1. C

    Gimbal for action cam with cordless, physical remote control? -i.e. not just an app

    I have a AKASO V50 Pro SE action cam, and want to get a gimbal for it. My project involves installing this camera on the end of a long pole, so that I can simulate a flying drone type of footage (Am I showing my age, or is footage still a good word for making video) Many gimbals have an app...
  2. B

    Which DSLR camera that can work with the Ronin S Gimbal & have mic attachments too.

    Hi All, I'm after some advice please. At present for ground work I use a DJI OM 4 Combo 3-Axis Gimbal and my iPhone 12 Pro and GoPro 9. So far it's worked well but I accept I will need to upgrade my ground work equipment. Can anyone recommend the next step please? I was looking at the Ronin S...
  3. C

    Question Best feature gimbal for android phone?

    Hello everybody. So I'm looking for a reasonably priced smartphone/android gimbal with great features. Like inverted shooting (phone at the bottom, handle on top, to get low angle running shots), dutch angle shot (360 tilting), aside from good basic features (object tracking, good software etc)...
  4. A

    Standalone Drone Gimbal

    Hey, I need to use a drone gimbal in order to stabilize a special camera, and imitate video recording with a drone (i'll print in 3D a piece that'll hold it). The gimbal will be held by a stand that I will be build. So, I've got everything figured out - besides the Gimbal. Couldn't find if and...
  5. O

    Moza Air 2 Gimbal power supply?

    It seems to me there is a port to power the Moza Air 2 gimbal via DC. I can clearly see the port, and the user manual even briefly mentions it in the beginning, but they do not provide any specs on that specific component. I have searched "Moza Air 2 power supply" online and have found various...
  6. ultravox72

    Trying to decide which Mavic to go for (now my Yuneec Q500+ camera gimbal failed)

    Ok to introduce myself. I have owned my Yuneec Q500+ for 3 years. I also recently passed my on-line drone competency course and am a member of the BMFA. The camera gimbal has finally failed on my drone and this model (CG02+) is no longer supported. To be honest I'm sick of the shear size of it...
  7. D

    Phantom 3 Std Gimbal Flex

    Hi all, I have problem finding good flex for gimbal for phantom 3 standard. I have two phantom 3 and one of them need flex due to gyro problem. I swaped every board to figure it out what failed and of course the last was flex. So flex from that one works fine, but flexes from eBay doesnt...
  8. A

    360 pan tilt gimbal, FPV

    Hello Im looking for a gimbal that can pan 360 degrees and tilt like 180 degrees or so. I found this one but dont know where to get it: Is there any similar gimbals out there? As cheap as possible.
  9. A

    360 pan and tilt fpv gimbal

    Hello Im looking for a gimbal that can pan 360 degrees and tilt like 180 degrees or so. I found this one but dont know where to get it Is there any similar gimbals out there? Im not gonna use on a drone, i gonna put a sony 30x zoom compact camera on it and record animals over distance, like 1...
  10. JonnyTester

    Question Best budget gimbal?

    As the use of my left hand and arm gets steadily less, I now need a gimbal to help me take photos and shoot video. I don't need anything too fancy or elaborate (I am neither Lord Litchfield nor Steven Spielberg) and I have been looking at the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 and the Zhiyun Smooth. I have also...
  11. SeriouslyThick

    Question Which gimbal for my Sony camcorder ?

    I have a Sony fdr-ax53 camcorder and would like to buy a gimbal or stabilizer for it. But I really don't know which to get. How can I find what suits best please ?
  12. photojunky

    Tried to improve the Walkera G-2D gimbal. Ear plugs & Duct tape helped

    This was my last attempt at making this thing better. I would recommend ordering a cheap goodluckbuy gimbal from china for half the price and twice the wait.
  13. photojunky

    Just got a DSLR drone gimbal. Any advice is welcome.

    Anyone have any photos of their DSLR drone gimbal setups? Not exactly sure how I am going to mount it but I do have a lot of extra carbon fiber sheets from a previous project.
  14. K

    Question ST32 Gimbal with Naza Lite

    I bought the ST or M32 2 axis gimbal to attach to my Flamewheel which uses the Naza Lite controller. There are a few videos on the connection but when I got mine, the circuit board has completely changed from those shown. The pins on mine marked pitch and roll have connectors going to the...
  15. MrPutt

    Question Karma Grip Stabilizer

    Having just purchased my first GOPRO (Hero 5) I have been looking at footage shot with the Karma Grip.... impressive! Has anyone got first hand experience with one and should I make a purchase? Thanks in advance
  16. Phil Hinton

    DJI Osmo+ Gimbal Camera Video Review & Comments

    The Osmo Plus is a gimbal camera offering stabilised video quality to your productions. We used two at CES 2017 for 'run and gun' video making and these are our thoughts in a video review. Read the review. Write your own review for DJI Osmo Plus
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