1. M

    LG CX vs BX vs Panasonic GZ950

    Hi I'm just looking at the latest deals in anticipation for BF tomorrow, I'm looking to get a 65" OLED. I've seen last years GZ950 has dropped to £1499 this week which seems like a good deal for a 65 inch OLED (although I've heard the built in sound is not that good), I'm just wondering how it...
  2. S

    Panasonic GZ950 or Sony A8

    Hi, If you had the opportunity to buy either of the two, which one would it be and why? Many thanks,
  3. T

    Question Panasonic gz950 Sharpness

    Hi, Since a couple of months i own a panasonic 55 inch gz950 and close-up shots are very sharp with good detail ben when the camera shot is further away (wide-shot) the sharpness and detail is bad, is there a setting or something else i can do to make this better? I saw a lot of good reviews on...
  4. devlino

    Question GZ950 & Sonos Beam connection question

    I have 2 play ones and I'm buying a beam for a simple suround solution... I have a Virgin box, a 4k firestick and an Xbox one X, can someone point me the best way of connecting, I know the TV has arc, will the Beam need to go in there and the other 3 HDMI connections for the other electronics...
  5. M

    Gz950 Black screen but sound on HD channels despite 100% signal strength and quality

    Hey guys, I've just got a gz950 and all my digital channels work perfectly apart from the HD channels. They all show 100% for signal strength and quality but they only play sound and a black screen. The sound is perfect abs not broken up. Any idea what's going on? Thanks
  6. G

    GZ950 screen issue?

    Hi folks.. First time post and hoping somebody has come across this or at least heard of it.. My GZ950 is coming up to a year old now while i was giving the screen a wipe down with a micro fibre cloth the other day I noticed the bottom left hand corner of the TV was making a crackling sound when...
  7. M

    Gz950 oled green power light

    Hi my gz950 oled is link up with a Sony av amp and it turns on and off at the same time! And it's been perfect now this morning I noticed the green power light is on on the TV! Bits it's been off all night it seems to be turning off but instead of the power light turning to orange it stays on...
  8. onusound

    Question Help please with new panasonic gz950, htb900 and ub820 - No Atmos?

    hello guys Could some kind soul help me out with my new panasonic setup Just bought myself the panasonic gz950 along with the htb900 soundbar and an ub820 4k player Connection wise i have the sound bar arc connection going into the 950's arc connection. then the 820 video out into hdmi 1 of the...
  9. R

    GZ950 lipsync issues

    I love my 65GZ950 screen except for one thing. When watching old channels that are full of repeats on the TV - things like ITV4, E4, that one with place in the sun on every hour of the day, their is a lipsync issue. Any other channel from SKY like BBC, Sky One etc is absolutely fine. Netfix...
  10. pantages

    Question Orange light staying on - Pana. GZ950

    I have had a Panasonic TX-65GZ950B for three days and I am delighted with it. However, when I first switched it off from the remote control it went into Panel Maintenance mode indicated by the orange light on the front of the tv. The user guide states that it can take up to 80 minutes to...
  11. Stein67

    XG95 - GZ950 - Q90T

    I have a very long story that I won't bore you with......a few of you know the score already!! (Dodge and LEDseeker - great help so far) Anyway - these are my 3 options..... SONY XG95 LCD 65" - £949 refurb (+£70 5yr warranty) PANASONIC GZ950 OLED 65" - £1799 brand new (6yr Richer sounds...
  12. pantages

    Question Ideal settings for Panasonic GZ950 65"?

    Does anyone have a list of ideal settings for my tv, Panasonic GZ950 65"?
  13. B

    Help! Panny GZ950 upgrade from LG EG920/ EG960 - worth it?

    Tempted to get the 55" Panny GZ950 - already got the LG EG920 (55" 3D Curve OLED, 2016 model) - will this upgrade be worth it? Love the curve too, but would like to hear from the forum population! HELP!
  14. B

    Panasonic GZ950 Chassis Fault

    I was hoping someone might be able to help with an issue with our 55GZ950, about seven months old. We moved it for sale (we’re downsizing the telly). Had it in our spare room for a few days and have noticed these white splotches on the leather effect back. We’ve not painted or had any noxious...
  15. J

    Question Is the GZ1500 worth the extra cost over GZ950

    I want to upgrade my current EZ952B to a 65 inch model unsure whether to go for the GZ1500 with its sound blade or use my Q Acoustics M4 with a GZ950
  16. N

    GZ 950 OLED TV power supply squealing and ticking in standby mode

    Hey, I just got the GZ950 and I'm experiencing some pretty weird noises coming from the power supply in standby mode, when the TV is turned off. Upon about 10 seconds after switching the TV off to standby, there's a distinct "click" in the power supply and immediately a (not too loud but...
  17. R

    LG C9 vs Pana GZ950 vs Sony A8G

    Hi, Im looking to upgrade my TV and mainly use it for watching movies, listening to music via spotify and watching stuff on YouTube. I did originally have the C9 but sent it back due to power problems but wondered if it was the best out of the 3 for my uses? LG always scores high for best all...
  18. K

    Panasonic GZ950 - gaming

    I’ve been hovering over the buy it now button for the GZ950 for months now and still undecided... Everyone says the set is great movie wise and not for gaming due to lack of HDMI 2.1, but my question, of which I can’t find on searches is just how bad is the set for PS4 and gaming?! Are the...
  19. Davey45

    Panasonic GZ950 question

    I have just taken delivery of my new 65 inch Panasonic GZ950 and am very happy with it. I have, however, seen that it has a Netflix Calibrated mode, but I can’t find it on my tv. Does anyone know how to set it or where to find it? Thanks David
  20. J

    Question PANASONIC GZ950 vs LG B9

    Looking to upgrade my 55inch Panasonic EZ952 to a 65inch set, unsure whether to go for another Panasonic or save £200 and get the B9. TV is used for Sky Q, Netflix plus other streaming services. Discs in SDR & HDR, no gaming. Viewing takes place in the day time or a lit room in the evening, not...
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