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  1. I

    Ps5 external hard drive issues

    Hi, I couldn’t find any answers to my problem so here’s a new thread. So my issue happened today. I have finally bought a new external hard drive for my ps5, which is Surefire gx3 hdd, 2tb usb 3.2 gen 1. It all looked cool and promising until I plugged the thing in. I have transferred my games...
  2. masterchefpaul

    For Sale Ps4 console bundle 2tb hard drive upgrade

    Hi,you are looking at my ad for my ps4 console,which has had the hard drive upgraded to a 2tb Samsung spinpoint,same as the 500gb 1 i took out,also included will be an extra official controller,an official dualshock 4 charging station for 2 controllers,an official vertical stand,all of which is...
  3. 2

    For Sale Uniview 4 channel NVR Inc 4 TB hard drive. (UNVR301-04X-P4)

    Excellent condition, purchased April this year. Selling as I have upgraded to the 8 channel version. £120. 4CH PoE NVR HDD Up to 10TB AI Notifications on Humans/Vehicles Extended Transmission 250M PoE Distance Connect Upto 8MP (4K) IP Cameras Up to 4K HDMI / VGA monitor outputs EZView...
  4. J

    LG Oled 65C - External Hard Drive Partition Issue

    Hi folks, Strange one I think ... I have various 1TB hard drives and the same issue is happening with all of them when connecting to the LG. I format them as EXFAT. When I choose the 'recordings' option it shows there is only 195MB available so I can't record anything. When I choose the...
  5. B

    3.5inch SATA hard drive - how do i connect it using USB?

    hi all, i got a PC HDD that i took out from a tower PC. I now want to connect to it on my laptop to see what i have left on there. is there a USB to SATA adaptor? i can't see any on ebay that the right one.
  6. M

    Panasonic DMR BWT850 - Hard drive replacement

    Panasonic DMR BWT850EB - Hard drive replacement Hi all, I'm trying to replace a broken HD in my BWT850EB. There doesn't seem to be anything else wrong with the machine, power supplies fine etc. The original HD failed during a thunder storm and refused to respond at all, so ended up in the bin...
  7. Blaupunkt

    External Hard Drive.

    Hi, so my question is can I play updated PS4 games on the PS5 from a external hard drive on the PS5 or do they need to be on the main internal drive or a M.2 SSD because they have been updated. Would I be better off just buying a 2gig M.2 SSD for stuff I want to play on the SP5 and continuing...
  8. J

    Looking to rip all my discs to a hard drive. Advice welcome!

    Hi all, I'm considering going down the route of having a media hard drive for my various Blu Rays/4k discs. This is new territory for me, but I do like the idea of convenience. I have a few question if people might be able to help: 1. How woukd I go about ripping the discs so that picture...
  9. J

    panasonic dmr-BWT700 need to change hard drive

    How can I get hold of init data to installl new drive on the following device panasonic dmr-BWT700 need to change hard drive
  10. B

    Toshiba XV48DT-K-TB won't record to hard drive or dub?

    Hi, I have a Toshiba XV48DT-K-TB I am hoping someone can advise me on? it's still used regular. But I came to record on the Hard Drive the other day, pressed record, and a red record light appeared, 'blinking' on the bottom left of my screen, and it just won't record? I tried to Dub a...
  11. C

    1TB hard drive recommendations

    Hi all, I’d like to buy a 1TB hard drive for my Xbox but I don’t want to over pay. There are various options available on Amazon (UK). Can anyone recommend a 1TB hard drive at a decent price which will work just fine? I bought the Xbox one S without a disc drive so that’s why I’d like to...
  12. Stay Puft

    Partition Hard Drive?

    Rebuilding my HTPC instead of using a NAS. Currently have four or five 2TB hard drives - some partitioned into two where I store each category of media, IE, Films, TV Series, Documentaries, Kids TV, Christmas... whatever else. Looks pretty neat when I open Explorer as each hard drive is there...
  13. Timmy C

    Does LMS usually need to rescan after hard drive disconnection?

    In recent years I've been using a 24/7 powered up NAS to store music and a Rasp Pi with Max2play to run LMS but have recently been exploring other options, one being a USB hard drive attached directly to the Pi. However, it seems that if I disconnect and reconnect the drive, LMS requires a...
  14. GalacticaActual

    CCTV DVR hard drive help

    Hello everyone I have an old Swann DVR and two camera system. The DVR hard drive has failed. I took the old one out and have tried a couple of new ones, but the system does not recognise the new hard drive. Its does not matter what i do. It will say that i need to intialse the hard drive, but...
  15. J

    Arris Freesat 4k UHD hard drive is offline

    This box is not showing recordings and if you try and instant record it shows a message "hard drive is offline" in the information menu it shows the HDD and shows that it contains data. Any ideas, is there a hidden format menu ? Many thanks in advance Jamie.
  16. A

    Marantz Network CD Player ND8006 - still happy like a kid on Christmas Morn' - I want to hook up my external hard drive - best options?

    I have a Marantz Network CD Player ND8006 ND8006 CD Player - Digital Source Streaming or CD with HEOS® | Marantz™ and am delighted with it. Mid-fi system with my old Yamaha A 300 amp and some 30 year old but more than adequate Celestion 3 ways and some 100% OK Yamaha outdoor speakers. The...
  17. W

    Upgrading the xbox one x hard drive

    Probably been discussed here already but has anyone upgraded their one x to a SSD? Is it worth doing and was it easy? Which drive did you use and was there a noticeable increase in performance? Thanks
  18. A

    Films played from hard drive

    Hello I’m new to this. For some years I have been saving my DVD’s to hard drive using Slysoft AnyDVD HD to de-crypt and then Clone DVD to copy just the movie and then once on the hard drive they play instantly through my Technomate free to air satellite receiver via USB in the form of a .ts...
  19. C

    password protect external hard drive

    Hi I have a 4 Tb external hard drive that has amongst other things has my iTunes music folder on it, I'm wondering, If I have understood it correctly 1- if I use fire vault to do this the whole disk and files will be encrypted slowing down the speed of transfer? 2- If I use disk utility to do...
  20. J

    External hard drive question

    Recently bought a WD Black P10 5Tb drive to free up space on the internal drive. I moved and loaded some of the Ps4 games I've got on there. When I go to play one of the Ps4 games that are fully loaded and updated I get a system message telling me to insert the game disc and won't launch like I...
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