1. A

    turntable 25' from amp

    My daughter has a turntable, and due to the room configuration etc. wants it placed where it takes 25' of wire to get from it to the amplifier. It is a Music Hall mmf 1.3, so it has a phono preamp built in. I've done a quick search for grounding wires that length, didn't find anything. Is this...
  2. Mickey milo

    Noise issue possible ground help please

    Hi, i have a annoying issue with a Sony Dab HU Alpine amp (previously had a pioneer Dab and pioneer amp with same issue) ..If i connect just the front speakers to Channel Aon the amp sound is fine with no noise ,gains set via multimetre to correct volts for my amp..Problem starts when i connect...
  3. OJman

    Question Fixing a ground loop with a known source.

    Hi folks, I've finally discovered what I think was causing the hum in my subwoofer - in the same extension I'm in with my home theater, there's a washing machine and a drier. With them unplugged I haven't had an unwanted peep from my sub. The trouble is, I can't really just move the washing...
  4. KennyTroy

    Impossible Ground Loop?? Tried for months.

    Hello, first I want to thank you for reading this and offering any advice possible. I have been struggling with a ground loop issue for months now since building my PC, and I have read nearly everything and tried 85% of solutions suggested on the internet - nothing seems to work. I will give...
  5. A

    Question Does the AudioQuest AA02 Jitterbug Noise Suppressor USB stick eliminate ground loop?

    Hi all, I have a problem with a ground loop coming from a USB cable. My amplifier is connected to a DAC via USB but unfortunately there is a serious hum coming from the USB cable. I tried other cables, ferrite beads, rearranging the power cables and power outlets - nothing works. It seems that...
  6. redz

    rca faceplate with ground

    Has anybody found one of these or will i need to 'make' a custom one for a turntable phono run.
  7. E

    Question TV Stand with Zero Ground Clearance

    I'm looking to buy a new TV and have about 700mm of height to play with. Unfortunately it seems 49" TVs are about 710mm including the provided stand. A good 30mm of which is ground clearance below the bottom of the TV. Does anyone know if it's possible to get an TV stand that will allow me to...
  8. exponential

    Question Ground loop??

    Hi guys. I was loading up a Blu-ray earlier and my head was quite close to my speakers. I suddenly noticed a distinct "rumbling" sound coming from my mid/bass cones on both left and right. I turned everything off except the amp and I could clearly hear the noise from 2 metres away. I decided...
  9. JonnyTester

    Question How to ground my AVR?

    I have my htpc, cable box and nvidia shield connected to my Onkyo TX-NR656. But when I remove the power or hdmi cables from the htpc, I get a hum through my sub. This doesn't happen with my cable box or shield, and happens regardless of whichever socket the receiver is plugged into (direct to...
  10. L

    Question Ground loop help needed

    Hi, Can anyone offer advice. I have a hum coming through 4 of my speakers, the rears and front 2. The 2 rears are powered by a Naim power amp and the front 2 a different one. The processing by a marantz av. I have 2 russ Andrews powerblocks supplying power. To fix it I plugged all the amps into...
  11. JonnyTester

    Ground Lift boxes - are they worth it?

    I've been getting a rumble from my sub and now that I've noticed it, its driving me mad. It only appears when my HTPC is on (I've already posted about it) and nothing I've tried gets rid of it. Then, to make matters worse, I moved my turntable to the other side of the room and I'm getting a...
  12. photojunky

    I tethered my drone to a battery on the ground.

    And it didn't crash.
  13. Mish23

    Samsung ks9000 back ground all blured out of focus and motion probs tv new what is wrong please help

    New samsung ks9000 picture showing shocking everything in background is so blured out of focus it is impossible to see trees books on a book shelf peoples faces all blured except for main person in front. It is not possible to watch as give me migraine feel drunk trying to focus . Some pics even...
  14. I

    NIBE ground source heat pump correct settings

    Hello there to everyone. We are at our wits end with the setting up of our NIBE F1145 heat pump and we are hoping that someone who has some tried and tested settings can shed some light on the topic. We have only recently moved in to our new home which we have been building for a couple of years...
  15. J

    Question Does a "HiFi" ground loop isolator exist?

    If I connect my subwoofer Paradigm Servo-15 to my amplifiers (I have two) directly, the subwoofer basically doesn't hum. But I get loud static electricity crackel/boom sounds from the subwoofer when walking around or moving a chair etc., so I try to get rid of the static electricity boom sounds...
  16. JC

    Question Ground loop maybe?

    Hi, first time posting in here! I have changed cars recently and have swapped the audio gear from one car to the other and now I've got a problem with feedback when connecting the rca leads. If only one amp is on at a time it works perfectly but if both amps are on I get really bad feedback...
  17. AMc

    Dead leaves on the dirty ground

    Taken with a 25mm Holga plastic lens on my Olympus E-PL5 which explains the absence of some of the EXIF information and the absence of any real focus. Curves, saturation and unsharp mask applied in GIMP. Dead leaves on the dirty ground by AMcUK, on Flickr [nee nahh, nee nahh] What's that...
  18. J

    Question Ground loop isolation (Boss Audio B25N)

    I got tired of a long time problem where I get very weird beeping noises from my Genelec speakers. I was just about to record the noise but it's random and now the noise is not present. Anyway, it sounds like very high pitched beeps, like in hearing test but sharper timbre. The beeps are quite...
  19. deeman72

    Old Ground Over: Help needed! MARANTZ MCR611 v DENON PMA-50 / DCD 50 ??

    Hi there, Please can someone in the know humour me and help with a latest project dilemma!? Electronica genre with Q Acoustics 3020 bookshelf speakers :) System wise narrowed down, with is the best bet? The Marantz MCR611 v DENON PMA50/ DCD50 TIA Dano
  20. Bagpuss12

    Question TiVo update has ground my box to a halt!!

    Since my TiVo was updated last week, it's has practically ground to a halt. I appreciate that compared to its Sky rival, the TiVo menu is slow but it's now ridiculous! It takes AGES to flick through the TV guide and selecting a recording programme to watch is painful! Don't even get me started...
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