1. F

    Harmony Ultimate 4 digit channels

    I'm trying to save my Sky pin **** as a favourite channel number to save bringing up the keypad, but it only seems to save 3 digit numbers. Am I doing something wrong or is there an easier solution than using the keypad. Any help much appreciated.
  2. B

    Question Hisense TRK50B and Harmony Remote

    I just got this monitor and am trying to add it to my living room set. The Logitech Harmony remote database doesn't know this device. That's not usually the end of the world, but this TV has a cursor up / down interface to select the input source. This interface is really not easily...
  3. J Greenwood

    Can my Harmony replace TV BED Remote?

    Hi I have a TV BED with a remote but I would really like to create an activity called watch tv that not only controls the TV but also the movement up and down of the TV in the bed? Has anyone been successful with this? Thanks Jason
  4. S

    Logitech Harmony One Plus problem

    Hi all. I have 2 activities set. 1.Watch TV (Using TV and amp)....works fine. 2.Sky (Sing TV,amp and STB)....works fine. However if I switch from Sky to Watch TV, the TV goes to standby until I press help then it works fine !! If Watch TV is selected from OFF the TV and amp work fine. The...
  5. L

    Harmony Companion remote/hub

    I have a couple of questions regarding the Harmony Companion remote and hub. I have searched all over and cannot find answers. 1. My harmony hub will not work for some reason. When I tried to reset it and everything it was working fine. The green light came on. Now I can't get the green light...
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