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Grand Theft Auto (series)
  1. grifo11

    Wanted Gta 5

    Hi is anyone looking to move their copy of GTA 5 on?
  2. sounddude1

    Can you play GTA 5 on PS5 online with PS4 players?

    Hi all, I was thinking of getting a PS4, but my friend says that the PS5 can run GTA 5. If this is true, can you also play online with PS4 players?. Thanks in advance.
  3. tim68

    GTA 4 on Series X

    hi all I have been playing GTA 4 on Series X over the last week then after getting to the last mission where you are chasing a guy on a motorbike then you have to jump on to a helicopter and bashing the A button to climb up but when I am trying to do this the game is just flicking between...
  4. meldogjr

    Im looking for gta 5 xbox 360

    ill pay just need xbox 360 gta 5
  5. R

    GTA V

    Anyone had any issues with downloading GTA V on their PS5 (digital console)? Had it on disk on the PS4, and when I try to download it on the PS5, it says that it's unavailable as I already own the criminal enterprise pack or something along those lines. Thanks.
  6. B

    Question Mobile GTA 5 Gaming Qu.

    Hi All, First post here, please be Im a little (lot) out of touch with modern gaming...! I have an old PlayStation PSP and loved playing the old version of GTA on there! I would like to update it and play the new GTA 5/6 on the newer Vita or on my IPad, is this possible? I have...
  7. Jimster71

    GTA VI

    This could be the first official tease for GTA VI from Rockstar. Basically, in their recent GTA Online update teaser, you can see a GPS coordinate at the bottom of the screen: Putting...
  8. imnotrich

    GTA V (xbox one online) not available

    Originally I played GTA V on the XBOX 360 completed it, played a bit online, all good, then my friends wanted to play on the PS4, so I transferred my character from the XBOX 360 to the PS4, all went through OK, character now on the PS4, played online for quite some time but then dropped off as...
  9. L

    For Sale Grand Theft Auto IV (Backwards Compatible) £3.60 Delivered

    £4 reduced to £3.60 (Acceptable condition) Disk does have a lot of scratches, case is damaged. Manual only, no poster. Game plays fine, tested on Xbox one x.
  10. A

    Need Help with GTA V(PS4)

    Hi there, My system seems to have a problem auto save. It will save after only completed 4 to 5 tasks. How can I save the game manually. Someone remind me that it can be saved via smart phone. I tried to push all buttons but there is no option to bring up the smart phone device. Can...
  11. A

    (PS3) GTA 5 Auto Save Issue

    Hi there, I am playing GTA 5 offline. It has problem auto saving. It seems to auto save every 3 or 4 task completed, not after each task which is frustrating. How can I force it to save? Thanks.
  12. B

    Looking for a gaming desktop for gta 5 online

    I want to buy a gaming desktop to run grand theft auto 5 online. The laptop I have currently isn't up to the task. The plan is to keep the laptop for general web surfing, word processing etc. and use the gaming desktop only for gta 5 online. I don't know much about the internal specs of...
  13. NASAKillbill

    GTA 5 free from epic games

    Epic games is well ... Epic. World war z Just cause 4 And now GTA 5 for free. Can’t go wrong with free ;)
  14. S

    Error message when starting up GTA V

    I'm getting a message 'Do you own this game or app?' when clicking on GTA V in my games. It invites me to sign into Xbox Live, but I'm all signed into Games Pass Ultimate, so all should be working yes? It was working fine two days ago.
  15. zt1903

    Hot PlayStation GTA news ....

    .... the first two games are coming to PS3 :eek:
  16. S

    GTA 5 REAL VR Mod Problem

    I am having trouble with the VR mod. I believe I followed the installation instructions correctly, however, when I attempt to launch the game I receive the error message in the picture. If you have any insight as to how to fix this problem I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
  17. R

    Question Help needed please Gta online arcade bug

    Hello I'm wondering if anybody has had a problem with their arcades in Gta online I purchased the arcade in paleto Bay (pixel Pete I think it's called) to do the casino heist but one day when I logged on I went to do some more heist prep and noticed that the arcade was now covered in graffiti...
  18. D


    How to rob a bank?
  19. GrumpyOldGamer

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Currently £15.99 on steam and the best part of all, currently in Los Santos its snowing, I forget how stunning this game is sometimes.
  20. Saxo Appeal

    Grand Theft Auto 6

    Could the next instalment of Grand Theft Auto may have been leaked? Grand Theft Auto 6 might just have been accidentally leaked Even though it's the slightest rumour, I still think Rockstar are definetly working on the next instalment
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