1. H

    Yuk! Green tinge

    Hello, I’m hoping for some advice on how to progress my claim. I thought it best to post on a general forum rather than exclusively the Sony forum. I have a December 2017 Sony KD-55A1 that has a 5 year warranty. Recently we have noticed a horrid green tinge appearing on the picture it’s...
  2. Mickey milo

    Sony green parking brake wire help please Sony XAV-AX5550D 6.95

    Hi,i am moving from a pioneer dab HU (after having ground issues with a blown pico fuse) to a sony . On the pioneer i spliced the earth cable on the pioneer wiring harness and then the green cable in to that .. Does any know or can help as if it is the same procedure for the sony ..Thanks
  3. frazk

    Green home grant.

    I've got a flat roof I'd like insulating and out of the list of approved contractors list there's only one Company that actually does the job. I think the list is only companies within 30 miles of me though. Its a 41m2 flat roof and they've quoted me £8200, which is, as expected, ridiculous...
  4. J

    Question Green tint to picture on optoma pj

    Have a optoma hd131 projector that I have just changed the bulb due to dimming. I’m getting a change in colour after a minute or twos use, everything is greenish like the matrix. Thought I’d try taking it apart and cleaning out the dust which worked for the length of a movie but now it’s doing...
  5. T

    Question Soundproofing: Green Glue vs Techsound

    Green Glue has long been used between 2 different layers of plasterboard (or a wooden sheet and plasterboard) as a form of dampening to aid soundproofing. It has been used in recording studios, and there are videos online of it being tested against other products, and found to be effective...
  6. F

    Sony kd55x9005b - bit of green screen and areas of slow refresh.

    Hi there First post and typically it’s a plea for advice. My Sony is playing up after taking a wee knock. there’s areas of the screen which can be green when on a dark background. Also that area seems to have a slower refresh. It’s not a permanent green it’s only visible under certain scenes...
  7. pixel8

    Dualshock 4 Controller - Green Camouflage Fakes?

    Can anyone advise why the camo pattern is different on the controllers? I've purchased (and returned) 4 so far - 2 from Amazon and one from Very and 1 from Currys PC World - Surely they can't all be fakes? The colours are different the camo shapes are different and one of the Amazon controllers...
  8. serpico77

    Question HISENSE 65A7100FTUK Green faces

    Hi, I have noticed over the last couple of days that when watching 4K titles peoples faces seem green, they don't show up on Dynamic but on all other settings. I have no idea why this is and how to correct it. any suggestions? thanks!

    All my yellows turn green in the middle of my LG 55" OLED TV

    I have had this problem with my OLED for over a year.☹️ It is clearly a poor design. My tv is out of warranty but it is SO annoying when Homer Simpson walks across the screen and turns GREEN in the middle of my screen! Or now during Football season, while watching the GREEN BAY PACKERS on Monday...
  10. Wafflez

    Question Green bars while streaming Netflix?

    I just bought an R6 series 55" 4k Ultra HD television (55R6090G5) yesterday but having issues from the start. We fired it up, created a Roku account, linked the wifi, and started right with Netflix. We watched a movie (Smurfs 2) without issue but then the trouble started. Coincidence maybe, but...
  11. J

    Question What is this green line on my Screen

    Can anyone tell me what’s caused this green line please. Photos attached
  12. A

    Question Green squares on screen

    Hello, I have a 12-13 yrs old Samsung 32" B530 series LCD TV. Recently I spotted vertical lines of greenish squares all over the TV. Would anyone know what could be ther problem - panel related or wires related? Have taken a pic in PC mode so it is visible clearly. Wondering whether it makes...
  13. olgil

    Yellow started to turn green after 7 months

    I bought a brand new Philips 804 from John Lewis in November and have taken good care of it, never watched with excessive brightness or anything. The other day I noticed the colour yellow doesn't look quite right and pulled up a full yellow screen and found the middle of the screen has a sort of...
  14. IS2

    Question Green pixel/banding Panasonic TX-P50VT65B

    Hey everyone, My TV has developed these odd green banding like patterns. At first I began to notice it occasionally on people's faces if they were lighter skinned, or was generally in the same place (mid-centre right). It's now more noticeable and it can be seen elsewhere on the panel on...
  15. newbie1

    HDMI inputs from old devices looks green

    Due to Corona, I've rapidly transitioned to live streaming as in-person events have all been canceled. In doing so, I've dusted off some old kit to see if I can repurpose. The rig is based around the Atem Mini which takes 4 HDMI inputs. A couple of approx 10-year-old devices are still...
  16. Ni9e

    JJRC X9P Blue light flashing instead of green light

    Hey guys, I’ve bought a JJRC X9P and I can’t make it work. Two evenings ago, when it was delivered I managed to find its wifi on my Samsung Galaxy S8. I connected to the drone and everything was alright. I didn’t actually fly it since I was in the office however I know that the lights were green...
  17. V

    Panasonic 50PY700 green color

    Hello! A friend of mine has a Panasonic 50PY700 plasma and the panel has some weird green color in the image. When opening the menu the panel displays correctly the blue color, no green color present. He does not have the remote control. Please see the images attached and advice on what he could do!
  18. D

    Newbie : Video editing green screen anyone got any clips/sources ?

    One of our relatives has been lucky to make it to his Birthday this year and due to his health issues is in full lock down. Been trying to do a funny video using green screen (daughters room happens to be green) ! Being trying with two tools. Filmora 9 . Used watermark version. This is...
  19. Maxeyas

    Question Green dust on plasma screen after cleaning with micro-fiber towel

    Hello everyone I'm new here, my name is Max. I have Panasonic plasma HDTV model TH-65PF10WK, it has around 10 years of great working TV. Last week, like many times i took a screen cleaner for LCD,Plasma's and etc.. which i bought on amazon and then my screen after a few moments showed some...
  20. F

    75" bravia problems white/pinkish and green lines please help

    I have a sony bravia xbr-75x850e We shut it off and it wouldn't start back up. completely dead. Ordered a power board cause its cheap. It didn't fix it. Ordered a used main board and now it powers up but looks like a flag. It has white/pinkish and green stripes. It wont open any menus or do...
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