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  1. richp007

    Anyone for Golf!

    I can't really see a general Golf discussion thread like we have for Tennis, so i thought I'd start a similar one. It's been quite an amazing Open Championship this, not before seen so many players grouped together with such low scores on the final day. Some terrific rounds, matched by some...
  2. NGD Boy

    golf buggy

    anyone on here got a golf buggy I'm seriously thinking of buying one second hand and prepared to spend about £1500. can anyone tell me what is better, battery or petrol, etc, and all the hassles, pitfalls, if any on the buggies........ does anyone have one for sale or thinking about selling...
  3. N

    New Golfer

    Hi, I'm looking at getting started in Golf. I played it casually quite a number of years ago but stopped it after a spell of being continually frustrated and threw the half set of clubs I had in the shed, where they've remained since. Can anyone recommend a decent package including bag, clubs...
  4. domtheone

    AVF Golf Day - Friday May 23rd 2014

    Golf Courses in Derbyshire | Golf Derbyshire - Morley Hayes Morley Hayes - Breakfast Roll/Coffee/18 Holes/1 course Meal (same dish for everyone from a selection). £32 per person. Mim numbers 12 - extract from their email " To qualify for a group booking the party must be 12 players or more...
  5. Darkstar_surfer

    Ping Golf clubs

    Two years ago I decided my decrepited irons needed retiring and headed for American Golf to get a new set. After much discussion and testing on their simulator I was advised to get a set of Ping i15. All I can say is what a crock. I have never hit buffer since. I have developed a hook when I...
  6. T

    AVF Golf Day - October 2013 - Friday 11th @ Sandburn Hall

    Hi folks, As suggested by Ultima, I have started a fresh thread for the next golf day Sandburn Hall Sandburn Hall, Scotchman Lane, Flaxton, York, YO60 7RB Friday 11th October - first tee off at 9.56am Coffee and bacon rolls on arrival 18 holes of golf Meal - Steak pie and...
  7. MartinMiller

    Golf buddy

    Anyone around the Glasgow/South Lanarkshire area fancy teaming up and regularly playing a round or two of golf?(yes I have no mates lol) Taking the sport up again after a 4(ish) year break but have not joined a club yet, was just going to play local public courses till I got back into it! Martin
  8. T

    Golf ball fitting

    Following the golf MOT I went to a couple of weeks ago I was advised that either the Srixon AD333, Bridgestone E7 or Titleist NXT would be a good choice of ball for my swing / needs Have any of the golfers here compared these balls and if so, did you have a preference for any one in particular?
  9. R

    New golf clubs

    I can currently play to a handicap of around 18 but only get the chance to play around once a month. I will soon have a chance to play more often and I'm going to invest in a new set of irons as I only have a cheap set of Dunlops. I've narrowed my search to the following sets which are all...
  10. douki

    Buying golf clubs on eBay

    I'm looking to buy a full set with the bag and everything I need for about £50-60. Obviously that's not a lot of money, however there are tons going on eBay so I figure there's a bargain to be had. I just need to know what's good. So what brands of golf clubs are good and which are the...
  11. raduv1

    Round of golf anyone ?

    Hi all just wondering if any one on here fancies hooking up for a round of golf sometime ? I live in Kent near Maidstone so if your interested let me know Thanks Ray. Anyone else looking for partners for a round bung it on here with your region .
  12. Ultima

    AVF Golf Day - Friday 3rd May 2013 at Owston Hall Golf Club

    [-]Anyone interested in resurrecting the AVF Golf Day. I used to really enjoy these but interest waned in the last few. After a good break I thought I'd see if we can get them started again. Put your name down if you are interested and we'll see how it goes. These days are open to each and...
  13. leeince

    New to golf, would like a little advice please.

    I just started to take an interest in golf and going to the driving range with the old man. He gave me his old clubs and apparently Ive got a good swing and hit the ball long and straight (most of the time). Question I wanted to ask is I have just bought my self a set of clubs, I didnt like...
  14. N

    golf tee

    What height tee do you use for your driver? I usually use a medium tee approx 1.5" ( above ground) but watched a video online that said to use a 3" for greater distance. My new driver is a Callaway FT-IQ ( not used it on the course yet). Neil
  15. HMHB

    Golf general advice and help thread.

    I am starting back playing golf after a 12-15 year absence and am looking for a new driver. My mate has lent me his spare cheapo Dunlop driver and whilst I'm not doing bad, I noticed that when I used his proper driver I could hit it further even if I hadn't connected properly. At the moment...
  16. S

    starting out at golf

    Quick question for you golfers. Did anyone of you have lessons or was it a case of going to the driving range until you were confident in your ability and then playing a round. I really want to get into golf. Have been to the driving range a few times and i'm not too bad with the driver and 3...
  17. littlesheepy

    Selling Golf Clubs?

    Just wondering if anybody can shed some light and help out a fellow Av Forumer? :) I've been given some golf clubs to sell that were among my late Aunt's possessions and I DO NOT HAVE THE FOGGIEST! They could be mens, women's, worth nowt or worth 1000's for all i know (although i'm pretty...
  18. signs

    Your golf handicap ?

    So it's the start of the season , I'm starting on 19 dead . How are you doing ?
  19. C

    iPhone Golf GPS apps that require no internet connection

    Upgraded the wifes iPhone at Xmas and now have a spare 3GS hanging about. Kids as using it for music, but thought I might try uploading a Golf GPS app to see how I get on with using some tech on the course. It no longer has a 3G data/internet connection, so I need an app that I can download...
  20. S

    Golf club dent

    I have jsut taken up golf and have brought an old set of clubs from a friend. I have also recently got a new driver from sports direct (only £13). Last night at the driving range i was using my driver and somehow during my swing i hit the metal surround. I now have a big dent on my driver, its...
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