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  1. Ilovewaffles

    Back up to Google drive on android phone

    I have a moto e play mobile. The toggle to back up is on, but I notice that for backup for contacts it says waiting to back up, and back up now is greyed out. On Googling it appears there is a big problem with back ups , no reason given, and Google have offered no solution. There was a...
  2. A

    How to build/buy a personal cloud that works like Google Drive?

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but here's the question: I'd like to host, on my home equipment, media files that I can access when away from home. The key requirement is to be able to watch a film remotely using a browser, via streaming (not downloading) with NO added client-side...
  3. M

    Google drive

    Hi all , can anyone help me I am looking at copying my photos on my google drive to an external usb stick, what is the easiest way please. The photos are all in folders on my google drive on my MacBook Pro and I would like to keep the folders when copying to my usb stick. Thanks in advance Marc
  4. vancreef

    Google Drive sharing

    Apologies if I've posted this in the wrong section but I've searched the forums and found different questions about Gogle Drive in many different sections, so I'm unsure exactly where this belongs. I have Google Drive, of course, and have several folders in it which contain 1,000's of photos...
  5. oligopoly

    Shared cloud storage for photos

    Hi, Can someone advise on the best platform for my me and my wife? We both have iPhones and want to back up our photos. In addition, we have a digital camera and over 100GB of historic photos which we want to backup. We started with Google Drive, paying around £8 per month for 1TB of storage...
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