1. S

    Wanted Faulty halo elite 2 controller

    Any faults considered as long as the pad is not cosmetically damaged
  2. Montefor

    For Sale Xbox series X Halo Infinite limited edition.

    Xbox series X Halo Infinite limited edition new. I purchased this around November 2021 directly from Microsoft but unfortunately the console was dead straight from the box so Microsoft replaced a brand new console, it was only switched on to check it was working okay, The Halo Infinite game is...
  3. R

    Halo live action TV series

    Anyone know any info on this? I was watching the announcment of the new Xbox and it was revealed about this new series. Heres the quote "And while a new ‘Halo’ video game has yet to be revealed, the company did announce a live-action Halo television series, to be executive produced by...
  4. kal77

    Halo 2022

    Anyone watched the first episode? Thoughts? Like the game? I enjoyed it, action packed from start to finish. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2934286/
  5. I

    Halo problem

    Hello everyone. For the past few days, the projector has been projecting a sort of orange halo, in a band along the edge. It is particularly noticeable when the projected image is white. I enclose a photo (in which I have highlighted the effect a bit because it was taken during the day). What...
  6. timdiesel22

    Hisense u7qft clouding, halo effect issue

    I purchased this TV about 3 or 4 months ago and have it set up to my virgin TiVo box. At first everything looked great apart from having some motion handling issues. I have noticed a few issues recently. There is horizontal banding across the screen when camera shots pan up and down. I can...
  7. jsl20

    Halo Infinite weird sound mixing

    Anyone getting funny sound mixing from Halo Infinite? For me it’s only sending cut scene dialogue and some low level sounds through the centre and all of the gun fire etc though the other channels. Also, now and again I hear what sounds like bullets bouncing off the wall behind me through a rear...
  8. T

    Can't seem to save progress playing Halo Infinite on the Xbox Series X

    Very happy to get a new Xbox Series X for Christmas and Halo Infinite, which I have started playing in Campaign mode. However, despite having various 'checkpoint reached' messages come up during my very early progress, when I switch off the console, non of my progress seems to have been saved! I...
  9. Alpina34

    Sky Q & BT Halo 3 500

    Morning, bit of advice please. I am upgrading my 50mb BT to BT halo 3+ 500 installed & am considering having the BT hub in the living room so that I can hard wire to Sky Q box Firstly I presume hard wiring will provide best results & secondly for my 4 minis, will I need 4 of the black bt...
  10. Ono

    Halo Infinite

    Just a heads up - the multiplayer which is free is up on Steam. Impressions later.
  11. H

    [Resolved] Horrific black splotches / marks / halo effects on Philips 65OLED935

    I have my Philips 65OLED935 plugged in to a computer via HDMI. I frequently notice really horrible, huge black splotches on the screen, especially when I'm browsing the web or viewing a window with lots of white background. Check out the video: I am guessing this is some kind of image...
  12. Promoted Content Poster

    Promoted Upcoming Xbox Games at Smyths Toys Gaming - Halo & Forza

    Halo The much anticipated Halo Infinite releases on the 8th of December 2021. Explore a stunning sci-fi world in Halo Infinite, the most expansive Master Chief campaign yet. Watch the captivating trailer here. Hope is lost and humanity’s fate hangs in the balance. Step inside the armour of...
  13. BBrem

    Mouse/Keyboard functionality in Halo

    Playing Halo MCC on Series X. Using Corsair mouse/keyboard. 1. System won’t allow me to shut off controller manually to save battery. (I can navigate with mouse and keyboard just fine). When I shut it off I get a message that I need to reconnect the controller to continue. I’ve tried changing...
  14. MikeKay1976

    Halo Reach ..Does anyone have problems

    This is unplayable for me. 4 of us in cool, framerste smooth as butter but has large stutters every 10 seconds or so. Worse than that controls are laggy both kB/M and Xbox pad. Push left and takes half a second to respond. Stop moving and again takes a few extra steps. Played at 4k and QHD...
  15. Q

    "It's Just A Video Game" (Warning Spoilers Ahead)

  16. Yav

    Halo effect. Is it called that?

    I have two Phillips ambilight TVs, a 55 in my Lounge, and a 50” in my bedroom. The 55 is great. However despite having identical settings the 50” is not. I dont know what this display problem is termed as but I call it a halo. Quite often - especially at night (which is mostly) the screen...
  17. H

    Yellow Halo effect - LG OLED BX

    Hi All - Happy New Year I have recently bought an OLED LG BX 65' and experienced a yellow halo effect in dark scene (not focused). There is also a yellow line on the periphery of the face (back) in dark. See some images. please check content on Netflix X - Past is Present (first 5min)...
  18. R

    50UM7600PLB Halo Effect

    As per the title suggests. I recently got hold of a 50UM7600PLB, which replaced a 2018 LG 50" TV. I have noticed that any text on a black background has a halo effect. This is especially noticeable on film credits. And the letterboxes top and bottom can often show a greyish line that moves with...
  19. Donali

    Could my BT Halo be frying my device ethernet ports?

    It might be coincidence but...... My Sky Q box was connected to Port 2 on my BT Home Hub. The Sky Q network suddenly stopped working. It would connect via wireless but the ethernet on the SKY Q box was dead. All my other devices were ok and worked on port 2. I received a new sky Q box...
  20. Paranormalist

    February 2020 Winner - Otherworldly

    On Saturday night there was a very noticable halo around the outer perimeter of the moon which is quite a rare thing to see. There's a saying that a far off ring is the sign of a near hand storm and that a near ring is the sign of a far off storm. The end result of this image has got an...
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