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  1. beatsinmyhead99

    For Sale HP Pavilion 690 with Monitor and Hard Drive

    Specs: Ryzen 3 2200g GTX 1050ti 8gb DDR4 RAM 1TB HDD SATA #3 Comes with: power cable, keyboard, mouse, 19 inch Insignia monitor and 1tb external Toshiba hard drive Shipping only Actual price is $500 + $14.49 shipping. Is also advertised on OfferUp.
  2. C

    For Sale PC build with i7 4790k 780ti 32 gig dd3 ram blu ray/dvd burner combi, 3tb Western Digital hard drive, 120 gig Crucial SSD

    For sale is the above pc, also has a CX600 power supply, and a free dvd burner/player combi as well and a wifi card, and if it sweetens the sale a X Fi Xtreme. Was in mint condition until a few days ago when 2 pieces of plastic snapped off usb ports at back, the ports still "work" its just the...
  3. M

    Can I access my PC's hard drive from my laptop?

    At the moment I can't physically get to my desktop PC workstation due to recovery from an injury. It's asleep in the loft and I can't climb the ladder! I would like to get to the apps and files on my PC's hard drive. My PC is connected to the router via a cable and the router is physically...
  4. castortroy2009

    Why does my Amlogic S912 not work with my Toshiba Canvio 1TB external hard drive?

    Why does my Amlogic S912 not work with my Toshiba Canvio 1TB external hard drive? When connected to the PC it works fine. I just tested all the sectors and it came back clean & I transferred over 700GB to it from the PC. The light on the hard drive is BLUE when connected to the PC. However...
  5. 1

    My second hard drive has failed.

    My PC stopped working the other day. It booted, but was stuck on the Windows 10 loading screen. It's my fault. I was getting the 'S.M.A.R.T status bad backup and replace' message on start up which sent me to BIOS. I didn't know what drive was corrupted. I just exited BIOS without saving and my...
  6. Scott Wright

    Bargain 4TB My Passport Hard Drive Reduced From £104.99 to £85.99. Expires 3rd April.

    WD 4 TB My Passport Portable Hard Drive with Password Protection and Auto Backup Software - Black - Works with PC, Xbox and PS4 No code required for deal. Expires 03/04, 22:59.
  7. Scott Wright

    Bargain External Hard Drive 10 Terabytes Reduced from £199.99 to £159.99. Expires 3rd April.

    WD 10 TB Elements Desktop External Hard Drive - USB 3.0, Black No code required. Expires 03/04, 22:59.
  8. Scott Wright

    Bargain External Hard Drive 10 Terabytes Reduced from £199.99 to £159.99. Expires 3rd April.

    WD 10 TB Elements Desktop External Hard Drive - USB 3.0, Black No code required. Expires 03/04, 22:59.
  9. R

    Camcorder videos to DVD or hard drive

    Hey I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I have came across a good number of my old camcorder tapes that I'd like to restore and not lose. Is there any way that I can convert these to either a DVD or a Hard Drive? Any help and tips would be appreciated :) Thank you
  10. I

    I have a new gaming pc im new to this

    I cleaned my hard drive and windows 10 won't install any help?
  11. A

    Help please: Sony HXD870 hard drive swap (not upgrade)

    Hi, The DVD drive in my much loved 870 has finally died after a few years of being increasingly unreliable, I'd really like to copy some of our stuff on its hard drive onto DVDs - should have done this before! I've picked up another 870 which all works fine, and was hoping to swap the hard...
  12. K

    Hard Drive which is best for long life

    What is best for a NAS hard drive lifespan? a. leave it running b. let it hibernate This is not straight forward because Nas specific drives are made more durable and there is an argument that keep spinning the hard drive up out of hibernation causes more wear than leaving it constantly...
  13. S

    Will a Sky DRX895 work without a hard drive?

    Hi, Does anyone know if a Sky DRX895 2TB will work without a hard drive present? Will it operate in diskless mode? I cant seem to find the answer anywhere Thanks
  14. P

    Samsung Q6FN External Hard Drive Issue

    hello i have been using a 4tb WD external hard drive for watching my films and tv shows through the samsung Q6FN built in media player. Everthing has been working fine but lately anything i copy to the hard drive shows as empty. the files can be seen and accessed fine through my pc, but once i...
  15. IVESY78

    Hard drive for apps and recordings

    Has anyone managed to put both apps and recordings from Freeview onto a hardrive/usb at the same time. I have a 58pus8535 and have been advised it can't be done but just seeing if anyone has managed it
  16. LuvCVs

    Question Arcam FMJ MS250 operating system on hard drive?

    Hi, I picked up this CD player for pennies because there might be a problem with the hard drive. Just want to know, does it have the OS stored on the hard drive or? I know it uses Windows ME, but I am thinking if it's stored on the HD then that is going to be one really hard fix? I presume...
  17. Squashbarefoot

    Hard drive warning, then turns off.

    Hi all, I have a Panasonic DMR EX97 hard drive recorder. A while ago suddenly it started recording a hard drive failure then turning it's self off. So armed with a new hard drive and firmware (USB) ready to go... I changed the hard drive. With great disappointment it still does the same...
  18. A

    playing back music from external hard drive

    Evening all, probably been asked before but here goes, i have a few hdd with music on and would like to play it back via my marantz seperates, my cd player has usb but doesn't like the hdd as its 500gb and 1tb, usb sticks seem ok. i dont want to use laptop, i dont use itunes, is there a device i...
  19. T0rNaDo

    hard drive brands/models

    i know ssd's are proberly the way to go. great for the desktop pc, but proberly a overkill for a storage caddy. im looking to upgrade the hdd in the caddy case as its only a 250gb one. so was thinking on a 1tb or 2tb sata.... but what brand/model to steer clear of. or who's hhd's are...
  20. H

    Panasonic -TX-58HX800B - Hard Drive ?

    I understand (from a pal) that my new tv can have a slot in hard drive fitted at the back ......... question 1 of course is what type would i need to buy and where could i get it from... and question 2 would i be able to record one programme and watch another, does the tv have a twin tuner. I...
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