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  1. chaz

    Longer cable for Harmony Hub

    Is it possible to buy a longer Power cable for my Harmony Hub please
  2. CanonMan21

    New Sony 43" Smart TV (KD43X80J) - Not So Smart After All

    Good day to the Forum, First post here, so if I've done it wrong, please let me know how to do better, thanks. We had cobbled together some 20 year old technology, - a Sharp Aquos 42" TV, a Sony mini Stereo, a PS3 and a HomeWorx HW-150PVR (we cut the cord about 6 years ago and converted to OTA...
  3. jont

    Multiple IR extender leads for Harmony Hub

    I would like to control all my devices in the tack by IR from my Harmony Hub ... anyone got/used any 1>6 sized leads that would plug in rather than the 1>2 supplied ? ... shame there's only one socket ... I know it's a blaster built in but I can't position it in a way to easily control...
  4. M

    Harmony Hub - When did things get this bad?

    My current Harmony Hub is coming up to 8 years old and has been great. Multiple changes of TV,s AV receivers etc etc have never been an issue plus I can even shout at it via my Google Home and make it do things. But the companion remote is showing signs of use with many buttons now void of any...
  5. J

    Alexa and harmony hub

    Does anyone know if it's possible to get Alexa to perform a single command with the Harmony Hub, rather than changing the activity? For example, I want to my matrix to switch input but don't want to have to change the activity.
  6. Bungle73

    Question Harmony Hub + Alexa = junk?

    I was on the verge of pulling the trigger on one of these to use with Alexa, so I would have more flexible voice control than the Fire TV Cube's built in one, but reading the reviews of the needed Alexa skill the upshot seems to be that it doesn't work properly, or at all. Would I be wasting my...
  7. H

    Harmony Hub

    I just got eero mesh WiFi and now I cannot connect my harmony hub to internet. Tried all troubleshooting making sure both phone and hub are on 2.4ghz. Harmony tech support even sent me a new hub, which I was able to connect to internet and configure through laptop, but it still doesn’t connect...
  8. J

    Harmony Hub - HDMI standby switching

    Just got a Yamaha RX-V4a. Trying to make it the central HDMI hub for my cable box, blue ray and FireTV. Is there a way to get the Harmony to issue a switch input command via an activity without turning on the receiver? I can switch the input manually, but not via an activity that does not...
  9. Pecker

    Harmony Hub & Remote

    I may be missing something, but what the hell is going on with Harmony remote pricing? Sorry, I've been out of the loop for a while. I bough this remote & hub from Amazon UK in October 2015 for £70. Today it's £170 ! The remote (or the latest version) on its own (no hub) is £119, the hub on...
  10. TheFridge

    Bt wifi discs and harmony Hub

    Good morning, I have the BT wifi discs which I just got and I wanted to set up my harmony elite. The harmony only works on 2.4gz apparently so I can't see to keep it connected. I handed to add devises and one routine but it's really unstable. Is there any solution as I don't believe the BT...
  11. terryr

    Question Advice Needed with Harmony Hub.

    Hi Folks I can’t seem to find a definitive answer to my questions about the harmony hub. Maybe I’m just thick which is more than likely! I currently have my TV in our lounge and the AV equipment in a comms cabinet in our under-stair cupboard. This is currently controlled by a harmony 950...
  12. E

    Harmony Hub - Input Switching - Stumped

    Hello. I am a seasoned Harmony user, but have found myself stumped on this one: My new AV Matrix (No Hassle AV 8x16) also does IR Switching, therefore it only passes IR signals to the device it is “switched to”. The sequence to switch to an input is a two button sequence: selecting the OUTPUT...
  13. J

    Harmony hub issues

    I have my harmony hub controlling a few inputs in my av cupboard. When I run an activity to switch my HDMI matrix it also changes the camera view on my CCTV DVR resulting in it showing cameras 5-8 which are empty. Can anyone advise if this can be fixed? I could just cover up the IR on the DVR...
  14. O

    Ecobee Smart Si Harmony hub

    According to Harmony's website Smart Si devices are compatible with the Hub. I just want a cheap thermostat that I can start and end an activity within the Harmony app. Ecobee Smart Si legacy thermostats seem like they would work.
  15. Rezillo

    Harmony Hub and Elite psu issues

    Has anyone had a problem with their Harmony Hub and Elite charger PSUs falling apart? My remote started playing up and when I investigated, on trying to pull out the Hub PSU from its gang socket, it came cleanly apart, leaving the prongs in the gang socket with completely exposed live and...
  16. jmueller0823

    Alexa has wrong Harmony Hub fav channel numbers

    Hey Everyone. Just successfully setup the non-Alexa functionality (activities, favorite tv channels, etc) -- now, I'm working on Alexa. 1) This works > "Alexa, tell Harmony to change to channel 200" 2) This does not work > "Alexa, tell Harmony to change to CNN" On the #2 action, Alexa does...
  17. K

    harmony hub question

    switching from one activity to another, switches tv input hdmi1 to 2 home theatre amp no action switch on one device switch off another device very rough description of...
  18. AlanX

    Question Adding TOSlink 2x1 switch to Harmony hub devices

    I am successfully using my Harmony hub to control my home cinema stuff. I now want to add a LiNKFOR SPDIF Toslink Switcher 2x1 Digital Optical Audio Switch, to route two audio signals (not simultaneously) to Sennheiser cordless phones. I can switch the S/PDIF inputs using the Linkfor's IR remote...
  19. sohe68

    Harmony Hub - control Amp with 1/8" IR input?

    Hi, I have an amp that I would like to be able to power toggle in a couple of activities with a Harmony Elite/Hub. The AMP lacks an "IR eye" but uses a mini mono jack IR input and I have the codes from the manufacturer. The amp also has a DC trigger input but my DAC/Preamp lacks the desired...
  20. S

    harmony hub + Samsung TV + Sky Q

    I need someones guidance, i have just installed a Harmony hub (and Echo Dot) and am having trouble getting the hub to put my older Samsung TV into Standby mode. It switches on (Including my Sky Q and Sonos soundbar) with no problem. Also, can anyone help with what commands i can expect to work...
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