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  1. M

    PSB synchrony one vs Monitor audio silver 8 / Gold 200

    Hi, I've been looking for a new set of speakers and was going to get either the Monitor audio gold 200 or the silver 8, I just found a highly discounted pair of PSB Synchrony one (new). There is no way to demo them, but found really good comments on it on the Internet, they seem to be a level...
  2. T

    Question Cables - help?!

    Hi hope this posting is ok - not sure where else to look to be honest. I am sorting out all of my late husband's home cinema/av/hifi equipment and I have about 2 plastic crates of various cables that I have no idea about. They are mostly good quality - that mattered to him - and lots are the...
  3. M

    Question KEF reference 203/2 vs Monitor audio RX8 / Gold 200

    Hi! I'm a happy owner of a pair of MA RX8 which I power with an Integra DTR-80.1. I got offered an ex-demo pair of Kef Reference 203/2 which I can’t listen since they are 900km away from me. I only use it for music in a stereo (no-sub) configuration. My living room size is 6x8m and listen to a...
  4. D

    xbox gold account

    Hi there If i purchase a game at a reduced rate because i have a gold account When i cancel my gold subscription do i lose the game I appreciate that happens with the free monthly game Thanks in advane Kenny
  5. VAblklvs249

    Gold has a face for build quality, and TV performance.

    Copper-line Alpha ONE Power Cable ***** Your TV performs as good as what it eats and drinks *****
  6. P

    Monitor Audio MA 700 Gold MK11 Upgrade to more modern speaker

    Hi Guys, I need some advice for my brother in law who has the above speakers. He has these driven by Marantz 6004 amp and CD player, Van Denhul D352 cables and interconnectors are Audio Quest King Cobra's. What current speakers or 2nd hand from last 5 years would be an upgrade to his Monitors...
  7. JFKM

    Games with Gold Question

    Dear all, I'm new to the Xbox world, having just purchased an Xbox One S. I've signed up for Gold, but I can't seem to redeem this month's 360 game, Secret of Monkey Island. I've got the X1 games okay, but when I try and get Monkey Island it comes up with a price of £7.99 and not free. Any clue...
  8. davieg1

    Anyone want a 14 day live gold trial code

    I have a 14 day trial code here, I tried to add to my account but was refused, saying I had a gold account anyway and to give to someone that did not and wanted to try out the gold service. Give me a shout and I will send the code to you, but remember if you have Gold already you will not be...
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