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  1. Flashy

    Harmony Elite users – minor battery indicator bug

    After charging my Harmony Elite and removing it from the cradle the battery level indicator is the same as when it was put in. If I put the charger back in the cradle and remove it immediately, the indicator shows correctly. Weird, only slightly irritating (but irritating nonetheless) and...
  2. richie h

    Question Harmony elite and Google now box

    Hello all, What's the best avenue to go down to get my basic harmony activities voice controlled. I'd wanted to get a Google now box but it says on logitech site it's only compatible with the US Google assistant? Anyone got any advice? I liked the idea of my kids asking Google questions they...
  3. M

    Problems Editing Fav Channels - Harmony Elite

    Using Logitech Harmony Elite Running the 'My Harmony' desktop app on windows 10 desktop (creator's update installed) and am unable to re-arrange (or move to the bin) favourite channels using the software. I know there was a recent update to the app but logitech support seem unaware of anyone...
  4. M

    Question Harmony elite favourite channels problem

    so I've set up the watch tv, I have a Samsung tv, on the touch screen I have my favourite channels setup, however, no matter what icon I press all I get is a 1 appear on the screen and it goes to BBC 1. Now my favourites start with BBC 1 HD which is channel 101, so it just won't select it, in...
  5. D

    Harmony Elite -activity generation?

    Hi, I am contemplating upgrading from my Harmony 1000 to the Elite (as I now have some RF HA devices that the 1000 cannot control). However, I have 3 playback devices, 2 audio systems and two display devices, and at one time or another I use all combinations, which requires a total of 12...
  6. G

    Question Harmony Elite Numeric Keypad

    I've just got a Harmony Elite, which is working well except for one problem. The numeric keypad, which is a couple of swipes away using the main touchscreen, is empty. I see the grid, and a title header marked '123' but all I see is a blank grid. Has anybody else encountered this? Don't...
  7. Flashy

    Harmony Elite response lag

    Apologies if this has cropped up before, but I've trawled the web and can't find anything. Replaced my Harmony 650 with an Elite thanks to Prime Day. All set up and working fine. Only minor gripe is that the response from the Elite is slower than the 650, which was instant. For example...
  8. P

    Question Harmony Elite and PS4

    Hi all, I just bought the harmony elite and noticed that when setting it up with the PS4, the power down sequence enters the PS4 into rest mode. Ideally, I'd like to power it off completely. Does anyone know if this can be changed? Also, I know that you cant power on the PS4 with the harmony...
  9. JohnWB

    Logitech harmony Elite backlight is not very bright.

    I have just setup my new Logitech Elite and it's great exept the backlight is not very bright. I have seen people say "Make sure you go into remote settings and increase backlighting to maximum" but when i go into remote settings using my iPad tbe backlight adjust is not there. Do i need to be...
  10. philbot

    Bargain Harmony Elite - Amazon Prime

    Just grabbed a bargain - £112.49 Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub and App: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics
  11. Sloppy Bob

    Bargain Logitech Harmony Elite Remote, Hub and App - £112.49 @ Amazon (Prime Day Deals)

    Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub and App: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics Normal Price £227.99 Definitely one for the Home Theater enthusiasts on the forum.
  12. AidenL

    Question Harmony Elite Question

    I have a Control 4 installation, but its been very unreliable and unsatisfactory, probably due to the way my installer set it up. So Im thinking about removing it and returning to Harmony. This will save constant charges from the installer every time I need to modify something also. Couple of...
  13. DTech

    Harmony elite plus hub - any ideas?

    I am struggling to set up my harmony elite/hub - can anyone point me in the right direction? I route multiple inputs via my Anthem receiver to either a plasma or alternatively a projector with a screen that drops down in front of the plasma - anyone have a similar set up? Am struggling with...
  14. tillytomps

    Question Harmony Elite

    Hi Guys, sorry for the noob question but i have tried searching the net and all the information seems to contradict itself so i though i would ask,before i waste my money Basically i want to control my HiFi and AV receiver from another room and thought the elite would do this with RF, but the...
  15. N

    Harmony Elite - Roku Favourite Icons

    I am trying to make the setup on my Harmony Elite a bit better. However I am struggling with the icons for the Roku, as some dont appear, they simply have a number code. In the Harmony software I can manage the favourite channels for the "Watch TV" activity, but not for the other activities. I...
  16. LeeDicko

    Answered Harmony Elite remote constantly switching screen on the touch screen when it awakes?

    Each time I pick up my Harmony Elite, it switches to the number pad section on the touch screen instead of the favourites section, which is the only screen I ever use. The favourites is set up as my home screen, yet whenever I leave it on the favorites bit, then the remote goes to sleep, it...
  17. avp

    Question Help setting up Harmony Elite

    Need help please. :) I have bought a Elite with hub and want to make sure it will work with my setup before I open it. I have my TV in the lounge and my Sky Q box and Apple TV4 in a rack in a different room. Obviously I want to be able to control the devices from the lounge but I'm not sure how...
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