A guide is a person who leads travelers or tourists through unknown or unfamiliar locations. The term can also be applied to a person who leads others to more abstract goals such as knowledge or wisdom.
  1. thinksinc

    New digital movie poster display DIY guide

    Hi everyone, I wanted to share a project I’ve been working on that may be of interest to anyone looking to add a digital movie poster display to their home theater. This started as a hobby project for myself and I thought the result—and process—might be useful to other movie fans. I wanted to...
  2. SimonHavfc

    For Sale Retro mags and gaming guides - Edge issues 1 to 72, C&VG guide to consoles and lots more

    Retro mags and gaming guides - Edge issues 1 to 72, C&VG guide to consoles and lots more. All in great condition. Any questions please ask. £500 for all or will split and price up if any interest in taking a few.
  3. T

    new floorstanding tower speaker guide

    My budget is 1.20lakh rupees. i have short listed dali oberon 5. i have shortlisted 3 more qacoutics 5040 kef q550 and wharfdale diamond 12.4. shoudl i preoceed with dali oberon 5? for complete indian music immersion?
  4. AmokTime

    Your first drone flight...

    So you've bought your first drone... IT's cost a lot of money and naturally you're nervous about your first flight... Follow this guide you get an awesome experience out of your first few flights... And don't forget to watch the previous post about drone restrictions! (Oh and a sub to the...
  5. Zingot

    Question R55A7200GTUK Firmware

    My first post here and clearly rude of me not to introduce myself first, however I've just come out of hospital my TV firmware looks corrupted, boot screen works but then yellow bars and I'm pretty much settee bound at the moment. Well anyway.... Hisense firmware page doesn't ask for model it...
  6. Buelligan

    Is there a guide to brightness and contrast setting so a Qled TV?

    I've just bought a Toshiba 55QF5D TV as my Panasonic gave the 13 blinks of death on Friday. It's a QLED and the colours seem extreme in certain situations. I have tried the standard, film, game etc preset settings but the lighting still seems off, mainly indoors. Is there a generic (or Toshiba...
  7. hkbs

    Question BBC1 fails to record

    We have BT YouView box. Over the last week or two, programmes on BBC1 have failed to record. On the Guide, BBC1 is shown as ‘001’. However, we can record programmes on BBC1 HD which appears as’101’. No problems with recording other channels. We have retuned the channels but this has not resolved...
  8. C

    Question Hisense 55U7KQTUK Freeview Guide issue

    Hi All, Hopefully a quick and easy question to answer. Set up my new Hisense 55U7KQTUK a week ago and all was working fine. I switched it off at the mains yesterday because I needed to move the TV. Since then there's an issue with the Freeview Guide. The guide displays fully populated so that's...
  9. branno

    Question Does anyone know how to update dmr-ex77 firmware? Via usb and do you the file? I want to update player software not the tv guide firmware

    .. Does anyone know how to update dmr-ex77 firmware? Via usb and do you the file? I want to update player software not the tv guide firmware
  10. Z

    Question Favourite channels list not showing when I click guide.

    Hisense 50 Inch VIDAA Smart TV 50A6KTUK. I can't find a way to get my favourites as default when I click guide. Any help appreciated.
  11. Bex4646

    Question Sony A95L YouView app mini guide and subtitles not working

    Recently both the on screen mini guide and the subtitles have stopped working via the youview app on the sony A95L. Factory reset of the app fixed it last night but this morning the same issue. I can access subtitles via the TV accessibility settings but only need subtitles for some programs...
  12. K

    Question Panasonic MX600 series - TV guide only shows channels in Favourites List.

    I have a Panasonic TX-50MX600B. I have created a favourite list of tv channels but when I seek "TV Guide" it only shows the channels I have created in my favourites list. Does anyone know how I can view the full list of channels? Thank you.
  13. JudgeDredd2010

    The Best Photography Essentials for Beginners in 2023.

    I found this and thought I would post this for those starting out. The Best Photography Essentials for Beginners in 2023...
  14. Rosssiiii

    how to install freemcboot on PS2 SLIM with chipmod ?

    Hello :) i would like to have some advice to install freemcboot on ps2 slim that have chipmood, what guide i could use and from where i have to download the files to prepare the usb keyboard ? i would not use the method that let you use a DVD because i don't have dvd and my ps2 have the...
  15. T

    Does anyone have a guide to setup a Powerlink 3.1 with a PowerMax Complete please?

    Does anyone have a guide to setup a Powerlink 3.1 with a PowerMax Complete please? I can see the panel with VisonicGo but it indicates undiscovered and I don’t seem able to arm / disarm via the app. Thanks in anticipation.
  16. rootuser

    Question Samsung QLED Q60C freeview guide

    Hi, I've recently bought a lovely Q60C Samsung TV. I've got the aerial hooked up to get Freeview channels (i'm in the UK) but I can't seem to find a digital guide for them. Samsung TV Plus provides a good guide, but only for the free Samsung channels. I can access the Freeview, terrestrial...
  17. R

    Guide to room treatment using REW

    Guide to room treatment using REW First up, my apologies for not finding this in the forums already, as I know it must exist but I'm very short on time... So, my question is this, can anyone recommend a decent guide (concise, step-by-step) for how to analyse my lounge using REW and translate...
  18. S

    BUSH DVRHS02 VHS / DVD Recorder Combo - User Guide

    I'm trying to find a user guide for a Bush DVRHS02. I searched online and the links provided in posts from years ago no longer work. Hoping someone on here can help. Thank you
  19. iantresman

    Q60B Program guide slow to update information

    The program guide for satellite TV channels is slow to update, and typically shows "No information". If I select a channel to preview, then the program name appears, and maybe a couple of other channels either side of the one selected. I would have thought that the program details would all...
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