1. W90WBA

    Gone or Going Digital

    Just thought I'd post this to see who has either gone digital, is thinking of going digital or has no interest in it at all The cost of digital game has always put me off, however I am now looking at trying to go digital all the way, having upgraded my HD to 2TB. I brought my first digital game...
  2. shahedz

    Question Linn Genki- dosplay gone blank

    Linn Genki- was working fine. One evening I went to play a CD and the display was blank and not responding to any buttons pressed. The LED next to the power button still lights green. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Tommy Gunn

    Answered Q Acoustics 2050i tweeter gone

    I have a pair of the above speakers and it seems the tweeter is gone on one of them. A local speaker repair man told me that Q Acoustics have ceased making parts for the above speaker and no replacement tweeter is available. He is experienced 30+ yrs and has a very good reputation with the local...
  4. S

    What's Your Area/Town Like - Mine's Gone To Hell...

    Hi All, I have lived in my area (NW London) for decades & it was always a sort of melting pot of various peoples that lived here over the decades - many of whom were culturally, politically & religiously diametrically opposed but despite this, until fairly recently, they all seemed to get on &...
  5. Xeneye

    Question Anyone gone from Synology to unRAID?

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has moved from using Synology to unRAID, just wondering how it went and if you had any regrets etc.? I'm currently running 3x different Synology units, with a total of 11 drives across them all and am seriously thinking of doing a self build, and putting all...
  6. Roohster

    Health warnings gone mad

    I don't mind health warnings. They're unnecessary, we know what we're doing.. but if it means we can carry on vaping that's fine by me. This one's going a bit too far though, it's just an out-and-out lie: "This product contains nicotine" No, it doesn't.
  7. T

    Have AV receivers gone down the wrong road?

    Posting this (as a debate) because recently I've become quite frustrated with the pointless stuff hurled at AV receivers and the reality seems to be that you can no longer buy a quality receiver (IE one that receives and amplifies) without paying for about 100 additional bells and whistles, most...
  8. soupdragon

    If humans were gone, who would be the dominant species?

    If humans were gone, who would become be the dominant species on earth and why? Assume that we just vanish, and there was no nuclear war to screw up the eco-systems. I think birds of prey will be the dominant species. While everyone else battles for supremacy, the birds can strategically...
  9. Raine

    iTrader ratings gone?

    Just looking at the classifieds and I can't seem to find someone's itrader ratings when looking at their profile. Has it been done away with these days? Thanks. :)
  10. markie g

    10 Month old car turbo gone... any comeback?

    I bought a BMW 320d diesel 2006 10 months ago used from a dealer (Evans Halshaw). Car has only done 76k miles. I've done about 10k miles in it. Today the turbo went on the way to a wedding. I’ve emailed them asking them to contact me regarding this. Just wondering if i have an sort of come...
  11. B

    Gone from a Panasonic vt50 to a Panasonic dx902 and need help please !

    Hi all Treated myself to a Panasonic 58Dx902 as an upgrade from my Panasonic VT50 Everything is connected the same on my 902 as it was on the vt50 On my vt 50 when I switched on my pioneer av amp - vsx921- the tv speakers 'auto muted' an the amp took over - when I switched the amp off the tv...
  12. antsims

    Answered Where has my Pioneer SCLX 701 OSD gone?

    Ive had the amp for a while now and suddenly the OSD has gone. All my inputs are coming through fine and showing on my LG 65C OLED TV. But when I press the home button to go into settings, the screen goes black for a second as if it's going to come up but nothing happens. I can see the details...
  13. dustondan

    freeview signal suddenly gone after 9 years

    hey guys any help appriciated. little explination of my problem england northapton On tuesday (21 march 2017) signal on my freeview was getting quite pixilated, then just stopped working around 2 hours later(all tvs say no signal). bare in mind this has been working flawlesly for 8-9 years in...
  14. BlueWizard

    Peter Tyson - Off-Line or Gone???

    Perhaps it is just me and my Internet connection, but for over a week now I've been having trouble connecting to Peter Tyson's website - Peter Tyson Online Although the 502 Error Message indicates the problem is on their end. At first I just thought they were implementing a new website design...
  15. Faust

    Have Public Sector cuts now gone to far?

    Are the wheels coming off the public sector? Almost every day we read of yet another crisis in one of our public services. We have the NHS deep in the red and almost at breaking point. Social care with thousands of elderly vulnerable people not getting proper care and in many cases no care at...
  16. Faust

    Has political correctness gone mad - by Trevor Phillips

    Don't know if any of you watched this programme tonight but it's a great one to debate. I'm sure for those who did watch it, many of you like me would have been gnashing their teeth and wringing their hands. There was a group of students discussing the merits of what was or was not acceptable...
  17. pauluk3

    Question changed the t con board and now the line is gone but I have a purple hue or haze

    Hi I have a tv with a line down the side, but the rest is perfect, I changed the t con board and now the line is gone but I have a purple hue or haze - can anyone tell me why ? thanks paul
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