1. dazzday

    For Sale Arccos Caddie Golf Sensors

    Arccos Caddie Smart Sensor Set of 14. These are the elusive 2nd Gen, exactly the same as 3rd gen but you are not required to pay the $99 yearly sub, so will pay themselves back after 2 years! Sensors attach to the end of your clubs and automatically track every shot without any input. The...
  2. Straybezza

    For Sale Everybodys Golf/Assetto Corsa Ultimate

    Everybodys Golf £9 Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition £14 Or both for £20
  3. Astraeus

    Wanted Golf 2K21

    Anyone got a copy that they're looking to move on?
  4. Delvey

    MK4 Golf Estate Springs

    One for the VW specialists I think. We have a MK4 golf estate. The problem is the previous owner has lowered the vehicle (judging by the yellow springs they are aftermarket). The issue is that it is too low on the rear, especially with any load. I'm looking for the original part number but to no...
  5. L

    For Sale Brand New/Sealed Samsung Galaxy Watch3/Watch Active2 Golf

    Hi all, I've some brand new, still sealed Samsung Galaxy Watches for sale - Galaxy Watch3 Bluetooth, Silver, 41mm (SM-R850NZSAEUA) - RRP for this is £399, Happy to take £320? Galaxy Watch3 4G, Black, 45mm (SM-R845FZKAEUA) - RRP is £459, how about £400? Galaxy Watch Active2 Golf Edition, 44mm...
  6. S

    Simple graphic changes to improve 2K21 pga golf

    Basic graphic points that don't work for me Crowds watching matches. Here people are randomly placed around fairways and greens. Never like this in the real world. Some form of line stops people getting too close. Something simple like a rope fence, which then has the crowd lined up behind...
  7. Stuart Wright

    What's this golf set worth?

    Doing a garage clearout and selling this for a friend. It's been in storage for 10 years. It's a Slazenger golf bag, 10 clubs and a weird thing (top of the photo, don't know what it is). Obviously I know nothing about golf. The clubs are definitely used. Can someone please let me know what it's...
  8. T

    VW Golf Stop/Start

    Good evening, Can one of you Golf owners give me a bit of advice, please? Can the stop/start function available on some engines be permanently switched off? Similarly, some engines switch to two cylinders but can this be permanently disabled? You probably gather I don't approve of all this...
  9. Delvey

    VW Golf Starting issues

    The misses car broke down the other day. Seems like the starter motor. The auxiliary belt also looked like it needed replacing. The belt (and tensioner as that was goosed as well) was a straight forward job. Now the starter motor is another story. The top bolt sheared and the other end is stuck...
  10. O

    Question Golf simulator projector question

    First time posting on the forum. I’m a hs golf coach making a simulator for our team. I bought an optoma gt1080hdr short throw projector. I’m having an extremely difficult time getting the image correctly displayed on the screen. The ceilings are 15 feet tall and because of the odd metal...
  11. P

    VW Golf MK7 - Broken driver side mirror

    Hi all, A rather annoying thing just happened to me. I went to jump my car and the wing mirrors unfolded, as they usually do, then to my annoyance the mirror came unstuck fell to the ground and smashed. Attached is a photo of what’s left. So I need some advice on how to best fix it. Can I...
  12. B

    VW Golf mk4 TDI PD serious fuel leak, fuel in coolant

    Hi, So, I have a 2001 VW Golf mk4 with a 1.9 TDI PD (AJM or AJR not sure, can check) 115 bhp thingy which used to be a car. As I mentioned in the title, there's fuel in the coolant currently and I had a very bad fuel leak as well. I haven't switched the engine on for more than a week now due to...
  13. M

    Damaged rear bumper on Golf R

    Hi, Some **** has hit into my car whilst it was parked up. There are a couple of cracks and the diffuser is dented. I am looking for a reliable body shop in the Yorkshire area. I am hoping the bumper will be repairable with some filler and respray but i think i will need to replace the...
  14. Delvey

    MK4 VW Golf Alternator Issue

    Good Morning I have a 1.9 TDI 90bhp 2000 Golf. Last week the alternator workshop message came on along with the battery light on my way home from work. I checked the voltage and it was less than 12 volts with the Engine running. I ordered a new Bosch regulator. Whilst fitting I checked the earth...
  15. Rock Danger

    Question Android Auto for 2007/58 plate MK5 Golf

    As title, my nephew has got his hands on a pretty clean first proper car. I would like to get him an Android Auto style head unit for it. Something nice, mid range I guess or a bit above. I haven't been involved in this side of audio for a long time, but i guess helpful things would be option...
  16. KyleS1

    Which OBD tool - MK7 Golf

    Hi all, Having just moved from a MK7 GTi to a MK7 GTD, there are a few tweaks I would like to make to the car that were standard on the GTI. Which is the best/most supported tool? Does anyone have any recommendations of mods for the GTD through these tools? Thanks in advance!
  17. C

    Answered Smartwatch for Golf

    Hi Has anyone had success in using a smart watch for golf? I currently use a golf watch dedicated range finder but am looking for an all rounder that I can use for fitness too as well as wear daily. I’ve used golf shot GPS on Apple Watch before but it was basically a mask for the phone app and...
  18. addyb

    The Golf Club 2019 - August 2018?

    Date to be revealed soon.. The Golf Club on Twitter
  19. Enigma2k4

    Questions about the future of diesel in the UK

    Hello fellow AV Nerds, I am a South African, who is going to be moving to Bristol in the UK in the next month for a 3 year contract. I am a fellow AV nut, and I will post more information on my custom builds in the future once I get settled into the UK. I have always been a car nut, and in...
  20. C

    Help Identifying part name to replace on VW Golf

    Hoping someone can put my out if my misery in this one. I have managed to snap off one of the plastic supports that attaches the parcel shelf holder to thpick parcel shelf string. Hopefully the attached photos make it clear. The car is a VW Golf Mk6 1.4 SE. The plastic knob appears to be part...
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