1. simon1967

    MacBook Pro 16 on order but need replacement screen as Apple Thunderbolt Display has gone kaput? Advice and recommendations needed.

    Hi all, I've had a read through this thread: https://www.avforums.com/threads/what-to-do-what-to-do-new-imac-macbook-monitors.2343726/page-8 and was very interested in all the different set-ups and options available. However, I've been pretty happy with my trusty MacBook Pro 15 (2018) and Apple...
  2. unknownsith

    Denon 4700 gone bang !

    Hi all, My Denon 4700 went with a bang last week! There is no power to the unit at all, checked the fuse in the plug and tried a different power cable with no joy. I had been away for a few days and turned all my equipment off at the plugs. Flicked the switches back on to 11 other...
  3. mikeysthoughts

    Anyone gone from an XE9005 to XH9505? Seeking opinions on the benefits

    I have the upgrade itch. I currently have a calibrated 55" XE9005 and am happy with the PQ, but would like a 65" set. But size increase alone isn't enough to justify the spend. Has anyone gone from an XE9005 or similar to the XH9505? What sort of PQ improvements should I expect?
  4. sykotik

    Ps+ days gone

    Is there a way i can change the install the disk of days gone to the PS+ ( exclusive PS5 version "digital" ) I have it on disk , but need to install the disk every time i want to play it only so i don't have to install the disc every time ?

    Gone Around 360Degrees - Hyundai Kona to Tesla Model 3 and Now back to Kona

    Well we are back in a Kona, After 2 years and 70k miles in our original 2018 (68Reg) Kona which was returned to Hyundai with faults in Aug 2020, we were moved into a Brand New 2020 (70 Reg) Kona by Hyundai,... After just a few weeks I finally gave into the Tesla itch and traded it in for a...
  6. IWC Dopplel

    Anyone else finding House Insurance has gone mad ?

    The renewal last year was horrible but this year its over £1,500 worse. Seems claiming £1,000 on a cup of tea spilt on my laptop didn't help, I have reduced my contents a little and I know older (listed) buildings are more expensive to insure due to silly rebuild costs but I have been unable to...
  7. A

    Question LG TV gone weird

    I have a 10yr old LG LED tv which has worked fine. But now it has developed a fault whereby I get a faint mosaic/halo kind pattern on the pic. I have checked all settings and everything is ok. So has the tv had it?
  8. JBRobinson

    UKTV play gone from Fire Stick!

    Suddenly today, with no prior warning, I find that UKTV is no longer available on our Fire Stick. I have no idea whether it is still on live TV as we don't do that now. Their channels and programmes are all still there, but each and every one now states "0 minutes" when you select it. I...
  9. M

    Question Hisense 55U7BUK - Picture has gone Pink...

    Hi, just wondered if anyone has experienced their 55U7BUK or similar, the picture going pink? After a Google search, there is comment for other makes, being an issue with HDMI cable. But even with no HDMI cable plugged in, the picture is pink. Watching TV, and people are pink with bits of...
  10. R

    Freesat channels 101 through 144 gone missing.

    Hi, The above channels have gone missing and following a reset and retune they still show as "no signal" when i switch to e.g. 101. The tele is an 43LJ594V and the channels previously worked fine. My understanding is that if this was an issue with the dish or LNA then missing channels are...
  11. badgerman

    Question Anyone gone from a good 5.1 to a Sonos playbar?

    I am considering of going from Onkyo NR818 with B&W LCR60/601s3/600s with BK XXLS400 to the new Sonos Arc. Am I mad? I watch only streaming on 4K fire stick, Xbox 360 once a month on a 65” Hisense. lounge is 4x5m. Anyone else gone from big set up to soundbar?
  12. phil t

    Have things gone too far?

    Submarine Captain under investigation Having spent many weeks at sea, and unable to go home before going back to sea, the Captain decided to hold a bbq for his crew. He is now under investigation as a bbq is "inappropriate" at this time due to covid. Thoughts.
  13. PerryGunn

    Gone for a big one this time

    I've been into temp control for a few years and been quite happy with my Yihi SXmini Q mini (dual 18650 cells that last most of a day), but I've been looking to try a decent DNA250 mod for a while and have finally bitten the bullet and gone for a heavyweight. It's a Dovpo Odin DNA250c in...
  14. sagaris99

    COVID 19 disease caused by 5G, God, Vaccines or EM fields? Nut job conspiracy theories

    Per title https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-52164358 Are people really buying into this lunacy? Do a bit of digging online, and you come across the 'New World Order' theories that these are military weapons for crowd control Logically sure, best way to protest is criminal damage..... righttttt
  15. Slingers

    Question Where has the "My Channels" Function gone from my new LG TV

    I have two LG TV's. On my 2017 LG 55UH615V there is a really useful "My Channels" facility attached to the Web OS. It allows me to save 20 quick access channels and shows, in tabs at the bottom of the screen, what program is currently being broadcast. I can not find this feature in the Web OS on...
  16. J

    Freesat Drama, Yesterday channels Gone

    Since this Monday I have lost the Drama, Dave, and Yesterday channels on 12129 V on Freesat. I have reinstalled but there appears to be so signal from the transponder. There is nothing on Kingofsat either. Is anyone having the same problem?
  17. K

    I think my receiver has gone into protection mode

    I have a marantz sr7010 and it won't start. Comes on then turns of with the power button flashing red. From what I've read on this forum it sounds like it's has gone into protection mode is something that I can do. On an old marantz post somewhere someone suggests pressing 8 buttons...
  18. Blasphemy03

    EmuParadise is gone...

    Any recommendations where to download retro games? There are so many games I did not play from my childhood that I want to play now but EmuParadise is sort of gone as they recently deleted their collection of ROMs to stay out of legal trouble.

    QUEST has gone HD

    Just switched on and noticed QUEST channel is now in HD Freesat result
  20. midknight

    Answered Anyone given up 4k physical media and gone soley digital?

    So I have been an avid movie collector/ hoarder for years and years (VHS, Laserdisc, DVD, HD disc, Blu ray and finally UHD Blu ray) but since I bought an Apple TV4k and got super fast fibre broadband I have found myslef turning more and more to digital. Has anyone else given up UHD discs in...
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