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  1. Racy Jace

    Harmony One remote account when selling ??

    Hi. Im not using my Harmony one remote so thinking of selling it as ive found the box for it. I remember the remote being registered to my email so my question is, when selling it, is there anything I need to do so the new owner can use it and set it up? Thanks Jason
  2. A


    I have a Harmony One+ remote which was prgrammed using the MyHarmony Desktop (not the old Harmony Remote Software). I've just bought a second One+ off eBay and I want to clone the settings (device and activities) from the first One+ to the second One+. According to Logitech this should be a...
  3. swift1

    Logitech Harmony One replacement battery recommendation?

    Evening, as per the title.... My battery on my Harmony One won't hold charge, had a look at Amazon and ebay, there are loads of 3rd party batteries available but not too sure on the reliability hence asking here and what people here usually go for? Thanks.
  4. M

    adding to an activity help, Harmony one

    Hi all, I have a Harmony one remote, I have set up an activity of "listen to CD", this turns on my CD player and amp and all work fine apart from one thing that I am sure is fixable. When I turn on the activity my amp isn't set to stereo it comes on to something like dobly or pcm, i would...
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