1. MarcinNow

    Logitech Harmony Companion - strange bug

    Hi, Any of you might know the solution? I use the following equipment: TV: Samsung PS64D8000, Blu-Ray: Yamaha BD-S671, amplifier: YamahaRX-V371, all configured under Logitech Harmony Companion. When using "watch movie" everything works fine. When using "listen to music" (includes only bluray...
  2. A

    Wanted Harmony Smart Remote or Companion Remote no hub.

    I'm looking for the Logitech Harmony Smart Remote and or Companion Remote, just the remote I don't want any hubs, blasters anything else. Maybe you upgraded to a 950 or an Elite and don't need the original one any more? Good condition with all buttons working ideally but will consider broken...
  3. chaz

    Harmony & Phone Problem

    Hi sorry about the title but having trouble with harmony Smart Control system with Hub I will explain Originally Had a Harmony 1100 but that eventually went dead on me but never mind I had a spare Harmony. This one came with a hub and a Remote and I had a Samsung 10 Plus all the stuff I had on...
  4. A


    I have a Harmony One+ remote which was prgrammed using the MyHarmony Desktop (not the old Harmony Remote Software). I've just bought a second One+ off eBay and I want to clone the settings (device and activities) from the first One+ to the second One+. According to Logitech this should be a...
  5. M

    For Sale Logitech Harmony Elite with hub, Charging dock, unmarked condition

    As per title - Logitech Harmony Elite with hub, Charging dock, unmarked condition As I've consolidated my AV gear, I've really no requirement for this - I barely used it anyway. It is in unmarked condition, complete with the hub, IR blaster, and charging dock I don't have the original box...
  6. stevos

    Harmony Elite Slow vs Companion

    Hi, Any ideas why my new elite is way slower at starting activities than my companion? It seems to do each command in slow motion, with each device being shown on the screen for ages, meaning moving to the controlling stuff takes a lot longer. I have just added the elite to my existing hub...
  7. C

    Issues with Harmony Elite Remote and streaming channel programming

    Hi, I couldn't find where this has been discussed, so pls be gentle :thumbsup: I've successfully programmed my Harmony Elite remote to do everything I want EXCEPT go directly to Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon, etc. When I choose my Streaming button, it goes to my Roku as it should and then shows...
  8. P

    Harmony Elite Remote

    Hi Folks, I have just set up several activities on the Harmony Elite and they all start and end perfect - except for my 4K Firestick. The activity consists of turning on my LG TV, Onkyo receiver and Firestick. The end activity is to turn all the above off. When I press the off button on the...
  9. coliander

    For Sale Logitech Harmony Elite / HDFury Vertex² / HDFury Arcana

    Downsizing/Simplifying my AV setup. All items posted same/next working day using FedEx Business Express 24. Tracking number provided at time of dispatch. BT preferred. Happy to post first if buyer is well established. Logitech Harmony Elite - £150 SOLD Good condition with the usual signs of...
  10. jont

    Multiple IR extender leads for Harmony Hub

    I would like to control all my devices in the tack by IR from my Harmony Hub ... anyone got/used any 1>6 sized leads that would plug in rather than the 1>2 supplied ? ... shame there's only one socket ... I know it's a blaster built in but I can't position it in a way to easily control...
  11. DavidT

    Logitech discontinuing manufacture of Harmony remotes

    Get yours whilst you still can..... https://support.logi.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/1500000658341
  12. R

    Logitech officially discontinues the Harmony remotes

  13. coliander

    Logitech Harmony Elite alternatives?

    Now that Logitech has officially announced the discontinuation of their Harmony range, can anybody suggest an alternative that might prove to be a better long-term option? I wouldn't particularly mind going back to a multiple controller setup (I find the Harmony Elite to be a bit sluggish and...
  14. M

    Harmony remote not selecting correct input?

    55put4900 and Harmony Ultimate Remote Control/Hub won't select the correct input, any pointer would be appreciated?
  15. B

    Adding hub to Harmony Remote

    So, had a Harmony One+ for many years and then it got stood on and the LCD broke to replaced it with a Harmony Ultimate One which worked well until we replaced our Onkyo AVR with a Arcam that seemed to have a much less sensitive IR receiver and so often the SWMBO didn't hold the remote pointing...
  16. S

    Harmony Elite problems

    Hi Everyone, I have a Harmony remote and while I love it when it works I am having one major issue. Here is my full complete set up of devices that I am using with the remote: LG CX LG S9NYG Soundbar using ARC DIRECTV DVR HR54-700 Knivo 501bn HDMI switch Xbox series X Apple TV 4 non 4K The...
  17. L

    Harmony Elite Remote

    I have a Harmony Elite Universal Remote. I configured the remote to control my Apple TV, Panasonic TV , Sony Blue Ray DVD Player and everything works great. I only have one HDMI port on the TV, so I added a Koopman HDMI 4K 4 port switch. a was able to set the switch to change channels...
  18. A

    Dune HD Pro 4k II and Harmony Bluetooth Remote

    Has anyone managed to get a Logitech Harmony bluetooth remote control to work with a Dune HD Pro 4k II? Thanks
  19. A

    Harmony Elite Input issue on Android TV

    I have a Sony F900X and watch TV on a local SatBox (like Sky). For the "Watch TV" activity, my sequence is as follows: Sony TV (Power On), SatBox (Power On), Sony TV (Input HDMI 4). When I turn on the activity both TV and SatBox turns on and for a second or 2 it stays on SatBox channel and then...
  20. gav_sw20

    Arcam AVR remote code 19 with Harmony Remote

    Managed to change the Arcam AVR390 and Arcam remote to Remote Code=19 which has solved the issue of my NAIM SN3 volume knob changing very time I’m watching TV. Happy days (I thought). This issue I how have is that my Logitech Harmony Hub is still programmed to Remote Code=16 for the Arcam and...
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