1. Olly Day

    Question Which 3D glasses for new Epson TW 7100 projector?

    I am about to upgrade my 12 year old Panasonic a X-100 projector for either the Epsom TW 7100 or TW 700. Can’t afford to buy new 6 new Epsom 3D glasses @ £80. Each. Can anyone recommend a good alternative that work well with their Epson projector please. At the moment, i’m looking at either...
  2. LBOY29

    3d glasses for LG 60PM6700 MODEL

    Does anyone know of any alternative 3D glasses that I can use besides the one that actually comes what that tv model..which are ag-s350 3d glasses
  3. G

    Will 3D glasses work with RF emitter in adjacent room?

    I am planning to have either a JVC N7 (or possibly NX9) installed in the room next to the cinema, with the lens about 6 inches from the (brick and block) wall between the rooms. My question relates to 3D, and the RF signal which will be sent from the Synchro Emitter (I believe a PK-EM2 in each...
  4. TaurusDevil

    Headsets, With Mic, For Glasses Wearers.

    I'm looking to get a headset with a mic, i wear glasses to game. Any recommendations?
  5. thefourthalien

    All LG Active 3D Glasses Compatible?

    Hello - been given a nice LG Plasma TV [50PZ550T], sans glasses. Been told I need the LG AG-S250 active shutter glasses to pair with the TV. I see that I can find quite a few 2nd hand, at varying prices. My question is would a similar pair (ie AG-S360) work just as well or not at all?
  6. skitzy0

    Question Help with screen for Sony VPL-VZ1000ES

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me the best active 3D glasses for the Sony VPL-VZ1000ES also the best fixed 120" screen to use.
  7. philip1965

    3d glasses

    Hi folks i just got the Optoma 143 x and was wondering if you could recommend cheap 3d specs to wear. thanks.
  8. RetroGlide08

    Question Face ID with a thick beard and glasses

    as per title really. I have a very thick and longish beard (approx 6inches long) I’m curious as to whether Face ID would work with both the thick/long beard and glasses. Are there any iPhone X owners here with similar beard and glasses combo that could tell me their experiences
  9. D

    Question Are these genuine Samsung 3D glasses?

    Hi all, Based are the 2 pictures below, would you say these are genuine Samsung SG-5100GB 3D glasses?
  10. G

    Sintron 3D glasses with HD33

    I recently bought these glasses: [Sintron] ST07-BT Rechargeable 2X 3D Active Glasses for Optoma ZF2300 3D Glasses 617923725806 | eBay I contacted the seller as the auction stated they work with Optoma zf2300 glasses. I checked with them and they assured me they work with the Bs300 emitter. But...
  11. Ben Edwards

    Question Are cheap DLP link 3D glasses any good, Optoma HD142X, I wear glasses

    Hi, I have a Optoma HD142X and wear glasses. I got a pair of cheap 3D glasses, Active Shutter 3D TV Glasses KX-30 For BenQ W1070 W700 3D DLP-Link Projector 6933834459338 | eBay and got a cople of 3D films, Dread 3D and Cave of Forgotten Dreams. They seemed to work but I would not say I am...
  12. Sounduser

    Question 3d glasses?

    Completely new to projectors and 3d..... Will the passive cinema 3d glasses work on an Acer h6510bd projectors? Or do I need special glasses? I did try and Google it. Bit it's quite confusing Cheers
  13. hardtoregister

    Augmented reality without glasses

    According to the Verge and bestvr.tech, Sony is innovating in what amounts to the area of AR without glasses - or as the Verge puts it: "Effectively, Sony has figured out a way to make augmented reality without requiring you wear bulky goggles or goofy smart glasses." The thing is, Sony has a...
  14. D

    Dx802b 3d settings for 3d3 glasses

    Got a pair of 3d3 a1112’s last week to use with my 58dx802b. First impressions are the 3d is pretty good, better than I expected. I’ve read a couple of places about the grey scale needing adjusting to give the best results, but can’t find any settings. Anybody able to share any settings with me...
  15. A a ron

    Sharp 3D glasses Charging issue

    So just got a sharp Aquos 3d tv from the inlaws. They said they barely used the 3d glasses the year they've had it. Went to charge them with a basic USB cord plugged into the tv as the user manual says(couldn't find the original cord they came with) .And the green light constantly blinks and...
  16. A a ron

    Sharp 3D glasses Won't Charge

    So just got a sharp Aquos 3d tv from the inlaws. They said they barely used the 3d glasses the year they've had it. Went to charge them with a basic USB cord plugged into the tv as the user manual says(couldn't find the cord they came with) .And the green light constantly blinks and does seem...
  17. J

    New PSVR owners and glasses wearers.. Get some protection

    Since we have countless new PSVR owners since Christmas, I thought it would be prudent to give a warning about the risks of scratching your lenses with glasses. There are many DIY solutions to mitigate the risk.. Or I make/sell a 3D printed product that will help. Problem is the mods wern't...
  18. Roku2

    DLP Link 3D glasses

    I am getting a new UST laser projector which utilizes DLP Link 3D. All DLP Link 3D glasses I tried in the past seem to do two things: 1) feel like wearing sun glasses and badly dim vision 2) give everything a slight yellow tint, almost like raising colour temperature by a few notches Any...
  19. C

    Question Suitable 3D Glasses to wear over glasses

    I shall be purchasing the Sony 320es projector and looking for suitable 3D glasses that I can wear over my prescription glasses.Not seen the Sony but they do not look suitable
  20. jaipal2004

    3D Glasses for cinema party - West Mids

    Hi - apologies for posting in the general forum! I have a kids cinema party at home tomorrow and have an Optoma 3d projector. Turns out we've mis-counted the number of glasses required and need another 2 pairs of active 3D DLP compatible ones. Can anybody recommend somebody in the West Mids...
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