1. lpoolm

    For Sale Logitech Harmony one remote

    I bought this last week from this forum, used it over the weekend but just don't like it! Listing for what I paid, will list on ebay if it doesn't sell on here. £35 delivered. Bank transfer only. Link below with all pictures and details. Condition ok considering age, battery didn't seem...
  2. Beancounter

    For Sale Harmony Elite and Harmony Companion remotes

    Harmony Elite and Harmony Companion remotes for sale. The Elite was purchased here a few weeks ago, is in perfect condition, comes boxed with the IR blasters, power cable and Hub. Paid £130, looking to get that back. SOLD Harmony Companion, again, fully boxed with IR blaster, power cable...
  3. C

    For Sale Logitech Harmony One universal remote control

    Hi all, For sale is a used Logitech Harmony One universal remote control. It hasn't been used for a few years but works just fine still. Condition I'd say is 7.5-8/10. I'll try to figure out how to factory reset it before I post it but I currently don't know how to!
  4. Sgiandubh

    Harmony Elite Servers down?

    Woke up this morning to discover my Harmony Elite isn't working, tried rebooting the hub and also reset the remote itself and now i can't add the remote back in because the harmony app can't reach the servers. Although the app is still configured, if i try to use one of the activities, it looks...
  5. H

    LG and Harmony remote...HELP!.

    I had a Samsung tv with Harmony touch (N-R0006), all was good. I assigned tv, tivo, firestick, netflix and tv smart hub all onto remote with old logitech software, no problem. Now i have a LG tv trying to set up the same with new harmony desktop app........i have achieved nothing it's far too...
  6. H

    logitech harmony sync problems

    I had a Samsung tv with Harmony touch, all was good. I assigned tv, tivo, firestick, netflix and tv smart hub all onto remote with old logitech software, no problem. Now i have a LG tv trying to set up the same with new harmony desktop app........i have achieved nothing it's far too...
  7. frankie carbone

    harmony elite cant find john lewis octave internet radio

    i have bought second hand john lewis octave internet radio without the remote control as i have harmony elite remote i have tried to add octave radio but harmony does not see it in the database i cant find any model number this is the first time harmony as not found anything that i have tried to...
  8. W

    Alex and Harmony Hub - Joint Commands?

    I've set up Alexa so I can say Alexa switch on Kitchen or Lounge or All and switches whichever area on with the right input I'm also using WiiM Mini Streamer's and have named the with the Area name prefixed with A so the one in the Kitchen is A Kitchen If the Kitchen ara is on as per above I...
  9. howardlamby

    Sonos beam gen and harmony

    Will the Harmony 950 be compatible with the sonos beam gen 2?
  10. deefadog

    Harmony remotes - any other options these days?

    Hi all, my old Harmony remote has finally died, are there any cheap options out there. I am out of touch on these now and basically, all we use it for is to turn on our system and turn it off (4 devices). Any help much appreciated, thanks
  11. aandpwoodley

    Harmony Elite activity help please

    Could someone who better understands setting up Harmony remotes help me please. I have a Sony 77A80J Oled which has film mode, I want this to be on for everything except when watching Sky, how can I add this to turn off on my "watch sky activity" Hope this makes sense. Andy
  12. Zog

    Harmony remote and bluetooth

    I have a Harmony Remote and hub. I am trying to get it to work with my Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, which unfortunately has a bluetooth remote. There is also a PS3 in my system which is controlled via bluetooth so I am sure the remote/hub is capable of this facility. However the PS3 is a recognised...
  13. W

    LG oled Harmony Elite remote commands

    Have LG C9 65 and use Harmony Elite to control that and my Denon A110. The smart remote that comes with the TV has buttons for Amazon and Netflix, so I can set activities for them to turn on amp and TV, set TV to hdmi 2, set amp to TV sound (via eArc) and go straight to them as the command list...
  14. 3dbinCanada

    Logitech Harmony Remotes

    I was really curious to try a Harmony 890 remote as the look appealed to me so I purchased one off of EBay for a good price. I thought I had made a purchase mistake because it didn't come with the USB cord which is different than those used by the 650 and 665 remotes. I luckily found one...
  15. mtenga

    Harmony Alexa Skill Issues

    They specify within the Alexa app that you need to unlink your Logitech skill then link it again to update changes. This has worked well for a few years until today. I’ve tried to re-link and it is asking me for my Logi ID. There is no keyboard available on my iOS device for me to type in my...
  16. D

    Anyone know how to change inputs on Cyrus One HD using Harmony remote control?

    Hi all, I picked up an One HD earlier this week and set it up on my Harmony R/C. The only controls recognised are for volume. It’s identified as a One HD by Harmony but it’s has the wrong names for the analogue inputs for example. Anyone else solved this / know how to get it to work?
  17. dino_jr

    Harmony remote needs hard reset every day?

    Morning My Ultimate remote starts my "Watch TV" activity as normal. But then after, no buttons work at all. So I have to hold on/off button down to hard reset, then it works just fine all day, all buttons come back to life Is something happening overnight or something? The Harmony SW has no...
  18. D

    Bargain Harmony Elites in stock at Amazon Spain €199

    199 Euros, shipped and sold by Amazon I got two as spares
  19. S

    Teaching harmony new IR commands not working anymore?

    Has anyone tried teaching a Harmony a new IR command recently? I've got one of the older remotes (Harmony One) and the latest software ( which seems to work ok with the odd quirk on Windows 10. When a device is missing the odd button here and there I can't get the learning to work, it...
  20. aerodynamic18

    Harmony elite with a Sony BRAVIA XR65A80JU

    Guys I have a situation with the harmony remote and turning on the TV. I have set the TV to turn on, Sky turn on and then it sends a command to switch to input3. When this happens it all operates ok but when it sends the signal to change to input3 it changes from the tv Home Screen to input3 and...
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