1. ehosin

    For Sale £150 Google Play Digital Credit - £120 (80%)

    As per the title New to this forum but 100% on eBay (same username)
  2. J

    Smartphone Google Searches

    When accessing many of my sites saved to the home screen on my Blackview BV5500Pro I am shown the attached image. I then must click the back button to get to that site. This, I understand, began happening after an "essential Google update". What can I do to get straight to the site without this...
  3. TB303

    Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell - is terrible, what am I missing?

    Hello people, We used to have one of the original Ring doorbells, and it had lots of issues, having to charge the battery all the time and often the app/ring taking ages to 'answer' a ring - missing packages etc. We updated to Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell - and it's way worst. While having...
  4. peppadapig69

    For Sale Google TV with Chromecast - White

    Google TV, with Chromecast, dongle for sale. Excellent condition, with box, remote etc. £40 (including postage)
  5. L

    For Sale Google Chromecast 3rd Gen

    Hi, Sealed google chromecast 3rd gen charcoal. Any questions let me know.
  6. JDavies

    Wanted £150 Google Play voucher

    Hi All, Does anyone have one of these vouchers for sale? They were part of a Samsung promotion. The going rate seems to be £80. If your feedback is low, I would prefer you to go first. Payment will be sent soon after. Please see my feedback for re-assurance. PayPal preferred. Thanks for...
  7. G

    Help me Figure out this problem with my True Wireless Earbuds and my Phone

    I have tried to Google this problem and I cannot find any result that resembles this problem. No reviews of these devices mention this issue anywhere, from Amazon to Aliexpress. You guys are my last hope. Please help me. I use an Infinix Zero 6 Phone Here is a Link to the GSM Arena page for...
  8. BMox81

    Google Pixel 6/6 Pro Back to the flagship specs it seems.
  9. P

    For Sale Google Pixel 4A (New) £215

    Google pixel 4A unlocked Black taken the screen plastic off never even set it up to small for my massive hands so put back in box and forgotten about was purchased 2 months ago should still have warrenty tied to the phone was purchased in store not tied to any contract unlocked looking...
  10. P

    For Sale Google Pixel 4a - just black 128Gb

    Google Pixel 4a Just Black 128Gb Brand new & never opened. This is an unwanted upgrade. Will be posted RMSD
  11. T

    For Sale Google Nest Hub Max

    I have my Google Nest Hub Max for sale. It's in great condition and has been looked after. I was mainly using it as a photo frame, mainly have echos in the house. Looking for £115 posted.
  12. m00n

    Wanted Google play voucher £150

    Just wondering if someone still got the Samsung promotion one £150 Google Play voucher? Willing to pay £80 as previously paid the same. Let me know. Thanks
  13. Samaa87

    Wanted Google Play £30

    Looking for £30 worth of google play credit if anyone has it. Thanks
  14. MSW

    For Sale Philips Hue Bridge & Google Nest Mini & CYP 4 x HDMI Splitter

    I have for sale Philips Hue Bridge (Pretty sure the came free) which was bundle with 4 x Philips Hue outdoor lights I bought from Argos about 2 months ago. The item is still in its box and unopened. £24.20 Google Nest Mini in chalk which came free with a John Lewis Purchase about 12 months...
  15. M

    Can I use HDMI inputs on A80J without a Google account?

    Hi, I’m looking at buying the Sony XR77A80J...
  16. Chrisharry12345

    Need a bit of Google sheets/ excel help please

    Hi all Is there an easy way in Google sheets to automatically take totals of multiple lines of data in another tab? For example I have attached part of the sheet. I would need a total of each player in a seperate tab so Emersons total goals total assists etc. There is 5.5k lines of data so...
  17. N

    Sony A90J and google or pro for apple tv

    Hello all, and sorry for the thread, but I have watched youtube vids on sony pro settings, gone through the forums here, and I am still none the wiser. I am about to get the new Apple TV. I am about to cancel all Sky. The only access to 'tv content' will be from my Apple Tv and playstaton. My...
  18. bubs999

    Google WiFi issue

    We've just moved house and I'm setting my internet back up. I have my 1st Google WiFi puck up and running, but I can't add my 2nd one. Whenever I try and search for it, nothing comes up. The device is powered on and the blue light flashes and then goes out. I did have the light brightness set...
  19. BMox81

    Google Pixel 6 New design looks good and the Pro option will satisfy those wanting a larger model.
  20. bobbymax

    Alternatives to Google photos?

    Just read, that GP are charging at end of may? I've been on there since Picasa. And too mean to pay being a poor pensioner 😁 I see on the geek site a few recommends. Incl Amazon, which is supposed to be free(for now) Any of you have recommends/favourites?
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