1. n0chex

    PHILIPS 70PUS8555 70" mVA panel?

    Anyone have any further information on the new PHILIPS 70PUS8555 70" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV with Google Assistant and according to Display Specifications has a wonderful mVA panel is this correct?
  2. Tempest

    Brave - Google Photos - Stopped working

    Just wondering if this is only me. Been using Brave for a long time now, and all fine. Then yesterday evening, went to my Google Photo's page and Brave won't show the pictures. On the left hand side are icons for Folder and For You and they all work and display fine. But the top icon Photos. I...
  3. JabbaNut

    REVIEW: Mecool KM1 Smart Box with Android TV 9 and Google Certification

    Mecool KM1 is the new Android TV for which we present today his review, a product with a Google certification thanks to what have Google Cast has with which we can send content from our mobile to the TV-Box. Regarding hardware, this Box has the Amlogic S905X3 Quad core SoC that offers us a...
  4. majorwedgy

    Churchill now filtered on Google.... Loons have the asylum

    Google UK prime ministers, you will find this, I just despair
  5. Zain

    Huawei - Google Caller ID

    Hi I'm using the P30 Pro and I'm after an app or setting (if there is one?) to show Caller ID from Google? Using the phone for business, and coming from a Pixel - I found this feature really handy. Is there anywhere my P30 can also display this? TIA
  6. maxdraki

    Google Home/ Assistant and LG ThinQ Problems

    Hi All, I was lucky enough to get an OLED48CX6LB from Currys a couple of weeks ago (very happy with it!). I've been trying to get it connected to our Google Home/ Assistants but without any luck. Looking at google's forums I can see this is a fairly common problem, but I was wondering if this...
  7. Tommy Teapot

    Nest hello door bell with Google home account issue

    Hi, I'm new to the smart home technology. A family member in the same household has a nest hello doorbell, this is registered to their Google account. I purchased a Google nest hub with the intention of building my smart tech setup, including the nest doorbell. I setup the hub with my Google...
  8. JabbaNut

    Google Sabrina a new Android TV-Stick leaked
  9. harry66

    Question Will a Google Pixel 4 Pay Monthly from Vodafone be locked?

    Hi, I have been googling this - but just wanted to check - will my new Pixel 4 from Vodafone on a pay monthly contract be locked? I would rather not open the box to check - googling seems to give mixed answers.. Anyone who can answer definitively - much appreciated. Thanks!
  10. N

    Google Play Services not working

    Does anyone know how to fix this. Google Play disappeared from my home screen and when I go to certain apps like youtube I get the below error message. I've tried to uninstall and it says it was unsuccessful. Force stop, disable it greyed out. Really don't know what to do. I have a Samsung A3 2017.
  11. C

    Question Anyone using separate Facebook (or google) accounts .... eg. for gaming, social media...

    I am not a keen fan of the way Facebook/google track our every move. I have generally stayed away from simple things like liking videos on YouTube or using my Facebook/google ID to setup accounts on sites requiring registration I noticed that my Oculus account has my middle name as well...
  12. V5PST

    H50U7BUK - Google Assistant ( won’t turn off TV )

    Hi All, I’ve got a strange issue. I’ve setup google assistant with my chromecast and you can “ turn on “ the TV with google, but it won’t turn off. All the CEC settings are on and as they should be. When you ask google to turn off the TV it’s as if it completes the ask because it doesn’t say it...
  13. P

    A stereo that can use google maps and play music from an MP3 or even a USB stick at same time.

    I want to change the head unit in my 2009 Honda Civic. Was considering the Sony XAV-1000AX as it has a headphone auxiliary socket so I can still use my portable MP3 player. To use Apple CarPlay for google maps, I believe you connect iPhone via usb, so would I be able to use navigation and have...
  14. L

    Question 32PFS6402/12, Google Assistant on TV is answering in strange words

    Model: 32PFS6402/12 Software version: QM164E. When I ask the Google Assistant something, the answer it returns is in a very strange language, like a code or script. It says like 'bluetooth content input underscore text....' etc. when I ask what the weather is like. See also the video...
  15. Tempest

    Hey Google, Play Sky News Live on Kitchen TV

    Would love someone to be able to teach me a way around this problem I've had for months. (I wonder if it's to do with the naming of sky's channels on YouTube) Here is the setup (of course names can be anything your like) 1: A TV/Computer screen with a Chromecast plugged into it, which is...
  16. Clem_Dye

    Question Google Play Movies on LG 2019 TV?

    Apologies if this topic has been aired before, but is there a Google Play Movies app. for 2019 LG TVs? I ask, as the service has the Korean film Extreme Job up for grabs, which I really want to see. If it is available, what sort of picture quality and audio might I expect? HD is a must, as is...
  17. menz83

    Google Home Max - Can't Cast

    Hey, I've been having some issues with my Google home max of late. Whilst it stays connected to the Internet just fine and responds to commands, it frequently drops off my cast list and showing as not connected within the home app. I'm currently running a mesh network with Devolo Magic 2 WiFi...
  18. IronaSona

    How to Unlock Samsung 10 google account

    Hello does any one know how to unlock s10 phone that has a google account that has a pin .
  19. gcogger

    Can Fire TV play films from Google Play Movies in 4k HDR?

    It's proving very difficult to find the answer to this simple question. The only discussions I can find on this are quite old, and I know the Amazon/Google spat changes quite a lot! After buying my nice new Panasonic OLED, I'm missing 4k HDR playback in a few areas: Disney+ iTunes Movies...
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