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  1. S

    Harmony Elite problems

    Hi Everyone, I have a Harmony remote and while I love it when it works I am having one major issue. Here is my full complete set up of devices that I am using with the remote: LG CX LG S9NYG Soundbar using ARC DIRECTV DVR HR54-700 Knivo 501bn HDMI switch Xbox series X Apple TV 4 non 4K The...
  2. A

    Harmony Elite Input issue on Android TV

    I have a Sony F900X and watch TV on a local SatBox (like Sky). For the "Watch TV" activity, my sequence is as follows: Sony TV (Power On), SatBox (Power On), Sony TV (Input HDMI 4). When I turn on the activity both TV and SatBox turns on and for a second or 2 it stays on SatBox channel and then...
  3. joner7777

    Harmony elite not switching hdmi in jvc x3

    I set up a activity to use hdmi 1 on a jvc x3 projector ,I went through the correct procedure but when switching from one activity using hdmi 2 back to hdmi 1 it sticks on 2. if I use fix my activity , it is listed there and works but won't do it automatically. Any ideas , Thanks
  4. Sloppy Bob

    Issues with Harmony Elite/Hub repeating commands from the navigation button.

    Hope someone can help with this. I have the Harmony Elite and Hub, it generally works fine, had the odd thing but it's one of these devices that once you've set it up it "just works" In the last week, the navigation button and only that button has started repeating commands, to the extreme. I...
  5. M

    Harmony Elite HTTP control?

    So, If i end up purchasing a Harmony Elite, can i do some advanced features with it? Essentially i have two pieces of kit that require HTTP GET's so trigger an action. One of them is an hdanywhere matrix which has IR, however it's placed far away in a rack. It does have IR on it but i was...
  6. Dasiz

    Marantz Sr6012 and Alexa

    Hi all, Just purchased an amazon Alexa dot and have started pairing it with all my devices including a harmony elite.. all seemingly works pretty well (most tests I have done have been from the harmony though). Now the main thing I can’t seem to get working is with Spotify.. I have separate...
  7. Dasiz

    Question New remote help please

    Hi All, I currently have an LG B7 tv in main room along with Marantz sr6012, sky+ and PS4 pro. I also have a Samsung tv in the second zone (everything goes through the amp). Recently Arc just stopped working, coincided with a receiver fw update. So i'm thinking of going down the all in one...
  8. EntryLevel

    Question Launch apps with Harmony

    I picked up an Xbox One X on black Friday and would like to transition to using it as my media hub (rather than the seperate TV apps, Roku, youview and Blu-ray player combo) One thing I would like to be able to do is launch the apps directly with my Logitech harmony elite. Is there a way to...
  9. R

    Basic universal remote question

    Have an old Panasonic plasma that we just upgtaded to Samsung NU7100series. Used to use a Harmony remote 900 (RF and IR) which no lomger works well so would like to upgrade remote too. We conrtolled TV with IR and TV.XBox/DVR/AVR with the RF capabilities. Looking at newer Harmony remotes, it...
  10. Mystery Man

    Logitech ultimate keeps freezing

    the buttons on the remote are working but the touch screen keeps freezing. I have tried holding down the power button which resets the unit but still no joy. The screen is occasionally working but 90% of the time it doesn’t. Any ideas?
  11. ben16v

    Question alexa, harmony elite, denon 4300, spotify... cmon somebody must know!!

    hey, new to this home automation lark and have the above kit - already started looking at hue etc but that looks an even darker tunnel. what i need to know is which way to focus my desire for control? ideally i think voice over alexa to control the harmony (so i could use the actual remote as...
  12. Smudger1

    Question Harmony Elite & Smart TV sound

    I recently got a Harmony Elite and Hub from Amazon while it was on special offer, and it's working OK apart from 1 major bugbear. Whenever I use the Smart TV activity, I get sound through the TV, not through the amp. The Activity is set to switch on the amp to AV4 (arc channel) and switch on...
  13. The Dreamer

    Bargain Expired Harmony Elite - bank holiday sale Amazon

    ...as per title - down to £129 again.
  14. A

    Question Harmony Elite IP and IR issues with Sony Smart TV

    Hi Been using a Harmony Elite & hub for sometime now (long time Harmony user, 3 previous generations), but just replaced 12 year old LCD Sony TV with new Sony OLED Smart TV. Only the TV is in my lounge, all other hardware in a cupboard in another room, and all has been fine. Old TV was...
  15. Roohster

    Bargain Expired Harmony Elite £129 Amazon Prime Day

  16. B

    Harmony Elite Question

    Afternoon all, I have completed my humble wife friendly home cinema which involved going back to bare brick so I'll post up soon in the gallery section to show the transformation. However, now its completed its given me time to have a mess about with my new toys, one of which is a Harmony...
  17. AlanX

    Question How to add existing room lighting to Harmony Elite control?

    I recently acquired a Logitech Harmony Elite, and have got it set up to control my AV set-up. I'd now like to add some lighting control in the same room, either as separate Activities or included in the AV switch-on/off sequences. I can see that I can incorporate Philips Hue products. But I...
  18. scott178

    Question Harmony Elite and Alexa

    Hi Guys Looking for a bit of help just bought a harmony elite but I’m having problems with voice control via Alexa. I have favourites set up and icons on the remote. Alexa will begin activities ok and will change channel if I say the number of the channel I want, but if I ask for a specific...
  19. chrisgeary

    Updating hue scenes on harmony elite

    Anyone know how to get the harmony elite to register an updated hue scene? I've tried refreshing the hue device, re-pair, renaming the scene - so far the only thing that works is recreating the scene from scratch. There must be a better way, anyone know how?
  20. S

    Harmony Elite power outlet buttons

    i was sat last night and thought, what are the point of these buttons? then i thought, wi wonder what other people use them for? I have hue set up so the light buttons (opposite side) are brilliant and very handy
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