gold (colour)

  1. J@ffa

    For Sale iPhone 8 (64GB, Gold, Unlocked)

    Hi there! I've been tasked by my girlfriend to sell her iPhone 8 — it's a gold model (so white front), with 64GB of storage and unlocked, so you can use any network provider. She's only selling this as she got a new contract and thus a 2020 SE, the phone works absolutely fine otherwise and if...
  2. ShardsOfMe

    For Sale iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Rose Gold complete, near immaculate

    iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Rose Gold (originally EE but now unlocked) complete with original box, unused charger, Lightning cable and SIM tool. Near immaculate condition, no marks other than - if I am being super picky - three pinhead size marks, one at the top right corner of the side, one at the left...
  3. AbuAbdullah

    For Sale iPhone 7 Plus Rose Gold 128GB Unlocked.

    After upgrading to an iphone x my wife's 7 plus is up for sale. In all round good condition but it does have the odd small mark here and there (mainly corners and back) Unlocked and boxed with original charger but no headphones. Battery health is showing 79% Looking for £275 inc RMSD.
  4. disco74

    For Sale iPhone 7 - 32GB - Rose Gold

    Hi Guys I am selling my wifes 32gb Rose gold iPhone 7. It was bought from EE 2 years ago It is in great condition. No marks on the screen, a few tiny marks on the edges(see pics) They look worse in the pictures than they actually are. All boxed with original accessories, I have some spare screen...
  5. Mr Noble

    For Sale 3 month xbox live gold/ 12 month xbox live

    £11.00 for 3 months gold £34 for 12 months Payment via ppg pi r BT
  6. Murph76

    For Sale Monitor Audio Gold 300 5th Gen, Ebony , 3 months old ( Dublin) €2500

    Ok, due to new cinema room layout I need to change these out. They were only used as rear surrounds for a couple of months and have barely been even broken in. Condition is immaculate as one would expect and they come with boxes, grilles ect. Collection is preferred in Dublin, Ireland. If I...
  7. S

    New HiFi Setup, Mining some gold. Juicy thread.

    Hello everybody, I'm in the process of purchasing my first hifi setup ever, and I'm super excited. I am on a bit of a fluid budget, meaning I'd rather spend less, but can spend more if there is a really strong argument for a certain component. Let's say the range is anywhere from 1000 euros (or...
  8. TaurusDevil

    Games With Gold Warhammer 40,000.

    Don't we get the Warhammer 40,000 game free in the UK?🤔
  9. D

    Wanted XBOX Live Gold

    No more jobs to do now. i want to chill and play whilst on Furlough, before i buy off XBOX site anyone have any gold for sale, 1-3 months should be fine. Cheers Can PP gift of BT
  10. kutsanagi

    Wanted Sony Headset 2.0 Or Gold

    With our current situation I've been asked to play some online games. Looking for either of the above in black please. Preferably boxed, complete and as near to new as possible. Let me know what you have, if you have. Thanks and stay safe.
  11. sagaris99

    For Sale iPhone 6S 16GB Rose Gold Unlocked Price Drop £75

    For sale, unlocked to any network Full working order, battery health 89% With box, papers, SIM tool, charger, cable and brand new sealed headphones. Screen protectors used since day 1, so I believe screen is immaculate. Light marks and dings to rest of phone very light, consistent with use...
  12. A

    For Sale Iphone 6 - 64GB MINT CONDITION - GOLD

  13. eas4uk

    For Sale iPhone 7 - 128gb - Gold - Excellent condition - Brand new battery replaced by Apple

    The wife's iPhone 7 128gb is up for sale having upgraded to an iPhone 11. It was purchased from Apple direct and is therefore unlocked to all networks. The battery was failing to keep a charge for a solid day of use so I have had this replaced by Apple last week (invoice will be included with...
  14. P

    VW Golf MK7 - Broken driver side mirror

    Hi all, A rather annoying thing just happened to me. I went to jump my car and the wing mirrors unfolded, as they usually do, then to my annoyance the mirror came unstuck fell to the ground and smashed. Attached is a photo of what’s left. So I need some advice on how to best fix it. Can I...
  15. haltny

    For Sale Monitor Audio Gold 100 4G in Walnut

    Monitor Audio Gold 100 4G Beautiful dark Walnut veneer A1 Mint condition, only 7 months old, purchased new from Frank Harvey HiFi in August last year Boxed, grills, manuals, bungs, etc, as new. I would prefer collection (London SE9) however considering current travel restrictions if you are...
  16. Smallboydanger

    Amp Recommendations For Monitor Audio Gold 100 5G

    Looking for an amp to drive these speakers which I recently acquired. I am due to audition them on Monday with 1) Yamaha AS - 801 2 ) Roksan Kandy K3 Another Amp I listened to that I liked was a Marantz PM 8006 unfortunately I did not listen with my speakers but rather focal speakers So it was...
  17. Pulse Cinemas

    Promoted The Gold Standard From SIM2 and Pulse Cinemas! - TRADE IN OFFER

    The Gold Standard From SIM2 and Pulse Cinemas! Pulse Cinemas and SIM2 unite to deliver an unmissable offer on the exclusive new NERO4S GOLD SERIES which launches this April. The NERO 4S Gold Series comes from SIM2’s already high-performance N4S platform, but offers even more refinement with a...
  18. RatJones

    Monitor Audio Gold 5G or B&W 700 Series for Atmos Set Up

    Hi All I have been procrastinating over my home cinema system for a while now and am almost at the stage where I can purchase. I have narrowed down to the following: Monitor Audio Gold 5G speakers consisting of: Gold 300 (front) Gold Centre Gold 100 (rear) W12 (sub) Bowers and Wilkins 700...
  19. HeadBanger

    For Sale Monitor Audio - Gold 200 bass and midrange drivers for sale

    I have 4 x 5.5" bass drivers and 2 x 4" midrange drivers (no tweeters) for the Monitor Audio Gold 200 for sale. Monitor Audio upgraded the drive units for their newer Gold range released in 2014 (the tweeters remained the same) and I bought these as an upgrade for my GX200s in November 2017...
  20. davidjohnson

    Anyone know about gold coins?

    I just inherited an 1887 Queen Victoria £2 Double Sovereign (VF). There is no sentimental value so I am really looking to sell, can anyone advise how I can get the best price? Thanks
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