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  1. R

    GTA V

    Anyone had any issues with downloading GTA V on their PS5 (digital console)? Had it on disk on the PS4, and when I try to download it on the PS5, it says that it's unavailable as I already own the criminal enterprise pack or something along those lines. Thanks.
  2. imnotrich

    GTA V (xbox one online) not available

    Originally I played GTA V on the XBOX 360 completed it, played a bit online, all good, then my friends wanted to play on the PS4, so I transferred my character from the XBOX 360 to the PS4, all went through OK, character now on the PS4, played online for quite some time but then dropped off as...
  3. S

    Error message when starting up GTA V

    I'm getting a message 'Do you own this game or app?' when clicking on GTA V in my games. It invites me to sign into Xbox Live, but I'm all signed into Games Pass Ultimate, so all should be working yes? It was working fine two days ago.
  4. L

    Question GTA V Shark Codes

    Hello. If i buy GTA V with the 8 million Shark code can i sell it on this site safetly. Any thoughts or tips would be appreciated. Ill be buying the fame with the code through PSN so i assume the shark code is emailed seperately to me? Thanks Alan
  5. British02081979

    Will GTA V online bugs ever be sorted?

    I think it's okay to report game bugs on here? So i was doing a Simeon's vehicle list.I found a Mamouth Patriot for him.So i got it repaired & resprayed. His S wasn't showing up on my radar i did anyway drive to his garage at the docks his garage door wouldn't open.Until R* bring out decent...
  6. British02081979

    GTA V Online Servers

    Evening.The majority of GTA V Online servers i join boot every single player in the sessions. I then have to searth & join another session.I check & test my Internet connection on my PS4.No problems at my end. Hopefully i'm not alone on this. As i've pointed out it's definitely not my end.Others...
  7. WildeKarde

    Question GTA V - slow menu's/loading

    Hadn't played GTA V in several weeks and decided to load it up only to have really slow mouse movement in the menu. Changed the resolution, switch off vsync, updated graphics driver, swapped to two different mice and still no change. Same slow registration of any input when I tried using xbox...
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