1. V

    Computer slows down massively when two other monitors are hooked up to it (even when the two other monitors are idle). Is the GPU a possible culprit?

    My computer slows down massively when two other monitors are hooked up to it. You'd assume that this would be caused by a memory/processor issues but here's the thing - the computer slows way down even if, immediately after hooking up to the other monitors, the monitors are left idle. Is it...
  2. M


    superb graphics card works perfectly only taken from working system due to upgrade, stays very cool.
  3. L

    Help with new GTX 1650 install on older computer

    Hi all, I purchased a GTX 1650 to try and upgrade the GPU but am having an issue. Summary: Older computer I'm looking to upgrade. My computer/ motherboard: Computer: HP Pavilion HPE h8-1120 Motherboard: IPISB-CU (Carmel2) Manufacturer...
  4. EdgeyChris

    Wanted GPU upto around £110

    Hi All, looking for a GPU for around £110inc for my next build, looking for something along the lines of a 1060 6GB, Seen a few 1060s go for around this on here and Ebay etc Looking for once ASAP and also looking in other places to try to snag one Thanks!
  5. Roohster

    New GPU - do I need to upgrade my PSU?

    I'm thinking about upgrading from my GTX 970 soon, possibly to something like a 2070 Super, but I'm wondering about the power requirements. I'm not exactly an expert when it comes to these things, so please bear with me. My current card has one 8 pin connector for the power, whereas some of the...
  6. Buurman

    For Sale Motherboard / 2 x 4gb ram / rx570 4gb gpu for sale

    Having a clear out of random tech stuff that's now surplus to requirements First lot of computer bits and bobs MAXIMUS V GENE Micro ATX Z77 LGA1155 Socket £40 AMD Radeon RX570 4GB £70 Ballistix Sport VLP 1600MHz 8GB Ram kit (2 x 4gb) - £20 All are used, but working. The GPU has the box...
  7. W

    Wanted Gpu 100 budget

    Looking for a gpu something like a gtx1060 or a rx580 currently have a 1050 non ti and only on a low wattage psu so looking for a decent upgrade what's out there
  8. KidTao

    Question Dual Card GPU & PSU

    Hello, PC Enthusiasts; I have an 850W PSU liquid cooled chassis, and I have been looking into a dual card GPU upgrade. Most video cards that I have looked at are listing 250w for their power consumption. If the required power supply is 400w above the amount—pretty much all of them ask for 650w...
  9. Mensy

    Bargain Im looking for the cheapest GPU just to give me a display.

    Hi guys. Im looking to sell my 1070 whilst it still has a little bit of a demand before it plummets to the ground but im running a 3700x which doesnt have intergrated graphics. I borrowed an old card but it doesnt fit my motherboard its that old haha. Does anyone know of the cheapest gpu or a...
  10. Alexxxx

    For Sale EVGA RTX 2060 XC Ultra GPU Graphics Card

    Selling the card as I decided to go with RX 5700 instead. Got it on ebay a few weeks ago. The card still got just under 2 years of warranty left, card is a year old. £295.
  11. E

    For Sale AMD Radeon Pro W5700 GPU (Brand New)

    AMD Radeon Pro W5700 GPU PCIe 4.0/8Gb DDR6 VRAM Next-generation professional workstation graphics card. Supplied to me brand new by AMD Europe as compensation for a protracted warranty claim involving a different card, this item is brand new and unused. Supplied to me direct without retail...
  12. hardhitter

    For Sale ASUS Matrix ROG R9 290X GPU

    Had this GPU knocking around in my cupboard for ages. Its the ASUS Matrix ROG R9 290X with 4GB DDR5 NOTE: Power Consumption up to 375W - additional 8+8 pin PCIe power required. Hoping for £90 delivered
  13. LG88

    Question Which GPU for streaming?

    Looking to do my first build (budget around £800), the aim is to use it for streaming on twitch. Now trying to choose a GPU is driving me mad. CPU wise, I'm planning on using a Ryzen 5 3600. Now I've seen that Nvidia cards encode better (been looking at the 1660 super or the 2060), but then...
  14. C

    hi what is the cheapest gpu and best value gpu to run link quest

    hi yes i have seen the list on occulus site but i m a newbe and dont know that stuff and its market. what is the least expensive$ gpu that would run link quest ok good without desagrement? and what is the best bang for buck best value on the inexpensive side maybe? maybe there are deals to?
  15. B

    Question Phanteks Enthoo Evol X

    I purchased this case some time ago and its the best case ive ever had. After having the GPU mounted horizontally since i purchased the case, I I have decided to mount my GPU vetically. Unnfortunately i have thrown the packing away including the vertical gpu holder part. If anyone has this...
  16. Surebrec

    New GPU: Recommendations?

    Following on from the upgrades I did earlier this year, the only internal component that needs an upgrade, is my GPU. My current GPU is a 5 year old 980ti, which is showing it's age when gaming, and not to mention rattling fans making an intermittent noise . I was thinking of going for a 2080ti...
  17. I

    Looking for a gtx 1070 if any one is selling

    Hi looking to purchase a gtx 1070 if anyone is selling would prefer a Galax edition but open to any others. Cheers
  18. djbone

    Question Best value minor upgrade for a RX 460 GPU?

    As per the title. We have a fairly average lower end (older i5 / 8GB RAM) PC for the kids' gaming, mainly Minecraft/Roblox etc but also Fortnite at Low-Med settings. Currently has a Fujitsu RX 460 4Gb in there but it's fan developed a horrible rattle, so want to replace. Looking at replacing...
  19. L

    Question GPU Help

    Im thinking of upgrading my GTX780 Classified to a 5600XT. I notice this card is PCIe 4.0 but my mb is PCIe 3.0. Will this cause a bottleneck for my new GPU?
  20. darthmauler

    Question WTB a new GPU between £150-£200

    I am in the market for a new GPU. (I'm open to buying second hand) If I buy new I really want to look between £150 and £200. This will be paired with my i5-6600. At the moment I am running with an R9 380 with 2GB of VRAM. The lack of VRAM is an issue in some games. I am playing at 1080p...
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