1. SyStemDeMoN


    My nephew likes his driving games and has a Logitech g920 steering wheel and wants a handbrake for christmas but my sister can't seem to find one compatible with the series X. Can anyone point me in the right direction ?? Thanks in advance.
  2. regular_guy28

    Handbrake (Subtitles) Idiots Guide

    Hi, I am in the process of making backups of my blu-ray/dvd collection but am struggling with subtitles in handbrake. I begin with creating an .mkv file using MakeMkv. I then run the MKV that I have created through Handbrake to reduce the file size. I just can't get subtitles to work the way...
  3. figrin_dan

    Desktop for handbrake

    Hi, –– ADVERTISEMENT –– I have been gifted a desktop pc to run handbrake (and nothing else!) It has a Gigabyte V58A-UDR3R motherboard, 6GB RAM, i7 [email protected] The graphics card has just expired. I don't recall the model but it was very large, with a black plastic cover and used its own...
  4. Stuart

    Question Converting Uncompressed VHS AVI Rips to MP4

    I've got several huge uncompressed AVI captures from old camcorder tapes that I'm looking to convert to usable/shareable MKV/MP4 versions. Any tips on best way to deal with deinterlacing etc (I want to create progressive I think as most will watch on devices that probably aren't good at...
  5. wiz

    Question MKV / Handbrake

    Been trying without success to rip Black panther and get the forced subtitles to work with MakeMKV. Run it through Handbrake and it works but I'm not familiar with Handbrake. I guess by the size of the file I'm losing quality somewhere..Yes? Any other way to get it to work with Make MKV been...
  6. pinkpixels

    Answered Handbrake question

    Hi, I am trying to decrease the size of some videos I did for work. The original file size is 700MB and it is a MOV file. I converted it to MP4 with my video editing software. I read about Handbrake online, downloaded it and have been trying to decrease the size of my video but no matter what...
  7. trireme32

    Question Handbrake conversion failing, cannot figure out why

    One out of a handful of mkv's I had queued up to convert failed. But I cannot figure out why. Here is the pastebin of the log: HandBrake 1.0.7 (2017040900) - 64bit OS: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.16278.0 - 64 - Pastebin.com Please note that I redacted the name of the movie and my username. I...
  8. El Jefe 2015

    Answered Handbrake Help (I'm at my wits end)

    Hey guys & girls, I really hope someone out there can help me before I go insane, anyway here's my problem: I am converting my DVD collection to digital format using handbrake to run in Plex & it's fine if converting a DVD that's already in 16:9 but if the DVD is in 4:3 like a tv recording or...
  9. C


    I have been using MakeMKV in combo with HANDBRAKE to transfer over some of my favourite BR discs to mp4s. Everything has been OK until yesterday when I got a really odd reading by HANDBRAKE of the original BR disc as copied via MakeMKV. This was a full 1920x1080p BR - but the reading came out...
  10. smallieboy

    Question Handbrake stops working when selecting 'source'

    Hi All I seem to have 'acquired' a problem with Handbrake. I hadn't used it for a while (about February 2016, I think) when I converted some files to watch on an Android tablet. Now, when I select a 'Source' I get a message saying 'Handbrake has stopped working' and then I have to close it...
  11. J

    Making a copy of my DVD with Handbrake

    I've seen a lot of posts related to CSS errors or decoding errors when making a personal copy of a DVD using Handbrake. I've been using Handbrake for years and have had more successes than failures. Recently, I've had several problems during the RIP or whatever you want to call it. My computer...
  12. C

    DIY projects, for sim racers.

    hello all, its been a while since i last posted in this forum. that being said i have been busy with project and such. today i have a couple of videos for anyone interested in building their own e-brakes, or or sequential shifter. also some update videos to certain projects. (upgrading some...
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