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  1. S

    GZ950 and PS4 pro

    I think I've got this sorted, I'm just being a bit of a plank - lack of sleep does this.... I've just got a second hand PS4 Pro but I can't get the settings on video output on the PS4 Pro to show anything but 1080p/24hz. I have changed the TV picture to Game and everything HDR is on auto but...
  2. RobTi

    Gz950 black screen on Netflix

    Hi last night got a black screen on Netflix after clicking the app icon, and then found out that there is no uninstall on this app, any help as it’s the same today ? Thanks
  3. N

    Is the JZ1500 or JZ2000 a huge upgrade from the GZ950 (2019)?

    Hello all. I am firmly a Panasonic fan because my priorities are cinematic authenticity and Panasonic does that best. I have read reviews of both the TX-65JZ2000B and TX-65JZ1500B OLED TVs but this is a question for those who own/have owned the three TVs or know people who have. I want to...
  4. B

    Soundbar options for GZ950

    I currently have an old LG NB3540 (2.1) soundbar with my Panasonic GZ950. The sub on the LG is starting to play up and I’m looking for a new soundbar to compliment the TV. Had a look at the SC-HTB600 and 900 and whilst the latter is probably a bit expensive the reviews don’t seem fantastic for...
  5. pantages

    LNB for GZ950

    Can anyone please confirm which LNB is needed for the GZ950 satellite connection? I am guessing it is the same as used for Sky Q?
  6. W

    Panasonic gz950 vs Sony a9g 24 fps motion

    Hello everyone. Longtime lurker/infrequent contributor here. Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give. I’m currently viewing a 65 inch Panasonic gz950 at around 8 feet but considering an upgrade to a 77 inch Sony a9g. I’d be viewing the Sony from perhaps another foot away - so...
  7. S

    Samsung HW-Q950T with a Panasonic GZ950

    So been saving up and spent my trusty pennies on the Samsung Samsung HW-Q950T (£629 from John Lewis!) and connected it as follows: HDMI 2 (ARC) to Soundbar HDMI (ARC) HDMI 1 from soundbar to Virgin Media The TV ARC from the soundbar works perfectly when watching via a Firestick which is in...
  8. L

    panasonic gz950 won't turn on

    My Panasonic GZ950 no longer turns on, I turn the power on at the wall and the TV makes the usual clicking noises when being powered on however nothing shows up on the screen and no lights are on at the front either. I don't know if there is a switch on the TV that maybe a family member has...
  9. SnowyLondon

    PLEX GZ950 Stuttering 4k

    I have a Panasonic GZ950 Oled 55in and love it however i can't seem to get 4k to stream to it from my network. I had a Terramaster 221 which i sent back and replaced with a Synology DS920+ and still having the same issue. My network setup has the TV and NAS plugged into the same Netgear gigabit...
  10. T

    Panasonic GZ950 Amazon Prime problem

    Hi everyone. I recently subscribed to Amazon Prime and I noticed one problem. the image as it goes seems to lose frames,it just doesn’t go smoothly. i tried to correct with IFC but it doesn't help.Maybe someone encountered this problem Netflix is going smoothly....
  11. T

    Upgrading my panasonic oled gz950

    Hee guys, I need some help. I got a change to 'upgrade' my panasonic gz950 (2019) 55 inch to a sony A8 (2020) 65 inch. Should i do this in terms of picture quality / motion /hdr & DV? Thanks!
  12. JohnProton

    Panasonic GZ950 Sound problems.

    I've been getting problems with my GZ950 TV sometimes when i load the amazon prime app it wont load and I get a blank screen so I have to unplug my tv and then turn it back on and then it works but a couple of times the sound hasn't worked so Ive had to unplug all my home cinema at the mains...
  13. suky321

    Question 65" Panasonic GZ950 or Sony XH9005?

    I recently purchased the XH9005 in 75 inch but after wall mounting it it looked too big for the room. The picture quality was impressive, apart from some artifacting when I was watching a race on The Grand Tour on Amazon prime on both the TV and firestick. The only other negative is it...
  14. M

    LG CX vs BX vs Panasonic GZ950

    Hi I'm just looking at the latest deals in anticipation for BF tomorrow, I'm looking to get a 65" OLED. I've seen last years GZ950 has dropped to £1499 this week which seems like a good deal for a 65 inch OLED (although I've heard the built in sound is not that good), I'm just wondering how it...
  15. S

    Panasonic GZ950 or Sony A8

    Hi, If you had the opportunity to buy either of the two, which one would it be and why? Many thanks,
  16. T

    Question Panasonic gz950 Sharpness

    Hi, Since a couple of months i own a panasonic 55 inch gz950 and close-up shots are very sharp with good detail ben when the camera shot is further away (wide-shot) the sharpness and detail is bad, is there a setting or something else i can do to make this better? I saw a lot of good reviews on...
  17. devlino

    Question GZ950 & Sonos Beam connection question

    I have 2 play ones and I'm buying a beam for a simple suround solution... I have a Virgin box, a 4k firestick and an Xbox one X, can someone point me the best way of connecting, I know the TV has arc, will the Beam need to go in there and the other 3 HDMI connections for the other electronics...
  18. M

    Gz950 Black screen but sound on HD channels despite 100% signal strength and quality

    Hey guys, I've just got a gz950 and all my digital channels work perfectly apart from the HD channels. They all show 100% for signal strength and quality but they only play sound and a black screen. The sound is perfect abs not broken up. Any idea what's going on? Thanks
  19. G

    GZ950 screen issue?

    Hi folks.. First time post and hoping somebody has come across this or at least heard of it.. My GZ950 is coming up to a year old now while i was giving the screen a wipe down with a micro fibre cloth the other day I noticed the bottom left hand corner of the TV was making a crackling sound when...
  20. M

    Gz950 oled green power light

    Hi my gz950 oled is link up with a Sony av amp and it turns on and off at the same time! And it's been perfect now this morning I noticed the green power light is on on the TV! Bits it's been off all night it seems to be turning off but instead of the power light turning to orange it stays on...
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