1. C

    Viewing videos on TV Via an External Hard Drive

    Hi Everyone Can someone out there put me straight, I’ve got a Topfield PVR and because its full I’ve copied some of the video recordings from it onto another external hard drive namely a Seagate. I’ve done this via my desktop computer using a programme called Antares. Now what I’ve been doing...
  2. chaz

    3.5 Hard drive case with USB output

    I have a 1Tb Hard drive with all my films on which is siting in my Media Player at the Moment I need a protective Case as I am going to use in the Garden connected to my outside Projector to show films. I do have USB and HDMI on the projector but I also brought this small unit that converts USB...
  3. 1

    My second hard drive has failed.

    My PC stopped working the other day. It booted, but was stuck on the Windows 10 loading screen. It's my fault. I was getting the 'S.M.A.R.T status bad backup and replace' message on start up which sent me to BIOS. I didn't know what drive was corrupted. I just exited BIOS without saving and my...
  4. hotlips69

    65nano996 hard reset?

    I'm really struggling with my 65nano996 TV as I urgently need to factory reset this as many of the menu options have become greyed out (including the reset to initial settings) & the TV is not letting me do things (like speech control) that it used to do perfectly. I've spent ages online...
  5. A

    Help please: Sony HXD870 hard drive swap (not upgrade)

    Hi, The DVD drive in my much loved 870 has finally died after a few years of being increasingly unreliable, I'd really like to copy some of our stuff on its hard drive onto DVDs - should have done this before! I've picked up another 870 which all works fine, and was hoping to swap the hard...
  6. K

    Hard Drive which is best for long life

    What is best for a NAS hard drive lifespan? a. leave it running b. let it hibernate This is not straight forward because Nas specific drives are made more durable and there is an argument that keep spinning the hard drive up out of hibernation causes more wear than leaving it constantly...
  7. S

    Will a Sky DRX895 work without a hard drive?

    Hi, Does anyone know if a Sky DRX895 2TB will work without a hard drive present? Will it operate in diskless mode? I cant seem to find the answer anywhere Thanks
  8. O

    Question HP N40L - 8TB Hard drives

    Hi there I have an N40L with Bios ID 41 dated 10/01/2013. I am booting off a flash drive using freenas. The issue I am facing is that the N40L does not detect any of the 4 8TBs in the BIOS. It detects that somethings plug in at Post level i.e. AHCI scanning but in the BIOS itself none of the...

    Question HARD BOILED Chow Yun-Fat

    Anyone know what the best version on Blu Ray/DVD is to buy. Thanks
  10. M

    Question Hard drive not initialised!

    I had a power cut and my computer went off. After the power came back on my external hard drive does not show up in my computer. It says it needs to be initialised. It also shows up as unknown and not initialised in computer management. It does not allow data recovery software to read the drive...
  11. SFkilla

    The Hard Way: Japanese Artwork Series #6 (Blu-ray Steelbook) (DE)

    The Hard Way: Japanese Artwork Series #6 (Blu-ray Steelbook) Purchase link: Amazon.de Release date: 19/11/2020 Status: Available to pre-order
  12. F

    Question Hard Drive for LG CX Recording

    Hi, could someone please advise/recommend me on a hard disk drive that works for recording with the CX Model. I've now tried 2 different drives, formatted correctly, 1 worked but could not record to it, the other was not even recognised. I'm after approx a 1TB drive from Amazon. Thanks in advance
  13. P

    Hard Kill - Bruce Willis

    Definitely VOD or Streaming service release by the looks of it. Just what has happened to Bruce Willis? Seems to take any old pay cheque, abit like Nicholas Cage.
  14. D

    Connecting a hard drive to samsung tv

    Hi I am trying to connect a 2.5 hard drive to my Samsung series 6 TV when I plug it in to usb it flashes and you can feel disc is spinning but TV does not seem reconize it when I unplug it it says fli unplugged what am I doing wrong . I am trying to record programs .also it does not appear in...
  15. D

    Blue ray and hard drive

    Hi I have a Samsung 6 series TV I would like to get a hard drive with dvd/blue ray to record play dvd/blue rays, is it possible to integrate it so it works with one remote do Samsung make anything to do the job. Thanks for reading this any ideas would helpful many thanks Cheers
  16. Oily

    Question Hard wiring an active soundbar?

    Just wondering if you could hard wire an active soundbar to a AV receiver by bypassing the soundbars own electrics,i.e not being plugged in etc ? Just seen one on fleabay and wondered if it's feasible? Might open up my options if I can :)
  17. L

    Question Recover Files From Hard drive From Synology DS110j

    Hi all. As per the title I have a Hard drive with some personal data on which was fitted to a DS110j. I have put this in my Computer and the drive does not show in the explorer system but I can see this in windows disc management. I have googled this and found that I could try loading Ubuntu...
  18. PFML84

    Question Which Hard Drive Format Is Required?

    I have an external drive with a lot of content on it, it is formatted as exFAT so it can be accessed by my iMac and a Windows system. But when I plug it into my Hisense H43B7500UK it doesn't pick it up. So what format does it have to be for a Hisense TV? I hope there's a format that will suit...
  19. G

    How to play VR video from your hard drive?

    any vr video i play just shows spliced 2 images without full picture. i can play it in Youtube vr steam app but same videos downloaded on hard drive looks distorted
  20. B

    Question Xbox 360 hard drive transfer problem

    folks, I am trying to transfer content from my old hard drive on to my new(er) Xbox 360. Basically the old hard drive doesnt fit the newer square hmdi model. I have the transfer cable however when it I go through settings etc to get to the transfer page the xbox only recognises the old hard...
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