1. Flashgordon1982

    Monitor Audio GS20 substitutes

    Hi I have a pair of the above, used mainly as front surrounds, and music when I get the time. I’m trying to remodel my living room and as such thinking of changing to a pair or bookshelves. Something like the Kef LS50 Or kef350s. my question is would I lose much sound quality, or even gain...
  2. stevos

    MA GS20 -> Kef LS50

    Hi, I am toying with switching from my current Monitor Audit GS20 floorstanders to a some Kef LS50s, as i feel floorstanders are not ideal in my room and not needed with 2 decent subs. Long term plan is to move the main speakers wider to allow for a large projection screen. Any thought on...
  3. DistortedVision

    Question Monitor Audio GS20 vs GR20

    Can anyone please tell me if there is a significant difference between the GS20 and GR20. Which is better as newer isn't always better. Many thanks!
  4. B

    Question Speaker damage? MA GS20

    Hi Folks, I'm looking for some help and opinions on this one. I have a pair of Monitor Audio GS20 which I really pleased with. They are powered by a CA 640r (120w) amp/receiver. It normally sounds pretty good - very warm, punchy and with an almost '3-dimensional soundstage'. Anyway, whilst I...
  5. halenger

    Question Pairing advice for Monitor Audio GS20 fronts

    I've committed to buy a pair of GS20 floorstanders and would welcome advice on suitable pairing to result in a 7.1.2 system. The advice I have so far is that the GS LCR and GS FX are great and probably the best matching options. However the fronts are in rosewood finish so I suspect it'll be...
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