1. encaser

    Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing

    Could be a diverting gentle laugh from the mainstream. RT description here At least the description made me smile, middle-aged men! How old do people actually live to now..?

    Game DVR, where has it gone?

    Ok unless I am going mad but has Game DVR been taken off Xbox One? Yesterday I had an epic race on Project Cars 2 after battling with the settings and trying to get the right balance for hours, didn't fair very well in practice or qualifying but nailed the race even though it started to pee...
  3. E

    Where have the BCCs gone in the new Outlook/Hotmail

    Hello, I don't know if I'm in the correct forum, perhaps someone will tell me if so. As you may know, Outlook has just redesigned it's email , leaving this user frothing at the mouth! In the process they have deleted/lost every BCC in every email I've ever sent; still today, if you send an...
  4. Garrett

    Billy Bargain Gone Now Who Do You Use To Compare Prices

    I been using Billy Bargain for years for checking prices although a few did slip though its net genraly it was good. I tried the other day to check the site and got the Web page cannot be found, with the link I save and though it was just off line temporary. I just tried again and the same...
  5. suzanne sendell

    Ipad gone mad

    How or why has my Ipad now got a mind of his own? I will have It on for about 20 mins, then If I leave It to go and do something else It keeps jumping to previous pages over and over again ( Its as If a ghost Is having a play on It) the only way to stop It Is to restart It
  6. F

    Sky 3D gone from Sky Q, end of an era - NO, it's still there!

    Just checked my Sky Q box after having a smart meter fitted. Sky 3D content has all gone from Boxsets and Sky Cinema. Menu options disappeared. So that's it, another nail in the 3D coffin. Can't be long before the final 3d Blu rays are manufactured. Last Jedi still in my local Tesco today but...
  7. Sonic67

    PC gone mad etc.

    WWII enactors banned from dressing in Hugo Boss clothing. North Yorkshire Moors Railway withdraws WW2 German soldier invitation - German WW2 re-enactors told to stay away A railway involved in a World War Two re-enactment weekend has withdrawn its invitation to a group who dress as German...
  8. inviccsuBob

    Where have my headphones gone?

    New house, new LG TV, home cinema kit in storage so use internal speaker. Works fine. Connect Bluetooth heaphones, they are fine too, automatically muting the speaker. Sony STR-DA2400ES amp out of storage. Sky box now connected to Sony amp which then connects to LG TV via the same HDMI input as...
  9. D

    Denon avr-x1400h has gone on to stereo?

    As the title suggests I've had my new amp over a week really happy with it as it's replaced my old Pioneer fantastic for the money but it's suddenly only playing in stereo when I run it through the sat box it's fine on DVD how can I put this right I've tried everything YouTube through the t.v...
  10. raigraphixs

    Gone Baby Gone The Series (Fox)

    Fox television has ordered a pilot for “Gone Baby Gone,” which will be based on the novel by Dennis Lehane. None of the creative team from the movie will be involved. Robert Levine (“Black Sails“) writing and executive producing, while Lehane will also take an EP credit. The new show follow...
  11. B

    Question Front left from Denon 1610 gone very quiet - New AVR time?

    Hey all, I have been using my Denon 1610 for the last 8 or so years and it has served me well, but I fear it may be on its way out. Just before Christmas, I noticed the front left speaker had become far quieter than the rest of the setup despite not changing any settings. I thought it might be a...
  12. kah22

    Question Where have my channels gone?

    My setup: a Sony Bravia television, a Humax HDR, the signal comes via the aerial and is transmitted to the television through the Humax The problem. About a week back I carried out a rescan just to see if I could pick up any more stations. Since then I’ve been having problems with the...
  13. J

    Answered Digital surround sound gone!

    I have my PS4 Pro connected to PSVR to Samsung tv and an HDMI cable from the TV to my receiver. Before I got my PSVR I always played games in surround sound. It just automatically chose Dolby or DTS 5.1. As long as the game/movie support it of cause. But ever since I hooked up the PSVR I only...
  14. Venomx999

    Gone in 60 seconds ( BluRay )

    Was blown away at the picture on this classic from 2000 Audio was top too. Film was a bit like Fast and Furious but way more realistic
  15. D

    Has car insurance gone up this year?

    I'm with chris knott and normally they are always good to go with its always been with Highway insurance,but this year chris knott has given me a quote with Equity red star never heard of them? With Equity this year its £292 where last year with Highway i paid £271 Not much of a difference but...
  16. P

    My Freesat reception has gone bonkers since Sky Q install

    Hi, Hope this is OK it's not about Sky, it's a consequence of it. So I always had good satellite reception. Never anything else. I use DVBViewer recording service with some DVB-S2 cards. A few months ago we got Sky Q and since then, the DVBViewer reception has gone absolutely mad. Sometimes...
  17. Smurfin

    Anyone else gone away from a projector setup lately?

    Hi all Just wondered if anyone has done this recently? I'm in the process of moving house, but into rented for a year. I have an awesome projector setup right now, which consists of a budget short throw DLP projector (Benq - it's the only one out there with the throw that works), a scope tab...
  18. Smiffy 2

    Humax 1100S gone on the blink........

    Just out of warranty too. Can anybody recommend an alternative. Don't wants anything with massive HD storage, just decent FreeSat reception and the ability to record a "few" things. Also needs to be numpty proof. Many thanks
  19. Flashy

    No app store in iTunes 12.7

    I'm a bit irritated by this: Apple Releases iTunes 12.7 With Major Changes, Including No Built-In App Store I know I'm living in the past a bit, but I've got a few games on my iPad Air which won't run on iOS 11 because they're not 64 bit and won't be updated (the two Lost Winds games, Crow, and...
  20. whiteswan

    Hive Home Hub gone offline......

    .......and I cannot log into my account. I called them and their server has gone down - you'd think they have a back one ;-) Dave
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