1. L

    For Dummies guide to eArc?

    I apologize for the stupidity of the question. I guess I'm finally getting too old for all this... I have a Samsung tv. I really want to control the volume from my remote. My old Vizio had RCA jacks that work perfectly. Unfortunately, Samsung doesn't even have a headphone jack I could rig...
  2. T

    Hikvision recommendation and guide price

    Looking for some advice for a Hikvision camera setup for my house. I've already got the cat6 wiring preparation done. I'm not sure if it's overkill but was thinking of an 8MP camera, a turret or dome style and something with good low/night time quality. Looking on the Hikvision website, there...
  3. Cyberpower UK

    Promoted A Beginners Guide To Choosing The Right Entry Level PC for Today’s Top PC Games

    A Beginners Guide To Choosing The Right Entry Level PC for Today’s Top PC Games New to the world of PC Gaming? Not sure what you need in a gaming PC to play that game you fancy? Did you know, it is possible to play today’s modern games with a setup which won’t break the bank. Framerates may be...
  4. A

    Sony STR-DA555ES - guide based on my recent repair

    Hi all, I try to post a guide or sorts whenever I repair something without one, and repair information on my 20+ year-old Sony amp appears to be scarce. This forum looks great, so here goes my 1st post...hope my guide can help others with a different Sony amp, but similar issues. This for a...
  5. bilbosmeggins

    Idiot’s guide to Game Pass?

    Hi all. Just got my hands on an Xbox X, primarily for MSFS, which I already own courtesy of my PC. When I set up the Xbox yesterday, I got offered Game Pass for a £1 for the 1st month. It seemed rude not to subscribe at that price, so I signed up. I had a bit of a peep, but it just seemed to be...
  6. lynx

    Looking to identify sliding wardrobe door guide.

    I need to repair a couple of sliding doors. I have no idea who the manufacturer is (Stanley perhaps). Does anyone recognise the guide required so I can order (upper guide, lower has wheel).
  7. KBD

    pre-owned Mac buyer's guide?

    Been considering a MacBook or iMac on & off for years & randomly spotted 3 old MacBooks in a pawnshop today. So I'm standing there looking at them & I known diddly about them to be honest, if I'm picking a good one, one that's outdated, or what. My main ask is that it can stream video through...
  8. binap

    One-for-all-Setup Guide - One to rule them all

    One audio 3D Speaker setup for all: A solution for Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Hi all, I want to present my "One-for-all-Setup Guide" as a PDF file for downloading to all members of this forum who wants to get a deeper understanding in installing an unique loudspeaker setup to cover all...
  9. Nice Monkey

    Guide on which brand media player to select (Dune, OPPO (clone), Zappiti and Zidoo)

    Guide on which brand media player to select This for playing local content including native DVD/BD/UHD in ISO or Folders with or without their respective menus. Regarding Video format support and Picture Quality including DV and HDR10+ all mentioned media player models are good and offer...
  10. P

    Panasonic TX55gz950B Recent problem accessing Freeview Play Guide

    Panasonic TX55gz950B Recent loss of access Freeview Play Guide I have recently (about a week) noticed that when I select guide sometimes it comes up immediately and other times it takes 15 to 20 seconds to load and now more often than not does not access it at all. I can sometimes force it by...
  11. Griff85

    Sony XR55A80JU 55 TV guide problems

    I recently purchased a Sony XR55A80JU 55" tv Been brilliant until today, in the tv guide and "freesat" section you can press the green button on the remote to chose categories, so i selected films and it showed on the films on, only now when i click categories to bring all the freesat...
  12. M

    QN95A home and apps menu keeps appearing when guide is closed

    Hi, I only use the "smart" features on my QN95A TV very rarely. Most of the time, pressing "guide" on the remote open the guide as expected, and when this is followed by a second press of "guide" the TV returns to displaying the selected channel. However, now and again, when the guide button...
  13. T

    Bargain Buying guide Denon AVR 1912,Polk TSi300

    Able to purchase Denon AVR 1912,Polk TSi300 forn $50.I like to listen to cds. Is this a good deal?
  14. Cyberpower UK

    Promoted Busting PC Gaming Jargon: A Guide to Building Your Next Gaming PC

    Busting PC Gaming Jargon: A Guide to Building Your Next Gaming PC Are you a parent of a die-hard gamer? or maybe you’ve dabbled in playing Fortnite or Call of Duty on a console and fancy kicking it up a notch? But when you’ve attempted to purchase a Gaming PC your brain becomes lost in the sea...
  15. C

    Is there a guide for speakers by room volume?

    Hey all! I have a KEF t305 5.1 system that sounded great in my living room but now sounds strained in my family room - We've moved from a 4 x 3 x 2.5 = 30 cubic meter room to a 7 x 5 x 2.5 = 90 cubic meter room... so my guess is the speakers are just not up to the task now. So, it got me...
  16. Yamaha Home Audio UK

    Promoted Yamaha 2021 Christmas Gift Guide

    Deliver True Sound this Christmas with Yamaha Give your loved ones the gift that keeps on giving - music & movies in its purest form. Whether you’re after something that moves with you, or added thrills at home, Yamaha has you covered. From true wireless earphones to powerful soundbars...
  17. Don Rogers Tash

    The Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy DVD.

    Just recently bought this and the book. Highly recommended which ever version you decide upon.
  18. kostass123

    Question about the new Samsunt TV remote

    Dear friends, I am looking to buy a new TV for my mother who is quite old and cannot see very well. I know it may sound too picky but I am looking for a Samsung TV in which I can access the TV guide with the push of just one button. That's what I mean by TV guide...
  19. E

    Noobs Guide to home automation

    As per title, vaguely aware of using google home or alexa and IFTTT to control lighting, heating and home cinema, but have no coherent plan to integrate the numerous devices i've picked up over the years (please see below) Any tips or guides? Probably prefer to go down the google route if...
  20. N

    LG OLED 55CX5LB - blotchy brightness, especially on guide pages

    Hi all, I have not visited here for a while but I have browsed and not found anything that really matches what I'm seeing. I have a 55CX5LB and the brightness sometimes seems "blotchy" - this is hard to take a photo of in normal viewing but it really stands out on the virgin TV guide : The...
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