1. Autopilot

    Good guide to installing Shelly’s?

    Having been constantly let down by my Electrican, I’m thinking of having a go at fitting some Shelly 1’s and a couple off 2.5’s myself into some light switches. I’m fairly decent at DIY and I’ve done a bit of electrical stuff myself, just not done anything with light switches before. I’m trying...
  2. shaunrow

    Question OledBX55 settings guide

    Sorry guys probably said 100s of times but cant for the life of me find a newish guide . just got it on tuesday for 979 richer sounds and look for help with sdr ,hdr and dolby vison setting please any help would be appreciate
  3. Jacksdad999

    No Tv Channel Guide on Roku Express

    I recently purchased a Roku Express for my projector. No ariel connection so just streaming over the apps. I read a lot about the recent update to the Roku Channel now including the Live TV Guide however I cannot find this on the app. Is this only available when you have an ariel connected? If...
  4. X

    FreeviewPlay guide shows “No Information”

    Don’t know if this is a Hisense issue or FeeviewPlay issue but I have two different Hisense TVs and both of them do not show programme information on the FreeviewPlay guide until I actually click to select the channel and when the channel changes it updates the guide for that channel only. The...
  5. J

    New 5.1 buying guide

    Hi all, aspiring home cinema owner here. We’re about to move into a new house with an actual regular-shaped living room rather than the L-shaped room we’ve had for the last decade. I’ve decided to celebrate by taking the plunge on a 5.1 setup and, eventually, a new TV My current setup is as...
  6. T

    Atmos guide?

    I'm a little bit confused by atmos. I currently have a 5.1 setup and an old Devon 3806 which has served me well. Ideally I'd like to keep the same speakers, but the xenon amp i looked at doesnt seem to have additional connections to allow 5.1.2 (two additional upwards firing speakers at the...
  7. W

    Idiots Guide To Connecting Requires

    Hi, I have recently purchased a SamsungQE55Q95T and I have having real problems connecting it up to my Yamaha HTR-2067 Surround System, my SkyQ Satellite and BluRay. I really need some clear instructions as to which cable should go into which port on each device, is it possible to reduce the...
  8. M

    43PUS7805 DVB Guide

    Hey all, Im helping a family member out with this new tv. We were trying out the DVB connection, it works. But the tv guide is horrible, just a jumbled mess of channels that are duplicates, locked or the few ones we are after. My question is there a way to tidy this up? Apart from adding the...
  9. Pecker

    Basic Beginner’s Guide - Setting Up Child’s Account

    I’ve bought my son a PS4 for Christmas. On it, I’ve created me as an adult user/family manager, and him as an account with his DOB showing him as being just 11 years old. On my user account I’ve purchased a rolling, monthly PlayStation Plus subscription. I want him to have access to this, but...
  10. T

    65PUS7304 tv guide issue

    hello can you please help me to fix tv guide issue ? i don t have any channels guide , just hours program is showing but not whats next … :( etc how do i fix this please ?
  11. A

    TV Guide

    Hi anyone know how to get rid of that annoying image of a remote control in the top right hand corner of the guide. Why is it there ? You can't even see the full description of the current program for it 😡
  12. Baldfox

    If anyone's interested in a beginner's guide to Node-red with Home-Assistant...

    I just published the 1st piece of a 3 part tutorial.
  13. F

    Youview mini guide

    Hi all, just got an XH9505. The youview and general menu system is quite a lot different from my old XD8300 .. Anyway, i'm not a massive fan of youview due to the presentation, and the delay in updating titles when scrolling down the guide. But, it does come in useful for catchup. Anyway, i'm...
  14. Garrett

    Formatting A Second SSD Drive Guide.

    Formatted a few in my time but not for ages so double checking found this really helpful video that's nice and clear.
  15. GregTheChief

    Question Klipsch buying guide

    Hey there, we are transforming our living room in a more home theater like room. The room is 4.6m x 5.3m but only one half to two-thirds used as living room. The other half is an almost empty kitchen. I want to buy the klipsch 41m or 51m as fronts and a klipsch 25c (used for 80€) or rc35 (used...
  16. MikeKay1976

    Anyone else spoil games using a guide

    Is it just me? I have so many games , I generally don't have the time or patience to wander round trying to figure much out these days and I DEFINITELY don't do multiple play throughs. I am currently playing Witcher 2 and I just started mass effect 1! ........ But due to FOMO I find myself...
  17. Z

    LG OLED65E6V TV guide update

    Is it normal that the TV guide does not update until I press the blue button on the remote And why can’t LG update the guide when the guide button is pressed.Also when I select a new channel I have to confirm the selection to go full screen. These actions seem very inefficient and I’m sure they...
  18. Foster1984

    Question HDR tags in TV guide?

    Do Sky not use HDR tags for shows that have it? In the same way they use tags for "HD" and "UHD". I have been looking through the TV guide, both live and on demand, and can't see any shows that bear a "HDR" tag. Not even the ones I know are in HDR. Surely this is some sort of oversight by Sky?
  19. S

    LG TV guide problems

    Hi all, I've got an LG 65SM8600P TV twin tuner model ie Freesat and Freeview, was wondering if anyone else has had problems with the TV's absolutely dreadful on mine, taking sometimes upto 10 minutes to display the program information. Currently watching through Freesat, names of tv...
  20. K

    Question Programme Guide

    Have just set-up my new Panasonic TX43HX940B tv and have two questions I hope someone can answer. 1) When setting up a future recording, how do you advance the programme guide several days ahead without trawling through the whole guide? 2) When watching a recorded programme how do you jump ahead...
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