1. R

    50UM7600PLB Halo Effect

    As per the title suggests. I recently got hold of a 50UM7600PLB, which replaced a 2018 LG 50" TV. I have noticed that any text on a black background has a halo effect. This is especially noticeable on film credits. And the letterboxes top and bottom can often show a greyish line that moves with...
  2. Donali

    Could my BT Halo be frying my device ethernet ports?

    It might be coincidence but...... My Sky Q box was connected to Port 2 on my BT Home Hub. The Sky Q network suddenly stopped working. It would connect via wireless but the ethernet on the SKY Q box was dead. All my other devices were ok and worked on port 2. I received a new sky Q box...
  3. Paranormalist

    February 2020 Winner - Otherworldly

    On Saturday night there was a very noticable halo around the outer perimeter of the moon which is quite a rare thing to see. There's a saying that a far off ring is the sign of a near hand storm and that a near ring is the sign of a far off storm. The end result of this image has got an...
  4. Cha1ky

    Halo Infinite

    Might as well add this in here too
  5. sordid_sentinel

    AVF Halo 3 Tournament 2008

    Just found this in my Google Drive :laugh: 10 years ago. I'd completely forgotten about this until I saw the sheet. Crazy! Is anyone still about from then? Halo 3 Tourney Sept 2008 (Recovered) Looks like team 4 won but no thanks to me haha. You can still check the match results etc on...
  6. belfastbelfs

    Question Parasound Halo Hint 6 - opinions?

    Hi all, I recently came across this integrated amp, which has been released just recently by Parasound. So far from what I've heard and seen on the internet the reviews are really good. Has anybody had a chance to try it? Any opinions would be much appreciated. My speakers are KEF R900 and...
  7. MarkyPancake

    Halo Infinite

    It doesn't seem to matter how old I get, a Halo reveal always gets me excited. Never get tired of hearing that music. Here's the E3 announcement trailer for Halo Infinite:
  8. sordid_sentinel

    Halo 3 is 10 today

    Happy birthday to the best game ever! So much fun had. So many matches played. So many stickies stuck :clap: here are a couple that I did that are still saved on my Bungie account. Streamable - free video publishing Streamable - free video publishing All of your stats are still on Bungie.net...
  9. G

    Question Cable Suggestions for Parasound Halo Int and Oppo UDP-205

    I'm planning of building the following setup. Parasound Halo Integrated 2.1 Channel Integrated Amplifier (Model Halo Integrated « Parasound) Oppo UDP-205 4K Ultra HD Audiophile Blu-ray Disc Player (OPPO Digital - Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Players - Buy Direct from the Manufacturer) Focal Aria 906...
  10. Joe Pineapples

    'Halo' to be made standard for 2018

    F1 in 2018: Halo device confirmed by FIA for next season's cars
  11. EDDS

    Halo Wars: Definitive Edition

    So who is excited to get their codes tomorrow (fingers crossed). I'm hoping they are sent out on a first come first serve basis as I pre ordered the ultimate edition months ago.
  12. P

    Invert Y on Halo MCC

    Hi, just started the Halo MCC on the One. First level, Pillar of Autumn, ok auto inverted Y axis look. (I'm an old pc gamer!0) Stated second level on the ground and can't invert the Y axis. Set in settings but nothing happens. Except I end up spinning round looking at the sky whenever I'm...
  13. mentalpen

    Halo 5 Forge

    Hey guys. Is anyone trying this out? I would love to try and get a few games sorted out.
  14. gers1978

    Halo - Can't get MCC to install

    I have an Xbox One and used to have MCC, it installed and played fine. I traded the game in some time ago. This weekend I bought my son an Xbox One, along with MCC and some others games. Everything works fine, except MCC - it won't install. When we first tried it said there was a 19GB update...
  15. tazmago

    Halo - Installation issues

    Morning, I am currently having issues installing Halo 5 from disc. It has been installing all night, I checked this morning and it seems to have installed the game twice, as I have two Halo 5 game tiles in my game section. I no longer have any games in the queue section, but on the main...
  16. J

    BNIB Xbox 360 Halo 3 20gb Special Edition

    Stumbled accross an xbox 360 halo 3 edition brand new in the box, never opened. Are these worth anything or hold onto it for now?
  17. B

    RoadAngel Halo

    Just purchased one. Having trouble with picking up GPS. My Magellan Sat Nav picks up alright when attached to windscreen. Anyone else experiencing similar problem with their Halo?
  18. raigraphixs

    Halo 5 Forge Mode

    Considering the scope of the upcoming tools and if anyone wants to delve in and create levels, it will probably need it's own thread, hence here we are. It looks great and can't wait to play with it. Is Halo 5's New Forge Mode Worth Your Time? - GameSpot
  19. manowar68

    Halo - Cant get online

    Got the game today and when game loads up i get a message saying attention error authorising user with halo 5 services you will be unable to access online modes:( Any help as how to sort this out,i do have xbox live gold.
  20. Mr_Sukebe

    Question Halo effect with a DILA projector?

    More recently, I've started to notice a "halo" effect around some persona in movies. It's not consistent and is certainly not visible all the time. From reading, comments seem to suggest that LCOS/DILA projectors may be more prone to it. Additionally, that it's often caused by having too much...
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