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  1. N

    Harman Kardon & Samsung, is it over?

    Hey guys, I noticed that 100% of Samsung 2020 soundbars lineup are missing Harman Kardon name and logo for the first time in a while. Does that mean that HK didn’t get involved in developing the 2020 models? Samsung is referring to a team at its California facility to be the one behind the...
  2. S

    Question Harman Kardon Low Volume Issues

    **Harman Kardon Low Volume Issues** Hello I have a Harman Kardon AVR 254. It was working perfectly fine. I haven’t used it in a few years and it was stored in a relatively dusty area. Today I brought it out to set it up, connected all the wires to the speakers and devices and TV. Started by...
  3. A

    Receiver Harman Kardon 151S "freezes" with HDMI ARC

    Hello guys. I bough the HK 151S around 2 years ago, I had a TV and I plugged all the HDMIs in the receiver and only one HDMI connected from the receiver to the TV, worked perfect and I never had any problems. Last week I bought a new TV(Samsung Q90R) and as it is 4K, I have my PS4 and cable...
  4. Sibling

    Harman kardon avr5550

    I have just got a harman kardon avr5550 and have connected two speakers to the front speaker connections on the back of it as well as a cd player and a twin cassette tape deck but cannot get any sound from it am i doing anything wrong???
  5. Eyesbear

    Question $375 used Sony ST5000 vs $720 New Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 + Subwoofer

    Hey folks, a neighbour is selling his barely used but out of warranty ST5000 (with sub) for $375. The whole thing is still wrapped in box, clean and sounds perfectly fine. Amazon also has a deal for the HK Enchant 1300 + Subwoofer for $720 which was originally supposed to be around $2000...
  6. V

    Question Yamaha Yas 209 or Samsung Harman Kardon HWQ60R?

    Hi everyone, I'm planning on buying a soundbar for my Samsung QE55Q6FN as I'm sick and tired of the less than stellar sound you get out of it when trying to watch Netflix etc, I was pretty set on the YAS 209 despite not really wanting Alexa but have seen the HWQ60R for a similar price, within...
  7. A

    Vintage Harman Kardon AVR 165 no video/sound anymore ( hdmi )

    I got my HK AVR165 and I think I busted of the Hdmi while I'm changing the cable without turn off the AVR. - There is no video/audio in-out now, except the yellow video out for setting up. - When the AVR is good before, there are switching sound/click when i change the channel, but now no sound...
  8. Ethan44

    HELP! HW-Q80R, SWA-9000s and Xbox One X

    Hello all, I am at my wits’ end so I’m turning to you for help. I purchased a Samsung Harman Kardon Q80R and paired it with the only device I use, my Xbox One X by HDMI. After playing with all the sound settings I wasn’t entirely impressed with the immersive sound so I purchased the optional...
  9. vidhun

    checking compatibility Harman kardon HKTS 16BQ and Yamaha rx v475

    hi , kindly advise !! I already bought Harman kardon HKTS 16 BQ and planning to Buy a AVR for it. Is Yamaha RX V475 is good option? What we need to check before buying the AVR ?
  10. Bwsand

    70UK6570AUB and Harman Kardon sb16 issues

    I have an LG70UK6570AUB and I'm trying to connect my Harman Kardon SB 16
  11. D

    Please help

    Hi everyone, hopefully I’m on the right place, I’ve got Harman & Kardon receiver model HS250, so my question is how to connect usb or phone to listening music .. Thanks in advance.
  12. D

    PC does not detect harman AV

    Hi guys! I have been watching 4k blu ray movies on my UBP-X700 for some time now. The blu-ray player, just as my ROG laptop was connected to my harman/kardon AVR 171s via HDMI. I recently bought a pc with an RTX card. I connected the hdmi to one of the hdmi slots on the card and connected it to...
  13. sradesign

    Question Harman Kardon Onyx problem turn on

    I've got a harman kardon onyx which is powering up with no issue trough AC Adaptor and working fine but when I disconnect the AC Adaptor it doesn't power up at all by the way battery charging with no issue and it has now around 70 percent of charge I can see the lights on the the device for...
  14. O

    Question Connecting Harman Kardon Siunsticks to Bluetooth Receiver

    ive got a Harman Kardon Soundsticks 3 speaker system but would like to connect it to a Bluetooth receiver so I can stream music from my phone. The speakers have a male USB cable as it’s only connector. Does anyone know how/if I can do this? I tried an RCA to female USB cable but this didn’t work.
  15. Ed Selley

    Harman Kardon Citation 500 Wireless Speaker Review & Comments

    Harman Kardon’s range of Google Cast and Assistant speakers is broad in scope and nothing if not ambitious. Does the largest single box speaker in the range stack up? Read the review. Write your own review for Harman Kardon Citation 500
  16. Steve Withers

    Harman Kardon Citation Bar Review & Comments

    The Harman Kardon Citation Bar combines Scandinavian design, sophisticated sound quality, multiroom functionality, and Google Assistant, to create a super-smart soundbar. Read the review. Write your own review for Harman Kardon Citation Bar
  17. Ezilyamuzed

    Samsung Harman Kardon HW-Q80R Series Soundbar

    I wasn't able to get the HW-Q90R, so I have the HW-Q80R which is the same soundbar/sub without the wireless rear speakers. The Samsung website states you can add the rear speakers, but all I can find is the Samsung SWA-9000S Rear Wireless Speaker Kit, which doesn't have up-firing drivers...
  18. D

    Question Samsung N850 with rear speakers vs N950

    Hi All, I just bought N850 and rear speaker kit SW-9000 (got them for free as part of promotion) There is a 400$ difference between N850 and N950. With my current setup N850 with SW9000 kit does this make my system - 7.1.2? Will I notice significant difference if I get N950? I still have 1...
  19. N

    Dolby TrueHD receiver

    Hi folks, I have a Harman Kardon speakers (HTKS 11) and subwoofer (Sub TS11), and I need to upgrade my receiver to something that supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD master audio, and also supports bluetooth connectivity. Does anyone know an affordable option, preferably no more than £200...
  20. S3s220390

    Question Integrated amplifier suggestion

    Hello I want to change my amplifier.i currently own a harman kardon integrated amplifier Hk980 rated at 2x80w and i was looking for a replacement with marantz pm6006 or harman kardon hk3770 both are the same price. Marantz has a lower power output but great reviews on sound quality and Harman...
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