1. Gobo

    Wanted Intel Nuc Hades Canyon

    Decided to move to a small pc as I don't seem to game as much as I used to but would still like the option of some light gaming if I feel the need. If you have a hades canyon nuc your thinking of selling please get in touch, thanks.
  2. Don Rogers Tash

    Hades PS5.

    Despite owning a Switch, I have this game on pre-order for PS5. From what I've heard, it'll be a blast. Thoughts ?
  3. Dazza Cole


    No-one playing this? I prefer to buy physical copies where possible so snapped this up when it saw it was finally released. Only had a quick hour but it looks and sounds great, and the interactions with the NPCs are a blast. Will admit to being a bit overwhelmed with what to do though, anyone...
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