gold (colour)

  1. angelislington

    For Sale Official PlayStation 4 Gold Wireless Headset

    Really good condition. Fully boxed and includes USB charging cable. These actually sound surprisingly good but I have a PS5 now so looking to upgrade.
  2. justaday

    For Sale PS Plus 3 Months + Xbox Live Gold 3 Months + 12 Months Xbox EA Play

    £110 - CEX £127.05 £15 - PS PLUS 3 MONTHS £15 - PS PLUS 3 MONTHS £11 - XBOX GOLD 3 MONTHS £11 - XBOX GOLD 3 MONTHS £14 - EA PLAY 12 MONTHS (XBOX) £14 - EA PLAY 12 MONTHS (XBOX) £14 - EA PLAY 12 MONTHS (XBOX) Codes to be sent by PM I would prefer payment via BT but will accept PPG from...
  3. B

    Wanted iPhone 13 pro max 256 or 512 GB preferably in gold color

    Need iPhone 13 pro max 256 or 512 GB preferably in Gold color asap please. Anyone has an unwanted gift or an upgrade they do not intend to use and plan to sell, please let me know.
  4. Lustral

    For Sale Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256Gb Rose Gold (GiffGaff Refurbished)

    Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256Gb Rose Gold Selling the above iPhone which was purchased as a stop gap from GiffGaff Refurbished in November 2021 for the wife. It was purchased as an excellent condition unit at £299 and I believe these still have 12 months warranty with them directly. From my...
  5. T

    For Sale iPhone 13 pro gold 128gb

    Boxed and in excellent condition Warranty until 15/10/2022 Spigen screen protector applied. Clear case can be included if wanted but is used
  6. G

    Limited edition gloss gold beats studio?

    I recently purchased a storage unit. In the unit I found a pair of beats studio headphones I believe they are studio 2's but I can't find a pair for sale anywhere. I found a couple articles about them and they were only sold in a set with a matching beats pill and one article said that they were...
  7. Z

    For Sale iPhone 11 Pro 64GB Gold Unlocked

    Up for sale is my wife’s iPhone 11 Pro with 64GB storage and in Gold. The phone is completely unlocked and comes boxed with the accessories. It has 99% battery health but no warranty unfortunately. Phone is absolutely mint as it was always kept in an Apple silicone case and a screen protector...
  8. 3Hz

    Gold vs. Silver Certified HDMI Cables

    Good evening, I am in the process of replacing my system to join team 4K and Atmos, so plan to upgrade my old cables as well. I am experienced enough in this hobby to not buy into "snake oil" advertising, but after upgrading my PC monitor a few months ago and running into weird issues with...
  9. jambomakaveli

    For Sale Apple Watch series 5, 40mm rose gold aluminium case, pink sand sport band

    In very good condition, no marks on the screen, battery health is 93%.
  10. G

    For Sale Monitor Audio stand + faulty RXW12 subwoofer

    Hi, for sale is my centre speaker stand. I bought it from here for £60 back in Sep 2020 but never actually used it in the end so offering back now for £35 + postage. I have the original box. Some of the sticky pads on the top are losing a bit of their stickiness, but obviously with a speaker...
  11. adonis

    For Sale NZXT H510 case, X52 240mm AIO, G12 Mount, M22 120mm, Crucial 64gb ram lpx

    NZXT X52 and G12 240mm AIO RGB Cooler Both excellent condition which were on my 1080TI mini. Boxed. 75 NZXT M22 120mm AIO Cooler Brand new sealed £65 NZXT H510 white case Mint condition, comes with RGB AER 120mm fan £60 Corsair 64GB 2x32GB DDR4 Vengeance LPX Black 3200mhz £200
  12. WarHog

    Any Xbox Gold offers around?

    Anyone seen any offers for Gold? I need to stock up on three years worth. Shopto recently did a 50% discount on Playstation Plus and so did the PS Store, but I've not seen anything for Gold.
  13. G

    Monitor Audio Gold 200 vs Acoustic Energy AE509

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to listen to any of them. I don't think the Monitor Audio Gold 200 needs to be introduced. Not many people know about Acoustic Energy AE509. This is a pretty good speaker in principle, received very good reviews, not bad to read about it, it is rated good...
  14. B

    Monitor Audio Gold W15 problems (with 2 of them)

    I have a home theater with monitor audio speakers (including 2 Gold W15 subwoofers). Recently both of the subwoofers started turning themselves off immediately after being turned on (one of them displays LFE briefly then shuts off) and the other one just turns right off). I switched the fuses...
  15. W

    For Sale EVGA 1080 Ti SC2 with Powerlink Adapter and a Superflower Gold PSU 650W

    Hey folks, Have these two bits for sale due to upgrade. Both in great condition and always working. I have the original box for the 1080 Ti but not the PSU so that'll be plain packaging. The 1080 Ti comes with the EVGA powerlink adapter to make it more tidy £450 delivered for the 1080Ti £50...
  16. peppadapig69

    For Sale Fitbit Versa 2 Rose Gold - £65

    Fitbit Versa 2 Rose Gold for sale. Excellent condition, comes with charger and I think somewhere I have the original box. £65 (including registered post)
  17. acgingersnaps

    What Hifi/Cable Company Comedy Gold

    This What Hifi article is comedy gold. Apparently this £100 interconnect will improve your system's timing. Just one of several cracking claims. Amazing work!
  18. D

    Any Gold or Silver Investors out there ??

    Just seen a few things and have been reading about gold and silver and wondered if there are any gold or silver investors on here as it is something that caught my interest. Not that i have much money to invest mind lol
  19. nosirrahs

    Monitor Audio GR20 versus new Gold 200/300?

    Hi all, Currently running full Primare kit NP15, CD31, DAC30 and I35 amp into my trusty pair of Monitor Audio Gold Reference 20's bought way back in 2003. I love the speakers but they are nearly 20 years old and I do wonder about how they would hold up against newer MA's like the Gold 200 5g or...
  20. Joe Pineapples

    Home Insurance with Admiral (Gold)?

    Looking at going with this company for building & contents (after using 'compare the market' for quotes). Just wondering if most customers (any AVF members) have had decent experiences, or maybe a dodgy one they didn't expect?. Decisions...decisions.
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