1. S

    Second device Google home problem

    Hi I'm new to the forum, so would initially like to say hello. I have a Google home hub, which I have used without any problem for a year or so. I have just bought a Home mini, and am having problems playing music through it. They are both recognised on my phone, but when I ask the mini to...
  2. HaRd2BeAr

    Google Pixel 5

    So who's interested in the Google Pixel 5? Looks like it will be announced at an event on the 30th September - Device Announcement Rumoured specs so far - - Snapdragon 765G Processor (5G) - 8gb of Ram - 128GB Storage - 6inch Full HD OLED Display - 90hz refresh rate - 4000mah battery...
  3. D

    How can I switch on my LG B9 via WiFi?

    Hello all! I've recently bought my new tv, an LG B9 2020.. I configured LgThinQ and Google Home.. I'm not sure that it is well configured because I have no button in Google Home for my Tv, but I can give some commands using "Ok Google" and the "Ask to LG".. Then I would like to use the command...
  4. BMox81

    Google Chromecast with Android TV Been doing the rounds now for a few months but seems like an announcement is any time now. Really glad they’re finally doing one with a remote-well overdue...
  5. rousetafarian

    For Sale BNIB Google Nest Mini generation 2 in Sky

    RRP £49.00 found n Currys £30.90 posted RM 2nd class. Surplus to requirements as we've a house full of Amazon Echos, can post out ASAP, payment by BT or Paypal F&F
  6. C

    Google hub

    Hi i am trying to get my Google hub to connect to my hisense TV h50n5300uk TV ( BLUETOOTH ENABLED on tablet) but hub cannot find it the tv is a smart tv but the only thing I can find on the tv is anyview cast so don't know if tv is compatible ?
  7. L

    For Sale Google home mini gen2

    Has been used for almost a year and working fine. (Mini anniversary coming up!!) Won't be coming in its original box (I try my best to look for it)
  8. C

    Wanted Google play store

    Any amount considered.
  9. 0

    Question Changed my Google pass word now my TV wants me to log in but it won't let me

    I had to change my Google password on my computer and now my TV seems to be going crazy. While watching TV through most apps it stops and says to verify account. Once I start the process I choose my user name and get to the next screen and it won't let me do anything after that. No keypad...
  10. pratibha91

    Microsoft edge vs Google Chrome

    Windows has upgraded its internet explorer to edge, whose interface is almost similar to Google chrome. But speed may vary. So, can you share your opinions about this which is better to use?
  11. T

    Yamaha RX-V685 - with Google Home

    Hi there, Does anyone know, if you can get Google Home - to work with Yamaha RX-V685, so you can use voice control for the AV - thank you
  12. L

    YouTube Music Block Chromecast Feature

    Hi there, first time poster. I'vm a Google Play Music user. I actually have my Music Library based around iTunes on my Mac, but when I bought an Android phone a few years ago, I used google Music Manager to clone my Library to Google Play Music so I could listen on the move. When I started...
  13. G

    For Sale HP Chromebook 11 G5 EE (N3060, 4GB, 16GB SSD) with Google Sleeve

    Screen - 11.6 Inch Processor - Intel Celeron N3060 RAM - 4 GB Hard Drive - 16GB on-board Operating System - Google Chrome OS Optical Drive - No optical drive Colour - Grey Battery Life - 11 hours Maximum Resolution - 1366 x 768 Pretty much brand new has been used once or twice. Comes with a...
  14. K

    For Sale EE PAYG SIM with £30 credit. can be used for Charge to bill on Playstation Network, Apple AppStore, Google Playstore, Microsoft Store, Spotify

    EE PAYG SIM with £30 credit. this is actual top up credit applied to the sim to be used as PAYG or to buy a Bundle. it can also be used for Charge to bill on; Playstation Network - can remotely add £30 - id prefer to sell for this method. Apple AppStore - physical sim needed. Google Playstore -...
  15. G

    Wanted Google Play store credits

    Hi, Need to top up my Google play store credits so if anyone have any going, please let me know. Historically I've had them at 80-85% Many thanks Gary
  16. Y

    Help pls. Nest Hub & External Speaker?

    In my kitchen I was thinking I would get a Nest Hub and pair it with a one (or two?) Bluetooth speakers. Any reason why I wouldn't do it this way? I use the youtube music app so it would be handy to have the screen show what's playing/up next. I currently use my phone but that's a pain, want...
  17. HaRd2BeAr

    Google Pixel 4a Announced

    So finally the Pixel 4a has been announced - Pixel 4a I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S8 that's now relegated to Quarterly updates :( was looking at maybe a new Iphone 12 and jumping ship, but at £349 with 3 major updates guaranteed, this looks something of a bargain really. I don't game...
  18. E

    Question Google pixel warranty

    Has anybody had any warranty dealings with google? Do they work off the IMEI number like Apple or is a receipt required as proof of purchase beforehand?
  19. lee667

    Question Anyone have a Google Nest cam outdoor?

    After a bit of researching about different cameras for monitoring my back garden I think I've narrowed the choice down to one of the google nest outdoor cameras. I'm wondering if many people on here have either the standard or the iq cam and what their views are on it? I'm leaning towards...
  20. G

    Decent 32 inch Android TV with Google Playstore

    As it says above - any recommendations? This is for a bedroom with no aerial socket - hence the ability to install a decent array of Google Playstore / third party apps is essential. Thanks!
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