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Harman Kardon (styled as harman/kardon) is a division of Harman International Industries and manufactures home and car audio equipment. It was founded in 1953 by Sidney Harman and Bernard Kardon.

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  1. Question harman kardon bds 570 480i output?

    hi there. does anyone out there know if the bds 570 player from harman kardon is capable of outputting a 480i signal when playing back dvd discs with a compatible display? i can only see mention of 480p in the manual... thank you :]
  2. L

    Question LG OLED/Blueray set up

    Looking for anyone's help with how to set up a new LG OLED C2 TV with a Sky HDR box and a Harman Kardon BDS580 (2013 model) Bluray surround sound system. I'm seeing conflicting information on a few websites and videos. Does anyone have any help for this situation. TIA
  3. D

    Question HMDMI signal cutting out on Harman/Kardon 158 AVR

    Hello, I have a setup of Laptop -> AVR -> TV. Elements are connected via two 2m HDMI cables. Recently I replaced the TV (Samsung UE40B6000VP), and around that time time the HDMI signal started cutting out for a second or two every 20-60 minutes. Troubleshooting I have done: try different...
  4. V


    Buenas a todos. Pregunto a los expertos del foro por si me pueden aconsejar. Vengo de un HARMAN KARDON 3500 de hace casi 20 años que sigue alucinándome cómo saca el sonido. Lo tengo enganchado a unos ALTAVOCES de MADERA DE INFINITY ALPHA 5 que suenan increíble. Pero creo que ha llegado el...
  5. Fennexx

    Harman Kardon R50 Issues (Mini cooper S)

    Hi there! I havea 2004 R53 mini cooper S and been working on it for a while, since there were more important issues like overheating, I never got to test other things like the radio. So when I got it the radio didn't work at all, now I finally spent time on it, I found the radio fuse was gone...
  6. E

    FireStick 4K Max with Grandpa Harman Kardon AVR 235 no audio.

    Hey Guys, looking for some input here as i've lost some sleep last night trying to figure this out out. Before I go into some low level detail, I've tested my setup via my old Roku 3 / Nintendo Switch, and its bang on working great. Issue is with the firesticks. I have around 5 of them...
  7. C

    'Ol Harman Kardon HK-630 IR codes

    Thanks for having me on this forum! I've got a Harman Kardon HK-630 amp. Nothing special by todays standards, but still more than enough for what I need it for. Only thing that bothers me is that I don't have a remote for it - and I can't control power/volume remotely without one (duh). Was...
  8. John Archer

    Harman Kardon Citation MultiBeam 1100 Review & Comments

    Even with all the audio expertise at its beck and call, Harman Kardon takes it time releasing soundbars; so when one drops, it's definitely worth a look. How does the Citation MultiBeam 1100 stack up in a hotly contested sector of the home audio market? Read the review. Write your own review...
  9. A

    Harman Kardon AVR 255 HDMI PCB

    Hi. New to this forum, but hoping some of you specialists may be able to help? After many years of enjoying our AVR set up for a home cinema we have a problem with HDMI Output. Initially intermittent, but now gone when switch across sources, or when the unit heats up. I've been advised that...
  10. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Harman Kardon unveils Citation MultiBeam 1100 soundbar

    It comes with Dolby Atmos and the company’s own MultiBeam tech for an immersive 3D audio experience. Read the news.
  11. M

    Harman Kardon 620 -volume/bas/treble knob

    Hi! I need one knob? Anyone who can help me???? Same model on: HK610, 630, 640, 650, 660, 680....... AVR20........... / Mattias
  12. gr8fuldee

    Volume Control of HK AVR 330 with Siri Remote (2021)

    Hi! I’m new here, any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated!! I recently purchased the new 2021 Apple TV Siri remote, honestly mainly for the mute button. When I first got it, the volume and mute functions DID control my receiver, but I messed with the settings somewhere and now those...
  13. D

    2 new AV Receivers required, people with Lexicon / Harman Kardon knowledge or similar

    Hi All, Looking for advise on replacement av receivers as my knowledge and experience may be a little dated these days. 1st receiver is to replace a Lexicon RV-5. These were around £4k back in the day so happy to spend similar now. My criteria for this is ultimate sound quality, i.e. a full...
  14. Edgie70

    Sonos or Harman Kardon

    Hi all , so Ive got my eye on the Sonos beam gen 2 , my mate has a H.K speaker and he said he listened to a Sonos and a H.K and said H.K blow Sonos out of the water , I'm wondering if anyone has a H.K soundbar and if so whats it like ??? Many thanks
  15. t1mmy

    Mini Convertible Harman Kardon

    Hi, I’m likely to be ordering a new Mini JCW convertible in the near future and am considering specking the Harman Kardon stereo upgrade. Have any of you had this in a Mini (ideally a convertible), if yes, what are your thoughts on it? Years ago I had a few Mazda company cars with the Bose...
  16. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Harman Kardon announces Radiance 2400 wireless audio system

    The Radiance 2400 system brings together ultra-slim speakers, a subwoofer and a digital hub in a minimalist design for a premium wireless home audio experience. Read the news.
  17. 1

    DENON PMA-150h vs Harman Kardon HK980

    Hi All, I’m looking to update my system. I currently have an HK980 amp driving some Q Acoustics 3020’s and also have a separate Anthony Gallo sub. I like the look and features of the Denon 150h but compared to my existing amp it’s very under powered. I listen to a lot of of varied music and...
  18. wishywashyolly

    Harmon Kardon AVR151 optical drops out

    Hi, I recently purchased a second hand Harmon Kardon AVR151 receiver. The TV audio is connected to the amp with a digital optical cable and most of the time it’s ok but it does randomly seem to lose the signal - or it could be something else but the end result via the same. The amp just doesn’t...
  19. T

    Harman Kardon HS200 - Not Playing Disc

    Hi guys, i have a problem with a harman kardon hs200 not playing discs. I replaced all the capacitors on the secondary of the power supply, replaced the laser and replaced the loader ic, but the problem did not go away. Could you help me? Thanks P.S. I'm sorry for my bad english, but i'm...
  20. D

    Question Harman Kardon AVR 161 - HKTS 200 doesn’t produce sound (except when testing)

    Good morning, I have a problem with my Harman Kardon AVR 161. Problem is the following: I have an AVR 161 receiver from Harman Kardon with the HKTS 9 speaker set and corresponding sub (HKTS 200). In the setup, the sub does make a connection with the receiver (because the sound indication/...
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