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  1. G

    Harmony Elite and LG OLED55E6V

    I have a Harmony Elite arriving tomorrow to replace a boatload of remotes (8) cluttering up my coffee table and was wondering whether there might be a discrete code to select certain functions on my LG TV that even the factory remote doesn't seem to have? Tall order/long shot I know but the way...
  2. tenohfive

    Harmony Elite and Fire TV - steps

    I've recently setup my Harmony Elite. On activity I'm trying to setup is to get it to open a specific app on my Fire TV. It all looks theoretically possible but doesn't seem to be working in practice. 3 main elements - TV (on a smart plug - it's an old thing, not CEC compatible.) AVR. Fire TV...
  3. The Dreamer

    Bargain Expired Logitech Harmony Elite - £149 Amazon DotD

    Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub and App, works with Alexa I guess £149 is the new £139?:rolleyes:
  4. Jules

    Strange Harmony Elite / Hue issue since adding companion

    I had 3 hue lights working perfectly with my Logitech Harmony Elite/Hub for ages.... with each light mapped to a separate home control button. 3 days ago I added a Harmony Companion to the hub and applied the same button mappings relating to the Hue lights. However, since then the Elite has...
  5. lmccauley

    Question How do I set the Input on my LG OLED65B7 to Live TV in a Logitech Harmony Elite activity?

    How do I set the Input on my LG OLED65B7 to Live TV in a Logitech Harmony Elite activity? I have the following activity set up: LG TV Power On LG TV Input: TV Arcam Amp Power On Arcam Amp Input: AV However, what I am finding is that the LG TV is setting the input to the first...
  6. dasmith

    Using Harmony Elite with Sky Planner

    I’m think of getting one of these but before I do I need to know if it operates Sky HD as the Sky HD Remote does. Can it select the planner and scroll pages etc? I need it to be a simple process for me to sell it to her in doors and the kids!!
  7. M

    Harmony Elite Home Automation Buttons

    Hi all, seems like a simple problem, but can't find a way of doing it. The light/socket buttons are set so Press is on, Long press is off. How can I swap these commands round. I can't see a way of editing them on Windows software or mobile app. I want to long press on, short press off. Thanks...
  8. dUnKle

    Question Harmony Elite - Changing Order and Delays

    I have had Harmony remotes for years (at least over 10) so im guessing my question is possibly me just being dumb and missing something thats changed as swear it used to be simple How can I (a) change order in which devices are switched on / off (b) change order inputs are changed and (c)...
  9. Tase

    Question Harmony Elite and Echo dot

    Hi guys, Bought an echo dot today to go with the remote but after initially working I now cannot get Alexa to change channels at all. All she keeps saying is “i could not find any enabled video skills”. Not sure why I need video skills? I have the Harmony blue skill all set up and the remote...
  10. W

    Question Harmony Elite - no channel numbers

    I received my new Harmony Elite yesterday and had everything set up and basically working. A notification told me it needed a software update so I returned it to the stand, but since then I cannot see any channel numbers whilst in the Watch TV activity. I can swipe to the page where they should...
  11. A

    Harmony Elite Apple TV skip tracks on Airplay

    Apologies for the specific set of criteria! When I Airplay music to Apple TV (4th gen) from my phone, I can use the siri remote or remote on my phone to skip tracks backwards and forwards. However, I can't for the life of me work out which command facilitates this in the Harmony commands. I've...
  12. thatone

    Question Newbie alert, Google Home Mini and Harmony Elite.

    Just dipped my toe in the world of home automation with the above purchases. Picking up the Google Home Mini tomorrow, and the Harmony will be with me, middle of next week. I have a smart tv in the lounge, and a standard in the bedroom, both Pany's and the bedroom one will have a newer...
  13. DemonAV

    Question Any Harmony Elite compatible HDMI switchers about?

    Hi guys. As above really. Looking for a HDMI switcher that I can program into my Harmony Elite as part of a Harmony routine. So when I activate turn on TV or turn on NowTV the Harmony hub/remote will turn the switcher onto its correct input. TV & NowTV will be sharing the same HDMI input on my...
  14. NorvernRob

    Problems setting up Harmony Elite.

    Morning all. So I’ve bought a Harmony Elite, and ready to throw it out of the window! I’ve tried to set it up via the app, but I get a message saying the remote needs an update and I need to do it via a PC. This in itself was massively annoying as I don’t have a PC! I’ve borrowed a laptop...
  15. walshy77

    Question Harmony Elite AVR issue

    I got the Elite at the weekend and have set everything up ok.....it works well enough EXCEPT I have to have my cabinet door open for it to operate my Denon. I have the hub inside the next cabinet ( as recommended) and the RF transmitter on top of the cabinet above the AVR..but the remote will...
  16. Sloppy Bob

    Harmony Elite and Hub help...

    As per title I have a Harmony Elite remote and Hub. It was pretty easy to setup and has worked fine since I got it. Battery ran out completely last night and was left to charge overnight. Now it just comes up with "You have to use the Harmony app to pair this device", so I do that, it tells me...
  17. jonniewotsit

    Question Harmony Elite IP Control?

    Hi, Have just set up a new cinema room with sony projector and fixed screen. The projector is fed from an output on a blustream 4x4 matrix located in a loft room next door. The matrix inputs are two sky+hd digiboxes, sony blu-ray and sPro IP CCTV NVR. Also have a 7.1 NR676 onkyo amp feeding the...
  18. redboy1

    Question Harmony Elite not sending command

    When i press my 'use PC activity' It does not always switch the tv to hdmi 1. Always works i press HELP though!?!?!
  19. R

    Harmony elite power on activity while using CEC arc

    Hi guy's im gonna get my harmony elite today and while planning the steps in my head i ran into a possible problem. I have an lg c7 and an onkyo ht-s9800, my tv can send DD+ and atmos over arc so i can use the tv's build in apps and get the best sound quality. Optical can only do 5.1 as far as...
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