1. J


    I have an annoying issue with my home theatre set-up which, despite researching, I’ve been unable to find a solution for. I therefore hope that some of you here might be able to help me, your advice would be very welcome. I have an LG OLED65C8PLA TV and a DENON AVRX-2600H receiver, connected via...
  2. P

    For Sale Logitech Harmony Companion Remote, as new

    Logitech Harmony Companion Remote. I bought this and set it up, but my family just carried on using the old remotes, so I've given up on it! It's barely been used, and condition is as new. Still in original box. Price includes signed-for postage, or you can collect from me in South...
  3. JimmyMac

    Harmony ultimate one and hub

    Can anyone confirm if the harmony ultimate one pairs with the harmony hub we have the hub and the companion remote is dead, wife’s hates using the app so looking for a replacement and see a good condition ultimate one for £35
  4. J

    Harmony hub issues

    I have my harmony hub controlling a few inputs in my av cupboard. When I run an activity to switch my HDMI matrix it also changes the camera view on my CCTV DVR resulting in it showing cameras 5-8 which are empty. Can anyone advise if this can be fixed? I could just cover up the IR on the DVR...
  5. Sandman

    Harmony Ultimate and Favourites

    I am struggling to get my favourites (tv channels) to show up on my harmony ultimate. I have the “watch tv” activity set up and working fine and I input my region and tv provider into the app when setting up. I then chose which channels to select as favourites and they show up fine on the...
  6. JimmyMac

    Wanted Harmony smart companion remote

    My smart companion remote has pretty much died, goes through batteries at a rate of about one every two days and today I can’t get it working at all. everything else is fine so does anyone have the Smart hub and not use the companion remote?
  7. T

    KD55A8BU not recognised / listed by Harmony Remote / Hub

    HI Guys recently bought a Sony KD55A8BU and wanted to add it to my harmony remote however the Harmony app only supports the following sony models Sony KD-55A8F Sony KD-55A8G Sony KD-55AG8 I tried adding it as the A8F however the Hamony software then complained that it couldn't find any A8F...
  8. siross

    Harmony Elite - Multiple Rooms

    Hi all, I'm looking to set up a multi room set up and wondering whether I need two remotes or whether I can use a Harmony Elite in one room and the mobile app in another. The set up would be as below. The wires are currently run in the wall and I'm looking to purchase a new AV receiver with the...
  9. P

    Harmony Remote Not Working with 3D Projector

    Hello All I've got some older gear....Panasonic PTAE8000 projector and a Harmony 1100i remote. But the remote does not work when projecting 3D movies, even though there is a clear line of sight to the sensor on the player. Any suggestions for a solution would be much appreciated. Paul
  10. O

    Ecobee Smart Si Harmony hub

    According to Harmony's website Smart Si devices are compatible with the Hub. I just want a cheap thermostat that I can start and end an activity within the Harmony app. Ecobee Smart Si legacy thermostats seem like they would work.
  11. S

    US Harmony Elite work in UK?

    You can get the Harmony Elite shipped over from the US to the U.K. fairly cheaply on EBay. Does anyone know if there will be any issues using a US version in the U.K. (apart from the supplied plug)?
  12. J

    Denon receiver, Spotify Connect and Harmony Elite volume control woes

    I have a Denon avr-x2500h receiver which I often use to play content directly via Spotify Connect from my phone. Unfortunately the Spotify app on my phone will only adjust the volume on the receiver by increments of 6, which is far too great. I use a Harmony Elite remote and app which normally...
  13. U

    Help! Virgin V6 box and Harmony Remote

    Does anyone know how to add a V6 box to a Harmony 900 remote? I found something online from 2011 suggesting that you add it a virgin media PVR by adding the device as a Cable Box, choosing Cisco as the manufacturer and then entering a model number CT8685 but this didn't work... it wouldn't allow...
  14. compmike19

    Question Logitech Harmony and Yamaha DSP-1

    Can anyone help me set up this device with my Logitech Harmony 1100? Using the Remote Software I add the device and the commands are wrong. It thinks it's a AV receiver, only giving me 0-9, Vol +/-, and input buttons. I do not have the original remote to have it learn the IR commands. The...
  15. Sloppy Bob

    Issues with Harmony Elite/Hub repeating commands from the navigation button.

    Hope someone can help with this. I have the Harmony Elite and Hub, it generally works fine, had the odd thing but it's one of these devices that once you've set it up it "just works" In the last week, the navigation button and only that button has started repeating commands, to the extreme. I...
  16. Rezillo

    Harmony Hub and Elite psu issues

    Has anyone had a problem with their Harmony Hub and Elite charger PSUs falling apart? My remote started playing up and when I investigated, on trying to pull out the Hub PSU from its gang socket, it came cleanly apart, leaving the prongs in the gang socket with completely exposed live and...
  17. okbrown

    Question Which harmony remote works well with the Yamaha DSP-AX763

    Hi guys hope everyone is keeping well and safe. I recently picked up a Yamaha DSP-AX763 2nd hand but it didn't come with a remote. So I was wondering if any of the Harmony remotes worked with this model. I visited the Logitech website and it suggested it works with the iPod dock, which I...
  18. fredsie

    Replacing failing Harmony ultimate handset?

    My 4 year old Ultimate handset touchscreen is failing (maybe because of the battery, not sure). Anyway, I'd like to replace the handset but not the whole system. Which of the recent handsets will work with my existing hub? Cheers Fred
  19. Sampson

    Question Lounge mode via hue switch? IFTTT with harmony perhaps?

    I’m currently awaiting delivery of my first proper Ambilight TV, the 65OLED805. I’m installing in my finances home rather than my own so am working on moving over 9 speakers and lots of hue lights to make her cry. Anyway, anyone found a way to get the “lounge mode” feature of the TVs to turn on...
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