite receivers, are the worst piles of junk ever devised. The one thing that the DVR should be good at is recording shows and providing quick access to recorded...
  17. vaderag

    Question Please help - Harmony and Philips TV

    I have a super weird issue with Harmony and my Phillips 803 TV Everything was working fine until I just upgraded my amp, now when I turn on my FireTV no matter what I do the TV reverts to the Android TV interface, even though it's set to switch to HDMI1 If I do the fix and go through every...
  18. Smudger1

    Question Harmony Elite and Roku back button

    Hi, I've recently purchased a Roku Streaming Stick+ and integrated it into my Elite Activities, but there seems to be quite a major icon missing - the back arrow thing that's at the top of the Roku remote, can anyone share how to add this? I may be missing something really obvious, but at the...
  19. bam27beer

    harmony elite /fibaro roller shutter 3 for projector screen ?

    morning , on a fact finding mission this morning, searched about 5 pages and couldn't see anything so , just wired up my screen to a roller shutter 3 module , remote had gone kaput ,and with the module i could add a normal momentary switch , have a harmony remote ,and have enabled smart home...
  20. S

    would a harmony remote work?

    Hi Guys, I wanted to get some advice with the following setup Xbox and Nvidia shield pro and ps4 ---connected to---> Denon AVR x2300W---->connected to TV I wanted to get one remote to work them all. The Nvidia shield pro, the TV itself and the Denon. Sometimes the TV says it is turning off in...
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